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As we predicted, Texas Governor Greg Abbott pushed the six-member State Preservation Board that oversees the Texas Capitol grounds to remove the Confederate plaque from inside the Texas Capitol building.


It was within the Governor’s power to keep the plaque in place!


Texas House speaker Dennis Bonnen and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, both Republicans, serve as co-vice chairs on the preservation board under Abbott and signed on with the Governor in this removal order.




The Arlington County School Board voted 5-0 to change the name of Washington-Lee High School to Washington-Liberty High School.




The Durham City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials has recommended that the base of Durham’s existing Confederate veterans memorial be repurposed into a new memorial housing statues honoring Union veterans and enslaved people.


The Committee is comprised of 12 members representing “a diversity of ages, races and backgrounds.” The Committee met for “over 8 months” before coming to this absolutely absurd proposal.




Last week, in an interview with The New York Times, Iowa Congressman Steve King asked a reporter:


“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how did that language become offensive?” Later in the interview, referring to Western Civilization and American history, he would ask the reporter: “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”


For asking these two very “academic” questions of a newspaper reporter, the mainstream media launched an all out attack against him over the weekend, attributing to him hundreds, maybe even thousands, of things that he has never said.


In response, the GOP leadership held an “emergency” meeting Monday night where House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said King would not be on any committees in the 116th Congress. Additionally, Mitt Romney is leading a conga line of Republican and Democrats in both houses of Congress demanding that Congressman King resign.


And for what? For simply asking an academic question – that is for what! Because in today’s political climate, open and honest discussion is simply not allowed!


Rather than replay the media smear campaign we will simply fast-forward to Congressman King’s response:




UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt ordered the base of the statue, Silent Sam, removed from the campus under the darkness of night. She did this to “make the statue harder to restore.”


On Tuesday morning, Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein, both Democrats, praised Folt’s move.


By Tuesday lunchtime, the state university system’s governing board fired Chancellor Folt and have told her to be out of her office and off of the campus by the end of the month.


The fate of the statue is still undetermined.




On Monday, the last day of his term, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Michael Graffeo voided the 2017 state law preventing the removal or alteration of historic memorials, saying it infringed citizens’ free-speech rights and effectively enshrined a pro-Confederacy message in the State.


Judge Graffeo said the act violated the Fourteenth Amendment, which prevents states from restricting the rights of citizens, because the law issued a fine of at least $25,000 for any attempted removal and alteration of historical monuments.


The ruling blocks the State from enforcing the law, though state officials could appeal. The Alabama Office of the Attorney General did not respond to our request for comment. But the Attorney General’s Office did issue a statement to local media outlets on Tuesday to say that they plan to fight Judge Graffeo’s ban.




SCV Officers from North Carolina are reporting that Confederate-themed and Battle Flag merchandise is unavailable at the gift shops of several state-maintained historical sites.


A written statement from the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources with regard to the Confederate merchandise indicated it was “not selling or providing any materials that are not consistent with the department’s vision, resources and programs.”






According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University, the United States, on a per capita basis, spends much more on healthcare than any other developed country, and the chief reason behind this disparity is not due to “greater healthcare uti- lization” or better service but simply higher prices.




On Dec. 28, 2018, Bre Payton, 26-year- old staff writer for the conservative website “The Federalist,” died suddenly.


Many in the alternative media compared her death to those of journalist Michael Hastings, who strangely ran his car into a tree at a very high speed after announcing he was going off the grid to break a huge story, and the founder of Breitbart News, Andrew Breitbart, who dropped dead at a young age immediately upon declaring he was going to blow the lid off of Barack Obama’s real history. Short life expectancies are common among those who challenge the Deep State.




A photo that shows a prototype steel slat of the type President Trump wants to be installed at the southern border can be cut with a basic handsaw.




The college football national champion Clemson Tigers were invited to the White House on Monday night.


Because of the government shutdown, The Tigers were treated to burgers and other fast-food, paid for by President Trump.




Something happened between Israel and Syria a few weeks before Christmas. Social media in Syria lit up – describing air strikes and missiles and rumors of a fighter jet crashing. Both governments have had little to say about it. Israel denies that any of its jets were shot down.


