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As we’ve reported, the City of Winston-Salem had given the UDC an ultimatum to remove its Confederate Monument by January 31st or the City would remove the monument itself. Believing that the UDC could not remove the statue without violating the State’s monument protection act the UDC had requested a 60-Day delay in order to seek a determination in the courts.


As recently as Monday, Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines had suggested a short delay for the UDC might be possible. Then City Attorney Angela Carmon released a letter sent Wednesday to an attorney representing the United Daughters of the Confederacy stating that waiting for the courts was not acceptable to the City. At the same time Assistant City Manager Damon Dequenne, citing acts of vandalism and the need for police presence at the statue, declared the Confederate monument a public nuisance Wednesday morning in accordance with a state law giving the city the authority to remove anything determined to “be dangerous or prejudicial to the public health or public safety.”


UDC representatives did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday. But the City told them that if the statue had not been removed by Thursday that the City itself could remove it as early as Friday morning. The Mayor’s office made a substantial effort to find a company willing to immediately remove the monument. While we doubt the statue will be removed Friday morning, it is possible that the statue could come down as or right after this issue is released. In any event, since no State officials seem willing to step in and enforce State laws, the monuments days appear to be numbered.




Politicians in North Carolina filed a bill Wednesday that would give Winston-Salem and other local governments the power to move or remove any monuments. This new bill would do away with the 2015 state law that protects monuments.


Georgia politicians are also trying to pass a similar law.




Wednesday the bill to allow destruction of War Memorials in Virginia was KILLED in the house Sub Committee and will not be proceeding to the floor for a vote.


This was a huge victory, but we must remain vigilant. Those who hate us and our heritage will not quit and we can not let up for one minute. This vote, like every other, was almost directly down party lines. Two democrats broke ranks to protect our war memorials. There is a real and present danger that we could lose the Republican majority in the House of Delegates this November, which would mean that this bill would sail through next session. WE MUST BECOME POLITICALLY ACTIVE to prevent this.


Stay tuned for ways you can join the fight to save the Commonwealth, and in turn, our monuments and memorials.


Victory in battle is ours today, but the war rages. All glory to God. All honor to our Confederate ancestors.




The Texas State Board of Education has ordered a revision of its curriculum to take effect for the 2019-20 school year.


The current curriculum states three causes for the WBTS: sectionalism, states’ rights and slavery. The new curriculum will teach that the entire cause of the war was slavery.




In Orangeburg, South Carolina Tommy Daras says he’s selling his Edisto River Creamery in Orangeburg because he’s been unable to remove the Confederate Flag flown by the Sons of Confederate Veterans on a tiny piece of property in front of his business.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans were given a 130-square-foot piece of land by Maurice Bessemer, for the display of the Flag and a Confederate monument.


Daras first tried to remove the Flag himself, but the SCV informed him that it would have him arrested for trespassing. Daras then argued to Orangeburg officials that the Flag violated zoning ordinances because it was a historical display on property set aside for commercial use. But the city ruled the Flags were a form of free speech protected under the U.S. Constitution.


Now Daras has decided that he will not operate a business in sight of the Flag. Given the fact that nine out of every 10 customers left negative reviews on travel and restaurant critic websites I’m gonna guess that people all over the Southland are happy to see the Edisto River Creamery close its doors.




A country and western music fan was forced to take down a Confederate Flag flying over his house following allegations of racism.


John Bryant flew the controversial Flag over his semi-detached home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


The 71-year-old said he put it up only because he enjoyed country and western music, and that he knew nothing about its controversial nature.


‘We’re a member of the country and western club at Notgrove in the Cotswolds.


“They use all sorts of flags, this kind and others, up there for table cloths.


“I said to one of the members that I would like a flag. He got me one and I put it up.”


He insisted he was not aware that some people regarded the flag as racist and he said he was sorry if he had offended anyone.


One of Mr Bryant’s neighbours, who asked not to be named, said: “Maybe he should stick to flying a flag of Dolly Parton instead.”




This week has been like a competition among politicians in the Commonwealth of Virginia to see who can be the most morally abhorrent – Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam or Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax.


