SCV Responds to Taxpayer Funded Smithsonian Slander




The anti-South cultural bigots are at it again! This time they are using our tax dollars to fund their neo-Marxist propaganda. The Smithsonian Magazine in a 6,500-word article entitled ‘The Costs of the Confederacy,’ slandered our ancestors and heritage. The article began by stating “American taxpayers have spent $40 million on Confederate Monuments and groups that distort U. S. history and perpetuate racist ideology.”


In 2017 the Smithsonian Institute received $863,000,000.00 from the American taxpayers—a large segment of those taxpayers are Southerners, the very people who were the targets of the Smithsonian’s slander. In the fiscal year 2018 the Smithsonian requested that their Federal funding be increased to over $963,000,000.00. Gentlemen, we must not sit idly by and allow their slander of the South to go unchallenged!


As Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, I have sent the Smithsonian Magazine an official request for “equal time” to give the readers of their magazine “the rest of the story” about our honorable heritage. I think we all understand that unless we as individual members apply pressure, these minions of anti-South cultural bigotry will not publish our response. There is a way we can put real pressure on the Smithsonian. Federal funding for their institute has to go through Congress. I am asking each member of the SCV to write, phone, and e-mail their U. S. Representative, their Senators, and cc a copy of your letters to the Smithsonian Magazine. They will not like “doing business” with us, but to keep their funding they may very well relent and publish our response.


For your convenience we have posted a copy of a letter to be sent to your Representatives and Senators. You may download and use the letter, use it as a guide for your own, or just write your own letter from scratch. Please remember, we are the heirs of real Southern gentlemen; be courteous and polite. All we seek is fair-play and evenhanded journalism. Don’t forget to send the Smithsonian a copy of your letters. They MUST know that we are actively engaged in promoting and defending our ancestors good name and we vote!


Our response is not an attempt to answer every false and slanderous allegation made in the Smithsonian article. Our response is a written vindication of the Cause for which our Confederate ancestors fought.


An instruction sheet including the Smithsonian magazine’s address along with a copy of our article responding to their slander can be found at our web site:


Without your active support, we can do nothing—forward to the sound of the guns!


Paul C. Gramling Jr.
Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans


Operation Smithsonian Rebuttal
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Operational Overview from Commander in Chief, S.C.V.
Letter to Smithsonian from Commander in Chief, S.C.V.
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