Later the next day, however, major news media in Israel reported that Israeli Defense Forces had found an exploded Syrian anti-aircraft missile in Israel’s Golan Heights overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.


Syria has been in a state of war with Israel for 70 years, having joined other Arab nations attacking Israel following its declaration of independence in 1948. Syria attacked Israel during the Six-Day War, and then again in the Yom Kippur War. There have never been diplomatic relations between the two nations because Syria refuses to acknowledge Israel’s existence.




On Wednesday, the Washingtom Post newspaper circularting around the nation’s headline had reported that President Trump had resigned.


Later in the day the newspaper issued a statement claiming that a fake edition had been passed around throughout downtown Washington, DC, by a political group. Donald Trump has NOT resigned.




Unfortunately, the Speaker was safely in Washington, DC on Wednesday morning at 4:45 am (pacific time) when the quake struck the San Fansisco area.


Radicals Supported North While Working People Supported South — by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


Over the years it has been noted, at least in some quarters, how strongly the communist and socialist radicals in Europe supported the Northern cause during the War of Northern Aggression. Marx, Engels, and all their socialist ilk literally drooled with their desire for a Yankee victory. Marx warmly congratulated Lincoln on his re-election in 1864 to a second term. Lincoln warmly thanked him. It was almost as if there was a Marx-Lincoln Mutual Admiration Society at work. Bakunin, the Russian revolutionary, as well as other European socialists of various stripes, all supported the Northern cause. In fact they supported Lincoln and the Northern cause just as much as some Southern folks do today that have been taught to feel guilty about their Southern heritage. You may have known some folks like that. I have.


Socialists that took part in the socialist revolts in Europe in 1848 flocked to this country from 1849 on through the 1850s after they were run out of their own countries as well as other European countries that did not want revolutionaries on their soil. Many of these jointed the Union armies, thousands of them, in fact. There is ample documentation for that which has been studiously ignored for decades by our establishment (Deep State) “historians.” Oh they will mention one or two of these people briefly in articles or books but never give you enough information to tell you what they were really all about and why they were over here.


Donnie Kennedy and I dealt with this in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. Judging by some of the book reviews we’ve gotten from the supporters of the establishment they have been less than enthused by our exposure of their favored icons. All I can say is that if some of them hate our book that much then we must have done something right!


However, putting aside the radicals and 19th century pinkos, we might ask if there was any support in Europe for the Confederate cause. There was indeed. And at least in England, that support came from ordinary, everyday working folks.


Mary Ellison, who has been a lecturer in the Department of American Studies at Keele University, wrote a book called Support For Secession-Lancashire And The American Civil War (University of Chicago Press). In this book she demolished the myths that have persisted for well over a hundred years, that, during the War of Northern Aggression, the British working class, and in particular, the Lancashire cotton workers, dutifully supported the Northern cause. In most cases the exact opposite was true. The fact that most working people, at least in Lancashire, supported the Confederacy has been very carefully muffled. Ellison wrote: “The war was unquestionably shattering in its impact on the country (Great Britain). The combustible mixture of ideological complexities and tough economic repercussions detonated an explosion of sympathy for the Southern cause wherever unemployment was extensive.”


All across Lancashire there were meetings, held mostly by pro-Confederate groups, though the pro-Unionists did hold some, but with little success. Ellison continued: “The actual evidence proves that the cotton interests of the country were united in seeking official British assistance for the abortive struggle of the Confederacy for independent life…Demands for pro-Confederate intervention were encased in orderly public meetings and carefully worded petitions that were sent to the government…Simultaneously the national press overlooked the massive number of spontaneous meetings in support of the South and noted only the organized few that were attended by such noted Northern sympathizers as Cobden and Bright.”


Does that sort of media blind spot sound rather familiar in our own day? The gentleman, Richard Cobden, here mentioned, had some interesting reasons for supporting the North. Turns out he was one of the prominent foreign stockholders of the Illinois Central Railroad, and he also had irons in the fire in other Northern companies. So his support for the North was hardly charitable-unless charity begins at home!