So far they’ve both earned the title of most reprehensible elected official. Tran sponsored a bill that would allow abortion while a woman is in labor, and Northam, a licensed pediatrician, floated post-term infanticide as an option to parents.


Here’s to hoping both of them win a one-way ticket back to private life, never to have influence over public policy again.




Beto O’Rourke has been caught on video wearing a “Devil goat” costume complete with what appear to be horns or ears as part of a bizarre mask and a freakish one-piece costume. He sported this outfit while performing on stage, raising questions about his ties to Satan worship.


The media is now desperately trying to spin the emerging video as a comedy band gimmick, claiming the mask is a “sheep” mask, not the symbol of Baphomet, which is tied to Satanism and the occult.


Although the entire establishment media is now desperately trying to paint Beto’s dark past as a harmless band gimmick, the mask he wears in the now-circulating videos appear to strongly resemble Devil-worship goat masks known as “Baphomet.” The Baphomet symbol or face mask, “is associated with anything relating to occultism, ritual magic, witchcraft, Satanism and esoterica. Baphomet often pops up in popular culture to identify anything occult,” explains VigilantCitizen.com.


Notice, too, that Baphomet and Devil worship share a lot in common with the left-wing transgender movement. As Vigilent Citizen explains:


Baphomet himself is an androgynous character as it is bearing the characteristics of both sexes: female breasts and a rod representing the erect phallus. The concept of androgeneity is of a great importance in occult philosophy as it is representing the highest level of initiation in the quest of becoming “one with God.”




Tyson Foods orders recall of more than 36,000 pounds of White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets over concerns of trace amounts of rubber in the product.


The 5-pound packages have a best used by date of November 26th, 2019.


by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


The firing on Fort Sumter gave Lincoln what he and other Yankee/Marxist radicals in the North wanted-and up-front reason to call for volunteers to mobilize and prepare to invade the South.


Many current “historians” seek to whitewash Lincoln for his usurpation of civil liberties and for the statist bent his administration took on. What they don’t realize is that the Lincoln administration started the push against civil liberties that we see going on even under Trump today. It was never reversed after Lincoln, but rather grew into the federal Leviathan we see in our own day.


Lincoln, at one point, referred to the “mystic chords” of union, as though the Union were some sort of religious entity. Mark Neely Jr., writing in The Fate of Liberty (Oxford University Press, New York) has sought, at least in my opinion, to exonerate Lincoln for his miserable record in regard to civil liberties. Like most contemporary historians, Neely seems to think centralized state power was the political messiah for the country. He wrote of Lincoln: “Still lacking a systematic ideology of nationalism to buttress government power, he grasped at any available practical measure that promised to meet the crisis of dissolution.” As has been noted earlier, Lincoln seems to have had no qualms about dissolution, or secession, when the socialists tried it in Europe in 1848, so why in America in 1860? Could it have been because the South was mainly Christian and not socialist? Could it have been because the South footed over 80% of the tab to keep the country going? Was Mr. Lincoln deathly afraid of losing his cash cow? Lincoln didn’t grapple too long with the problem of “national ideology” for Neely wrote shortly that: “Once he suspended the writ of habeas corpus without suffering dire political consequences, similar actions grew easier and easier.”


Lincoln depended on Secretary of State William H. Seward for his initial assault on America’s God-given liberties. Later, he would depend on Edwin M. Stanton, but Seward filled the bill for awhile.


It would appear, if we do some research instead of consulting contemporary “history” books, that the Lincoln administration used rather stern measures to insure American “loyalty” to Lincoln’s vaunted “Union.”


