North Carolina SCV issues Statement on UNC’s Desecration of Silent Sam Veterans Monument


January 15, 2019


Statement of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Chancellor Folt’s Order to Remove what Remains of The Boy Soldier “Silent Sam” Memorial.


The North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans is disgusted by the extent to which Chancellor Folt and the University of North Carolina will go to break our state’s laws and ignore the will of the people. Yet again, Chancellor Folt has violated the confidence of the people of North Carolina by ordering the removal of what remains of Silent Sam, UNC’s Confederate memorial. First, she allowed Durham communists to tear the statue down, and now she is acting unilaterally to break the law and remove what’s left so that nothing remains to honor the University’s sons who died in the War Between the Sates. As the last act of a desperate woman on her way out, she has effectively erased the contribution and sacrifice of these brave veterans and the tribute paid to them by subsequent generations. Folt’s legacy at UNC, which primarily consists of academic athletic scandals and a generally declining quality of scholarship, will now include race-baiting, historical revisionism and illegal acts. We are eager to see her on her way and a failure by the Board of Governors and/or the Board of Trustees to immediately terminate her employment without waiting for the end of the school year would be a complete failure of their duties.


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