When it was issued, the Emancipation Proclamation was viewed by British working people with somewhat less charity than we may have been led to believe. Ellison noted: “The Emancipation Proclamation was rejected as nothing more than a military maneuver that hypocritically and ineffectually freed the Southern slaves while leaving those in the North in bondage.” Ellison, noting that British pro-Confederate supporters seemed unable to exert influence on the British government, stated that this did not mean that pro-Southern support wasn’t there, but rather, that it lacked political clout. It was somewhat akin to an earlier version of our “silent majority” of recent years. And it’s not that the silent majority is really so silent in many instances, but rather our prostitute press makes sure they get almost no notice. And when they get to the point they have recently where they are really starting to be noticed then those that control our media seek to censor them and de-platform them so they can’t reach a public that, for all these efforts, is starting to wake up.


Even English clergymen, speaking at meetings, recognized that Northern military strategy was really what dictated emancipation measures. Emancipation, contrary to popular, contemporary propaganda, was NOT the humanitarian gesture we have been told it was.


It should be noted that many of the British, while personally opposed to slavery, felt that an independent South would eventually free the slaves, and that slaves would be better off that way than being used as political pawns by the North. One British newspaper editorialized on “the whole Northern attitude that saw Negroes as ‘catspaws and cannon fodder’.” That was not too inaccurate an assessment.


One speaker in England maintained that, to save the Union, the North “would rivet the chains of the Negro still faster, and bind the slaves in chains of eternal bondage to gain their purpose.” Almost sounds as if he had read The Corwin Amendment! He was totally correct. That was, and is, the real reason for all the “civil rights” legislation we’ve seen in the years since the War of Northern Aggression. The real name of the game was not emancipation, but rather the transferal of control-from the private ownership of the plantation to the public control and oversight of Washington, D.C.


In conclusion, bear in mind that support for the Yankees came from European radicals and socialists and other assorted anti-Christ types. Support for the Confederacy came from ordinary working people. That fact is seldom mentioned. And for good reason-at least good for the media and their fake news promoters. It should tell us a little something about whose cause was (and is) worthy of support and whose cause was (and is) open to suspicion. Think about that.


Detestable Character Assassination
by Gil Gutknecht


Gil Gutknecht is a former Congressman from Minnesota who served with Congressman King. They fought against “leadership” for border control long before this shutdown began.


How did our political discourse become so polluted? How can a political pundit become such an expert witness concerning a person who he has obviously never met? Reading a hit piece in the Leftist New York Times now apparently passes for doing one’s homework. When did regurgitating the name calling that has become the hallmark of the Left has become acceptable legal tender in the conservative market of ideas?


Obviously the once respected Jonah Goldberg has never met Steve King. Jonah has lost more than credibility in the days since the surprise election of a genuine “America First” President. It has been bad enough to watch him look for opportunities to curry favor with the Never Trump crowd by sniping from the tall grass. We won’t pretend to know his motives. But, his piece in the Friday Townhall went way beyond the pale. It smacked of a modern day version of Leftist McCarthyism. His piece was the literal equivalent of a drive-by gangland shooting.


In a word it was detestable!


Frankly, we are perplexed why Townhall chose to run it? Especially before King had a chance to share his side. The first word in the headline was one of the most vile words in the English language, Bigot! When one uses that term to describe anyone, you had better be damn sure that you know the target very well and what makes him tick.


We do know Steve King. We know him very well. We’ve known him for a long time. We speak with a level of understanding that people like Jonah Goldberg would not or could not attempt. Congressman King is a compassionate man. He does a better job of living his Catholic Faith every day than many who wear robes in Rome. As far as we can tell, he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. To call him a white nationalist is an absurd Leftist trick. He does a better job of advancing the goal of civility than the majority of those in Washington who claim they champion it. He fights passionately for things he believes in while respecting people with whom he disagrees.


We all wish that we had a dollar for every time we used a ham fisted expression to respond to a loaded question. We have also had our words twisted by unethical reporters who had already written their hit piece and only wanted to take a comment out of context. It happens to our President almost every day. Communication of complex and potentially controversial issues was never easy. It is nearly impossible in today’s hypersensitive politically-correct world. Like Congressman King, we abhor racism and white supremacists. Adversaries on the Left aren’t satisfied with merely arguing the merits of issues, they immediately resort to character assassination and name calling. It is a major reason that a growing majority of Americans hold the liberal media in contempt.