In his book The Real Lincoln Charles L. C. Minor quoted the historian Bancroft, who wrote in the Life of William H. Seward: “It is extremely doubtful if Maryland could have been saved from secession and Washington from consequent seizure if the mayor and police commissioners of Baltimore, several members of the legislature, and many prominent citizens of both Maryland and Virginia had not been deprived of their power to do harm.” That was Bancroft’s sanitized way of saying they’d been arrested. The grandson of Francis Scott Key, author of the National Anthem, was the editor of the Exchange newspaper in Baltimore. He was one of those prominent citizens arrested, and, as a prisoner, he was taken to Fort McHenry. There’s irony for you! Minor wrote: “…that a very great number of the most honored men in Maryland, including a large part of the officials of the state government and the Baltimore city government, were in prison and that every man of the least importance who had left it in doubt whether he had meant to support Mr. Lincoln had good reason to expect imprisonment.” That’s one great way to “preserve the Union”-just jail all your opposition!


On September 24, 1862, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus in certain kinds of cases across the whole country. The origins of this particular habeas corpus proclamation lay, according to Neely (The Fate of Liberty) in the Militia Act of July 17, 1862. This act empowered the Secretary of War to “draft for nine months the militiamen of states that failed to upgrade their militias. This rather technical-sounding law that smacked of routine military housekeeping proved to be a disguised conscription law, authorizing the first national military draft in American history. Congressmen, sensing the potentially explosive unpopularity of conscription in the individualistic United States had obscured its real purpose as much as possible. Doesn’t sound much different than Congress today does it? Anyone, even in our day, that thinks these people really get elected and go to Washington to look out for our interests probably still believes in the Tooth Fairy.


Some newly elected Congressmen probably start out thinking they are going to look out for our interests but by the time they been there a short while and the Deep State operatives have had a chance to work on them, all that changes.


William Dunning, President of Columbia University wrote in 1898 that Lincoln’s proclamation of September, 1862 was “a perfect plot for a military despotism…the very demonstrative resistance of the people to the government only made the military arrests more frequent.” Some have estimated the number of political prisoners in the North during the War of Northern Aggression to have been as high as 38,000. Others have estimated it as low as 13,000. Even 13,000 political prisoners was a lot for that time period. Almost sounds like the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror! Well, actually, it was our “French Revolution” and, like France, we have never recovered from it.


Lincoln claimed that editorials and speeches against the war discouraged army enlistments and encouraged desertions, therefore, he had to clamp down on them. Most historians today don’t bother to inform their readers how unpopular this war really was, or how Lincoln had to use Fort Sumter as the lightning rod to rally at least some Northern support. Suppression of rights was never popular, although, increasingly in our day, we see Americans more and more willing to trade liberty for security, not realizing that, in the end, if they do that, they will have neither. The draft also was unpopular, as the draft riots in New York City in 1863 demonstrated.


So we see the pattern continuing. Lincoln and other Northern radicals had to stifle as much dissent as possible, lest their unpopular war become so untenable that it would be impossible to prosecute. Should that have occurred it would have left the way open to put the Confederate States in a position to complete their legal secessions in peace. And that would have destroyed the centralization and consolidation of national power that Yankee power-brokers and industrialists sought. That could not be permitted to happen.


After the first phase of “reconstruction” was completed in the South, the old Calvinist (Reformed) theology was mostly gone-to be replaced in the early 1880s with the theological phase of “reconstruction”-the Israel-first theology of Dispensationalism, via Cyrus Scofield and his “Reference Bible.” I realize lots of folks don’t want to hear that, but it is something that needs to be considered. It’s doubtful if such would have occurred had not the war and reconstruction paved the way for it. The South needs to again embrace the biblical Reformation faith she was moving toward during the 1830s and afterward.


The following is from the December 26, 2018 issue of American Free Press:


A prominent attorney in Baltimore, Md. has filed a landmark lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), one of its officers, Heidi Beirich, and a former officer, Mark Potok. Glen Allen alleges that the two, in the course of orchestrating Allen’s dismissal from his position as an attorney with the Baltimore City Law Department, committed numerous unethical and illegal acts, including receipt of stolen property, improper disclosure of confidential and privileged documents, failure to properly train and supervise Beirich and Potok, and falsely claiming Allen was “infiltrating” the Baltimore City Law Department.


Allen sets the stage for his claims by detailing some of the many trenchant criticisms from across the political spectrum that have been leveled in recent years against the SPLC, Beirich, and Potok.


