The Confederates Response to the State of the Union Address, by the President, would be another great inspirational message to many American people.


The message truly highlighted many important matters such as medical care, a booming economy, a greater need for immigration policies, tighter security for the betterment of this Nation, and important protection for babies who otherwise would not have a Fighting Chance. With elegance and grace he called for a bilateral Unity between political parties.


What a refreshing sound of truth to hear The words “Socialism does not belong in America”.
Yet he did call it new but of Course, this evil was introduced over 159 years ago to this Country.
With the greed of corrupt politics and the educational indoctrination of OUR Generation is the only thing that’s making it progressively new. We must be ever mindful, despite all the flattery of words, it is just that words….. without action.


The State of the Union Address would prove to be a resounding positive note for the better days ahead for this Nation although once again he has failed to mention a pressing matter for many American people today.


Southern Culture and the preservation of Southern Heritage is under attack. This nations history is being destroyed right before our very eyes.


No Veteran, no matter the war or their age, should have to fight from their graves for honor that was already received from their actions for their Nation. This is the war front that common faith-based Americans with values see every day.


From the early years of this Country, Noah Webster said “As soon as a child opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country”.


How can we rehearse the rich story of America without two flags ?


Once we did care for our history when generations of Presidents spoke in high regards of our Southern Heroes and honored them when they were alive.


Now today, since 2015, political correctness has been directly responsible for the deaths of 5 Americans regarding Confederate Monument removals.


Costs payed directly from taxpayers pockets to appease the Confederate Monument removal agenda:
$15,000,000.00 +/- $25,000,000.00 in 2017


The numbers far exceed that in 2018 add to it other historical Monuments, land sold, Museums closed, street name changes, and school names removed.


The true cost to this Nation has been very taxing upon many.


Since the Mississippi State Flag public vote, not a single average unelected non-office holding person has ever voted in any public referendum or ballot initiative to keep or remove any Confederate symbol. Let that sink in.


We are thankful that at least one state, Alabama, passed laws to protect their History. Passing the
Monument preservation Act bill SB60 sb60 In 2017.


Last year Florida has followed suit with a push for a Bill.


A call for action is needed by the whole country for federal laws protecting all monuments. As even we have seen WW II Crosses have been deemed unconstitutional.


Also, as we have seen, clearly state laws don’t work. North Carolina has proven this with two Monuments already being taken down with another that they are trying to bully the private owners into submission to allow removal.


Not a single word from the President on this blatant disregard of our history, America veterans, and these priceless reminders of our past.


The Southern People have seen the Confederate flag spewed and covered with falsehoods and then the monuments of our heroes disregarded like trash. Not only the attempt to dishonor and erase our heritage but violence in the attempted bombings at re-enactments targeting Families and our children being bulled by teachers.


How far will the anti-history extremists go? Why do you think there is so much anti-history activism happening in the last three years?


It is important to understand the bigger picture.


The feeding into bitterness, historical ignorance, and political Correctness has gotten far out of hand all the while it continues chopping hard upon the roots of this Nation. We, Common Southern Americans, understand a tree is only as strong as the roots for which it stands.


We value this Nations Rich History. Dixieland has given her finest Sons to this country. She has given Founding fathers to what is now the great America we know and love. She has given the finest leaders known to the world. She has given Mighty Men of God touching to those across the globe and she
has given the best patriots and defenders of this Nations freedom.


Despite all that we have given to make American what it is today the voice of our Southern People has largely gone unheard. When in fact the love of our Dixieland extends on every corner of the Earth.


It is a great sadness of the silence of the President of United States Voice that hurts the most. As Innocent Americans are left as targets from the Follies of those who choose to continue to Pander to political correctness. They do not care about the effects of their actions.


Now is the time to make a historical decision. We too are asking for accountability and respect to protect all Americans, their way of life, and their traditions.


Every Creed and every color Americans are dreamers!


Yes Mr. President Donald J Trump Confederates and Their Southern Kin are Americans too!




Web Source: Confederate Facebook Page
Post: February 6, 2019