So what triggered the drive-by character assault on Congressman Steve King? What caused the shameless DC media to single him out for these attacks? And for Mr. Goldberg to pile one? The answer quite simply is that Congressman King has repeatedly done something that elected officials just aren’t supposed to do.


He told the truth.


He has fearlessly been willing to say that culture matters and uncontrolled immigration has consequences. So did Teddy Roosevelt. But that kind of talk cannot be expressed in polite company today. Especially among the Elites that inhabit the Swamp.


He warned political leaders in Europe of the long term cultural consequences of unlimited immigration. Especially when those immigrants refuse to assimilate. We are supposed to pretend that this is not true. Even though the evidence is now clear to all who have eyes to see. The turmoil in France is only partially about fuel taxes. The Elites in Germany, the U.K. and Sweden do their best to suppress any public discussion of these matters by shaming those who might disagree with them. But, anger boils like molten lava just below the surface. The eruption is inevitable.


If telling the truth about matters of culture and civilizations will get you labeled a racist or bigot, the Left and their apologists like Jonah Goldberg had better be prepared for serious pushback from a growing army of thinking Americans. Name calling and character assassination are shabby substitutes for serious debate.


It may work with many readers of liberal publications. It won’t work with us. Sadly, a man of true character like Steve King will wear the scars of these attacks. But, truth and those who know him well will defend him. The same will never be said of many of his detractors. We know Steve King. We know the New York Times. And we know the difference.


by H. K. Edgerton


H. K. Edgerton is an activist for Southern heritage and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A former president of the NAACP, he is on the board of the Southern Legal Resource Center.


On the eve of Florida’s Governor-Elect, Rick Desantis Inauguration, a Veterans and First Responders event would be held. This event was held to honor the service and sacrifice of Veterans and First Responders, and would be attended by the Governor Elect, his Cabinet, hundreds of Veterans, their families and friends, and honored members of the public.


In an effort to help State House Representative, Mike Hill, Sponsor of the Soldiers and Heroes Monument and Memorial Protection Bill, Save Southern Heritage Florida under your leadership would move into action during this Inauguration event, and later the next morning at the Governor’s Inauguration Prayer Breakfast, on the campus of Florida A&M University.


Don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, alongside Sons of Confederate Veterans member, Ken Daniels, and Sons of Confederate Veterans Florida State Division Commander, Kelly Crocker, I would make my way through a sea of uniformed Veterans and First Responders, while accepting handshakes, hugs, salutes, and words of warm welcome as we made our way into the Museum where the event was taking place.


Once inside, we would immediately began passing out brochures (here) and badges; while encouraging those presented to act to support the aforementioned Bill by canvassing and calling upon their elected officials to do the same as you and the Honorable Attorney David McCallister were doing in the House of Representatives at this very moment.


As the Governor and members of his Cabinet ended their comments at the close of the event; I could not have been more proud as a long line of uniformed service members came to where I stood in front of the press corps gathered, to shake my hand, thanking me for being present in honor of the Confederate soldier, an American Veteran as well. It was a moment of love that I shall never forget .


I told one black soldier who I mistook for Representative Hill that he was my hero as he embraced me. And his response was, “no, you are my hero.” Later on Representative Hill would join us at a restaurant, as would Senator Baxley, and echo the same message as I told him that “he was my hero”.


The next day at the Inauguration Prayer Breakfast, to behold you as you continued your efforts canvassing the many House and Senate members to pass the Protection Bill; I could not have not been more proud. Ms. Lunelle doing what she had only asked her men to do; a sign of a great leader. Commander Crocker would echo his thoughts of the day before once again… “if this Bill would be voted on today , it would pass unanimously!”


I am only sadden that because of the expenditures made to keep my car on the road that I shall not be able to answer the call of so many of my babies to appear at their schools posting the Colors during Black History Month . However, I shall try and make up for it on January 18, 2019 when I return to Florida for School Days at the Brooksville Raid Re-enactment by presenting a Black History program in memory of the Black Confederate soldier and his family.