In the filing, he contrasts the robust dialogue, open debate, aversion to taboos, and genuine conversation that lie at the heart of America’s remarkable traditions of free expression-as embodied, among other ways, in the First Amendment-with the SPLC approach, which is “to draw lines of political or cultural orthodoxy, develop massive surveillance networks and extensive dossiers, and severely punish perceived transgressors who cross those lines, seem to cross them, or even seem to think about crossing them,” Allen writes in his complaint.


The attorney notes that among the many victims of the SPLC’s rigid thought-control approach have been African-Americans such as professor Carol Swain, Muslims such as Maajid Nawaz, scholars such as Charles Murray, and many Christian organizations.


Against this background, Allen, in addition to alleging claims personal to himself, challenges the SPLC’s status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supposedly dedicated to an educational mission, when in reality it is a highly partisan enforcer of hard-left creeds and taboos. Allen further alleges claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Among the predicate acts Allen alleges in support of his RICO claims is the SPLC’s false statement on its 501(c)(3) tax filings that it did not participate in political campaigns, when in reality it repeatedly attacked Donald Trump and other Republican candidates but never Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle.


According to Allen, in a moment of candor, Potok, the editor-in-chief of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, boasted: “We see this political struggle, right? . . . I mean, we’re not trying to change anybody’s mind. We’re trying to wreck the groups, and we are very clear in our head. . . . We are trying to destroy them.”


Beirich has similarly boasted that the SPLC has been “watching Allen like a hawk” because, according to Beirich and the SPLC, he “has the worst ideas ever.”


Such views and aims, as Allen contends in his complaint, are poisonous and treasonous to our American traditions. They are especially appalling when enforced by a supposed 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has accumulated over $450 million in fundraising by claiming to be a respectable civil rights organization.


Anyone wishing to support Allen in his lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center can do so by writing, Glen Allen, P.O. Box 10441, Baltimore, Md. 21209.


by Paul Craig Roberts


Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.


We know that the white male has been delegitimized. Women’s studies, black studies, Latino studies, and Identity Politics have been demonizing, and teaching hatred of, white males since the 1980s. But where did these hate-filled special interest groups get their power? The answer is that effete white males handed it to them.


It was white male university administrators who created the anti-white male propaganda degrees called women’s studies and black studies. It is the white males in the Democratic Party who endorse Identity Politics, an ideology that puts responsibility for all the evil in the world on white males.


The latest white male collapse is that of the president of Notre Dame University. Catholics, themselves formerly a marginalized people in the United States and Great Britain, are guilty, according to Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president, of displaying in Notre Dame’s main building a wall mural painted by Luis Gregori in 1880. In the Identity Politics that now rules even Catholic universities, the 1880 painting is viewed in the 21st century as depicting native Americans in stereotypical submissive poses before white European explorers.


I would bet that most Americans would not read the painting in this way. But in American everything is determined by the few.


Notre Dame’s president has decided that the solution to this “offense” is for the university to cover the mural.


Apparently the only intelligent person present at Notre Dame University is a law student, Grant Strobl, who said that “if we adopt the standard of judging previous generations by current standards, we may reach a point where there are no longer accomplishments to celebrate.”


This is a good point, but I would go farther. Luis Gregori’s painting was not intended to depict the submission of native Americans to the white man. Here we have another case of real history replaced by fake history with the connivance of the president of Notre Dame University.


Think about this for a moment. Is Luis Gregori’s painting the only painting, the only piece of art that can be construed, or misconstrued, as giving offense?


What about, for example, the iconic photograph of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima? Isn’t this celebration of American triumph over the Japanese insensitive and offensive to Japanese? How many military memorials are there that cannot be construed as giving offense to someone? How many paintings of martial and religious events are there that Identity Politics or some protected group cannot find offensive? What happens to history and to literature when we have to pretend that things did not happen because they are offensive to someone? Are all of the cowboy and Indian movies destined for the Memory Hole? How many songs can survive the scrutiny given to “Baby Its Cold Outside”? What about the Rolling Stones “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” or the Beatles “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?” What about rapper songs? As blacks rank higher in the “preferred minority” category than white women, why isn’t it racist for a white female to resist the sexual advances of a black male? You get the idea. It is endless. Many of those pushing Identity Politics will be surprised when it turns on them.


