Tearing Down My History


Liberals are tearing down all monuments dedicated to the memory of Confederate Southern History. The reason they are doing so is because they feel they are representative of racist hatred. During the American Civil War Confederates soldiers were conscripted, which means they had no choice but to fight or be hung; therefore in modern terms, they were drafted. In many cases entire towns served in one military unit together and during some battles 15,000 men were killed in an engagement. Entire towns lost all of their men in that one military action. Imagine a town losing all of the military aged men at once. Wouldn’t that be devestating?


After the war was long over with the town somewhat recovered economically, people missed their loved ones and wanted to erect a statue in dedication to these men and their memory. They raised money and erected a monument. (Only God knows where their actual bodies were buried.) It was their way of recovering from their enormous grief.


I am deeply offended that people who move to these towns and attend the local universities located in them feel they have a right to go and tear down these monuments. Imagine Liberals tearing down the Viet Nam War Memorial! That’s the equivalent of what they are doing. And I won’t be surprised if they don’t one day destroy all of Washington D.C. in the name of their cause.


I will never forgive Liberals for these reprehensible actions.


[I was a young boy during the Civil Rights Movement, and I supported it fervently. Maybe it’s because my dad was a career USAF sergeant, and he trained me up to believe that Patriotism has no racial preference.]


Web Source: Rick Tilbury Facebook Post
February 2, 2019