God bless you!
Your brother,


by Dr. Ron Paul


Ron Paul is a physician, author, and former 20-year Republican congressman, two-time Republican presidential candidate, and the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1988 election.


I am starting to wonder whether President Donald Trump has any power over U.S. foreign policy at all. Many people believe that the President is just a figurehead, with actual foreign policy firmly in the hands of the Deep State.


When Trump announced just a couple of weeks ago that the U.S. was removing its troops from Syria and possibly reducing troops from Afghanistan, the neocons, the media, the military-industrial complex, and the left-wing “never-Trump” people were livid. They were silent when President Barack Obama made the horrible decision to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria and sent weapons to jihadists to do so. They never said a word when billions of dollars were committed to this immoral and dangerous “regime change” policy. They weren’t interested in the rule of law when Obama thumbed his nose at Congress and sent troops into Syria.


But when Trump declared the obvious – that ISIS was effectively defeated and that we had no business being in Syria-these above groups in unison declared that actually bringing U.S. troops home was a “gift to Russia.” They said bringing U.S. troops home would create instability in the regions they left. Well, is there any proof that occupation by U.S. troops actually brings stability?


No sooner did Trump announce our departure than his neocon advisors began walking his words back. First he had to endure a lunch with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) reading him the riot act, where, according to the senator, Trump agreed to no timetables for departure. Then National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo began to tell the world that Trump’s statements on troop pullout were just empty words, not U.S. policy.


While Syrian Christians newly liberated from the rule of U.S. backed extremists celebrated Christmas for the first time in years, Bolton dusted off the old warning to Assad that the U.S. would attack if he “again” gassed his people. With the Syrian president personally taking part in some of the Christmas celebrations, does anybody really believe he’d go back to his office and order a gas attack?


Bolton then claimed that the U.S. would shift troops from Syria to Iraq to continue fighting ISIS and that the U.S. fully backs Israeli airstrikes on Syrian territory. Did Trump even agree to any of this?


Even worse, Pompeo is embarking on a Middle East tour where he will essentially tell leaders in the region that the U.S. president is a liar.


According to one State Department official, Pompeo’s message to the Middle East will be, “Despite reports to the contrary and false narratives surrounding the Syria decision, we are not going anywhere. The secretary will reinforce that commitment to the region and our partners.” Calling the president’s actual words on Syria “false narratives”? How is this not insubordination?


Will Trump stand by and watch this coup taking place under his nose? Does he realize how his credibility suffers when he boldly announces a U.S. withdrawal and the does a U-turn days later? Has he noticed recent polls showing that the majority of the American people agree with him?


Why is he so intimidated by the neocons?




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


It seems that almost every week I get an eMail asking what I believe about the “Flat Earth” theory. I’ve even had guests ask me about it on my radio show (we always edit it out by the way).


For over two years now I’ve been ignoring them. At first, I thought it was a joke. Or maybe a veiled insult at my biblically-based belief in geocentrism? Eventually, I realized that there is this rabid debate going on both online and offline regarding things that I thought were settled in 1492 when Christopher Columbus reached Cuba without having first sailed off the edge of the flat earth.


Anywhoo, I find it astounding the amount of time people have invested into this debate. And, let me say, that writing this article is an absolute poor stewardship of my time. One for which I will have to ask God’s forgiveness. But I reluctantly do so in hopes that if I finally do so people will stop asking.


Here are some questions I have for “flat earth” people:


Why are the world’s most powerful telescopes placed on mountain tops?


I live in Florida. If the earth is flat, why can’t I use a high-powered telescope to see across the Gulf of Mexico?


Why is it called a “horizon”? The very origin of the word, meaning “Horus rising,” suggests the earth is a ball.


When we have a crescent moon, why is the darkened part of the moon, the Earth’s shadow, showing roundness and curvature?


Why do rainbows have arcs?


How would time zones apply to a flat earth?


If the Coriolis Effect gives us jetstreams, then how would weathermen predict the weather on a flat earth?


I could think up and type out more questions. But there really are for more important things for us to consider, like how we are going to preserve our monuments and pass on our heritage.


Until Next Week
Deo Vindice
Chaplain Ed


Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663