Western Civilization is under attack for giving offense. Collapse is everywhere visible. Not even America’s most prestigeous Catholic university can defend an historic mural. Will Jesus be next? Jesus chased Jewish money-changers out of the temple. Doesn’t that make him an anti-semite or a self-hating Jew?


The categories that are used today with so much authority make no sense. There is no such thing as white and black races. There are many different white nationalities and ethnicities. There are Germans, Italians, French, Scandinavians, Slavs, Dutch, Greeks, English, Irish, Scots, and so forth. Similarly for blacks. A Maasai is not a Zulu. A Tutsi is not a Hutu.


There is no doubt that European nationalities have committed many atrocities, mainly against one another, as have black tribes. As recently as 1994 the Hutus killed one million Tutsis-70 percent of the Tutsi population-in the Rwanda Genocide.


Just as it is not anti-American to criticize the United States, it is not anti-semetic to criticize Israel or sexist to criticize a woman or racist to criticize a black.


Slavery is not a black/white issue. Over the course of history more whites have been enslaved than blacks. As Karl Polanyi documented in his book, Dahomey and the Slave Trade, black slavery originated in the slave wars of the black kings of Dahomey. Europeans purchased slaves from the black kingdom of Dahomey.
Identity politics has turned Western civilization against itself. Those claiming victim status have acquired many privileges that violate equality under law. They are granted quotas in university admissions and appointments and in business employment and promotions. They can bring charges against those of European descent for insensitivity and racism by misconstruing language, expressions, body language, facial expressions, art works and scientific theories as racist. Females have acquired similar power over men. Black studies and women studies rewrite history in order to present the white male as a more hateful figure.


Feminists and racial minorities can make inflammatory statements calling for the death of white males without suffering any consequence. Statements such as those by Texas State University student Rudy Martinez-“white is an abomination,” “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,” “white death will mean liberation for all”-by Lisa Anderson-Levy, a dean at Beloit College-“whiteness poses an existential threat to social, political and economic life in the US”-and by Georgetown University professor Christine Fair who most certainly intended to offend the Senate Judiciary Committee and Kavanaugh- “Look at this chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes”-do not foster amiable race and gender relations.


Moreover, these statements demonstrate the privileged position women and “preferred minorities” have achieved over white males. Any white male student, dean or professor who made such statements about blacks and women would be dismissed and made unemployable. Remember the senior engineer at Google who was fired for saying that men and women have different traits and are good at different tasks. Simply stating an obvious truth has become a firing offense.


The United States was a unique country in which traditional European enemies became assimilated as Americans. But assimilation is no longer emphasized or even permitted. The celebration of diversity and multiculturalism has split the population into victimizer and victimized groups, with hatred of the former taught to the latter. In place of unity, disunity has been created. The American future is not promising.


by Dave Hodges


Dave Hodges if the host of radio’s The Common Sense Show


President Trump needs to take action on these 10 matters:


1. The failure to curb the illegal actions of social media censorship of the only media that supports conservative candidates and the President.


As Doug and Joe Hagmann are my witnesses, I addressed a person who has direct and regular contact with the President while we were at the Steve Quayle event in Branson, MO. in mid-September of 2018. I detailed for 35 minutes the social forum illegalities of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Their infractions ranged from violations of open forum laws to anti-trust violations. The person I was speaking with took notes. I expected nothing to come from the conversation. However, in the next week, the President tweeted and spoke about going after social media and some of the phraseology was in evidence in Trump’s statements. Since then, the President has done nothing. This was over 6 weeks before the midterm elections. Had the President acted immediately, as he should have, the House may have been saved from a take-over of the Deep State Socialist Democrats. Without our full participation, the Independent Media was the deciding factor in the 2016 Presidential election. The proof in the pudding is what happened in the 2018 election as we were shadow-banned to death. Trump lost the midterm election when he failed to exercise his power as President to regulate the social media monopolistic gestapo.


