Good evening everyone. Tonight is a sad night. We have had many news outlet/media requests about the Silent Sam conflict related to the monuments at the Capitol. For every news outlet , let us make one thing clear, if you use this post as transcript, this is on record and you use all text, not just the parts you choose.

To Southern people, meaning (born and raised in the South), the disrespect to this memorial is like a spit in the face. Although all of the monuments represent the lose of life and what Southern people seen during the times to be correct, this one at most could never be seen in the communist eyes as anything other than Mother’s and sons of men that never returned to the land they left to protect.

The same ones in Chapel hill are the same ones at the Capitol in North Carolina that want all memorials destroyed. Due to our rich and long historical background in American history. North Carolina is the ” First in freedom state” the “Tarheel state”. The state that supplied the most men and blood in the war for Southern Independence. The state why we have the North Carolina memorial for Confederate women. 1/3 of the living men in the state of North Carolina lost thier lives defending our homeland against the Northern invasion. Leaving women and children without father’s, husband’s and faces to remember. No matter how you feel politically, to deface the memorial of women and children of our state is sick and disgusting. We are the children and greatest grandchildren of those men. The grandchildren of the American revolution that made this country you seek to destroy today.

Brothers and sisters, do not not be ashamed of your history. In all history, there is bad history. In the history of those that seek to destroy ours, they have the exact same history if not worse. They have been taught to destroy ours only because it fits thier political agenda. The socialist/communist agenda. A political stance that has killed millions of people and destroyed countries. They deny that history only to destroy ours.

Today we have no racist or supremacist views. We only want to honor our family and history. The war for Southern Independence in the eyes of our kin was because we were invaded and suppressed ourselves. To live as we due today without over taxation , tyrants and overbearing federal rule. To live life in a God fearing manner. To raise our children without globalization evils. To live life with structure and ethics as we see fit. “All we ask is to be let alone”.

The greatest power we could have ever been taught in our history, is that we believe in a higher power. The end will come because evil will at some point over take. The yelling , cussing, lawless behavior, greed, and ungodly ethics we see in Chapel Hill and now Raleigh, is now what the political powers in our state want. Although it is the same reasons our ancestors went to war previously, those that oppose us want to blame it on race and bigotry. It has nothing to due with either. It has everything to do with our freedom and constitutional rights as our country was founded on and our parents instilled in to us.

Let is be known, it has nothing to do with monuments.It has nothing to do with flags. It has everything to do with America as whole. It’s history, capitalism, ” in God we trust” , and our laws of the land. The antifa groups in Chapel hill , Durham and now Raleigh , are a band of lost souls. They want a world of no authority and police. No laws or ethics. Only lawlessness and a free for all. They are the bigots in today’s society. Blame everyone else because you can not face realities. Blame others for your own mistakes and misfortunes. That is what you were taught. Southerners were taught how to live strong and rugged. To live with every negative thrown at us. To get up and pay for our actions like adults and move on. To work for everything we have and not look or expect a hand out.

To the cowards that put a sheet over the heads of our women and children of the South and great state of North Carolina, there is a special place in the pits of hell for you. You have not got there yet, but one day you will.

For everyone that reads this, say a prayer for our state. You can watch the videos and footage from Chapel Hill and now Raleigh and see that it is truly a battle between good and evil. All we can do is pray.

From a peaceful place in the backwoods of central North Carolina, God bless us all and as always, Lord oh our Lord, bless our Dixie land.

Web Source: Actbac NC Facebook Page
Post – March 5, 2019