2. Obama and Clinton et al could be sitting in a prison cell today if the President had released the infamous dossier which would have shown illegal collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Obama as well as a lot of Deep State minions. The DOJ refused to release the files. Trump should have personally gone to the responsible department and fired and arrested one attorney after another until he found an attorney that wanted to keep his pension and freedom, who would release the documents. They would have made good reading at the scheduled State of the Union speech.


3. Hillary and her 33,000 illegal emails are lowest hanging fruit that I have ever seen. And this the courtesy left behind by Comey and the FBI. Hillary has no defense and each offense carries a five year prison term. Why haven’t you prosecuted her Donald? You say the DOJ is not willing. Then you fire attorney after attorney, until, once again, you find and attorney who wants to save his pension.


4. Robert Mueller is a criminal of the worst kind. He helped HSBC facilitate its money-laundering operations along with Hillary and Comey. This is so well-documented on this site. Also, it was Mueller who delivered the first batch of Highly Enriched Uranium to the Russians on behalf of Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. I have published the two documents, one State Department and one Russian which independently confirms the allegations. If I can find this, why can’t Trump? And what about Mueller’s association with Mafia murder king Whitey Blodger? Again, this is low-hanging fruit and the President refuses to act.


5. If Trump was not going to indict Mueller, then why hasn’t he fired him as Special Prosecutor? Why hasn’t he cut off his funding? Why hasn’t he given this phony Russian-collusion-delusion nonsense a deadline of he was going to shut it down. Not one indictment over collusion from Trump or his close associates in the campaign. All charges are off of Mueller’s mission which is illegal. Trump’s failure to fire Mueller has been his biggest short-coming. Two years of a nothing burger and the insanity continues and Trump has the power to stop it. If I were Robert Stone, I would be really pissed off as his deaf wife was made to stand on the concrete street without shoes at the time of Stone’s arrest.


6. Two years ago, the President should have shut down the border as one of his first actions. He should have declared a national emergency in February of 2017. How many cartel members, ISIS and MS-13 gangsters have been let into the country since that time?


7. Trump has become a laughing stock in the international community and here at home by letting the mental midget who occupies the Speaker of the House, cancel the SOTU speech. And even after the government was reopened, Trump is still be denied the right to make the speech by the #3 ranking official in the government and Trump is supposedly the #1 person in the government.


8. After the arrest of Roger Stone, Trump tweeted a complaint about the DOJ and their failure to indict Podesta, Clinton et al. Unlike Ocasio-Cortez, I understand the 3 branches of government. The DOJ is in the Executive branch of government. The President is the head of the Executive Branch. As such, the Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President not the other way around. Why has Trump conceded his Presidential power to the DOJ?


9. The arrest of Roger Stone in the manner in which it was done, constitutes a gross violation of abuse of power. The leadership of the FBI should be fired by Trump for these gestapo tactics and the head of the FBI should be relieved of command. Again, crickets are chirping.


10. Trump’s collective failures in these critical areas have led to the continued loss of the rule of law. We are finding ourselves increasingly living a free-for-all where there is no rule of law whatsoever. We are quickly descending into third world justice where only liberal social justice prevails. Trump’s inaction has one silver lining, it has exposed the fact that one of the primary goals of the left is the complete and utter evisceration of the Constitution and all civil liberties. At the end of the day, Trump’s failure to exercise the power of his office has resulted in millions of Americans being safe.




I think Trump came into the White House with the best of intentions and he has been beaten down. His most trusted advisers cannot be trusted. They have brought in appointees who are Deep State and loyal to the liberal agenda. William Barr is the latest proof of what I am talking about.


This is not a hit piece on Trump. I am hoping this article reaches the desk of Trump or someone in power who cares about restoring the Republic. Trump can win everyone of these battles. If he is waiting for a mandate from the people then we need to give him that. I would vote for Trump in 2020, if he survives this term. He is the only conservative left standing who can do what he needs to do. We need to get behind him now.


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


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