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The Lynchburg Museum is now seeking public comment before deciding whether or not it will fulfill its promise to display the Lynchburg Home Guard’s battle flag.


Reeneactors and heritage groups had given $12,000 for the flag’s preservation because the Museujm had promised to display the flag.




Members of the Working Group for Confederate Monuments met for the first time at the Hall of State library at Fair Park in Dallas.


The group, formed after the Dallas City Council passed a resolution back in April, is tasked with coming up with context for items that will not be removed and create a new memorial to honor a lynching victim.


One of the group members made an off camera comment to FOX4 that the meeting was really only a chance for everyone to get to know one another and understand the task at hand but that a tedious process is expected in the coming months, one that we will do our best to monitor.


We encourage our readers in Dallas to plan on attending the meetings and speak into the process.




The Florida Panhandle’s first Black representative since the WBTS just proposed a bill that would make it a crime to remove Confederate memorials, names and symbols in the State, not to mention that any intentional damaging of said memorials would be treated as a felony.


Rep. Mike Hill (R-Pensacola) insists Gen. Robert E. Lee was more than just “some racist” and lauded him as “a gentleman, a Christian, and a man of great valor who deserves to be revered, as should all Confederate leaders.” The Florida Republican is now hoping to protect the state’s Confederate monuments, arguing they should be preserved for educational purposes.


“It won’t change any person’s life today by tearing down a Confederate monument or tearing down a statue or tearing down a cross,” Hill said. “It won’t change any person’s life by doing that. What it will do is prevent someone from learning the history of why it was there in the first place.”


Not taking the bait from reporters, Hill has refused to fall into the talking point of “slavery” reminding them the War was mostly fought for money, but also for states’ rights, and that “over 600,000 people died. I think that’s something that we shouldn’t erase or try to run away from. That’s something that we should understand, know and be proud of.”




Nothing says Merry Christmas like a punk armed with a Sharpie and a cheap can of spray paint.


Christmas Day the words “Cowards & Traitors” were scrawled across the front of the North Carolina monument in spray paint.




A German federal court has charged a 95-year-old man for “being partially responsible for the deaths of thousands of people during the Second World War.”


The old individual, who has been identified only by his first name and surname initial (Hans H) for legal reasons, served as an SS guard at the Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. Although he was stationed there for only a brief period (second-half of 1944 to early 1945), the man has been accused of “being an accessory to the death of thousands of inmates.” More specifically, he is accused of the deaths of a staggering 36,223 people. Mauthausen was a relatively small camp.


The federal prosecutor said that Hans H, who served in as an SS Rottenfuehrer, a rough equivalent of a corporal, was fully aware of “all the killing methods as well as the disastrous living conditions of the incarcerated people at the camp.” Consequently, he made “easier the many thousands of deaths carried out by the main perpetrator.”


According to the evidence, he served as an outer perimeter guard and as prisoner work detail guard. The defence lawyers have yet to make a statement. A federal judge will now decide whether to proceed with a trial. But even if the case proceeds, the former SS guard won’t see the inside of a prison cell. His advanced age and past cases suggest that he will either be confined in his residence or in a hospital until he dies.


Hans H is the latest of former SS camp guards to face revenge prosecution. Lately, a series of WWII veterans have been called to answer for their contribution in WWII.


Situated 12 miles from the Austrian city of Linz, Mauthausen contained mainly political opponents of National Socialism.


Traitors Sentenced for Helping Invaders


This sounded good at first. But then…


A court in southeast France on Thursday sentenced seven people including three foreigners for illegally helping a group of migrants cross into France over an Alpine pass from Italy. Two Frenchmen who had previous court convictions were given four-month jail terms. The others, who included an Italian woman, a Swiss man and a Swiss-Belgian man, received suspended six-month sentences.


The activists, whose supporters dubbed them the “Briancon 7”, took part in a solidarity march of 100 people escorting some 20 migrants over an Alpine pass in April this year. The activists argued they took part in a “spontaneous demonstration” intended only to counter a “far-right protest.”


But here’s the real problem: France’s Constitutional Court ruled in July that people could not be prosecuted for aiding migrants in distress, saying this went against the basic French principle of “solidarity”. Whatever that is? Are the French insane?


However the court’s ruling does not allow people to directly facilitate illegal border crossings.


Basically, the activists have 10 days to appeal the ruling by the court in Gap, where around 100 supporters gathered outside the courthouse Thursday. The Gap sentencing came a day after another migrant activist, Cedric Herrou, in a similar situation, saw his prison term overturned by France’s top appeals court on Wednesday.


Herrou, an organic olive grower in southern France, had been charged with illegally offering aid to migrants at his farm near the Italian border.


The appeals court cited the Constitutional Court’s decision against prosecuting so-called “crimes of solidarity”.


Again, what is a “crime of solidarity”? Is that a real judicial term in France, or is this “newspeak” that someone just pull out of their rectum? Even Orwell would be confused at what the New World Order has turned Europe into.




The attorney general of Washington, D.C. is suing Facebook over its alleged failure to protect users’ personal data.




Nevada will become the first State in the country to have a majority female Legislature after members of the Clark County Commission appointed two women to a pair of open seats in the Assembly.


With the appointments, female politicians will take 23 of 42 seats in the State Assembly and nine of 21 spots in the state Senate, good for 32 out of the 63 seats in the Legislature.


by Clint Lacy


Clint Lacy is the Author of Blood in the Ozarks and A Truthseekers Guide to False Flags. He is a regular writer for The Barnes Review.


On November 21, 2018 the Washington Post published an article written by Retired U.S. General Stanley McChrystal entitled ‘Good Riddance: Americans need to set aside icons like Robert E. Lee to live up to our potential’.


The article contains a picture of a (digitally) vandalized portrait of General Robert E. Lee, which one can only assume, given the history of the Washington Post, is not only an approval of past attacks on Confederate monuments but also a wink and a nod to future attacks as well.


In the article McChrystal admits that a portrait of General Robert E. Lee hung on his wall, wherever he went , for over 34 years and that the portrait was given to him as a gift from his wife, who coincidentally is the one who told him to take it down.


The reason? McChrystal states:


“In the summer of 2017, my wife, Annie, urged me to take down the picture. Disgusted by the images of hate and white supremacy that had descended on Charlottesville in the form of angry, torch-bearing men, she felt that Lee’s picture risked offending guests to our home by sending an unintended message of agreement with the protesters who had sought to preserve a statue of the Marble Man. Initially, I argued that Lee was an example of apolitical loyalty and stoic adherence to duty. But as days passed, I reflected on the way that Lee’s legacy looked to people who hadn’t grown up with my perspective or my privilege. So, on an otherwise unremarkable Sunday morning, I took the painting off the wall and sent it on its way to a local landfill for its final burial. Hardly a hero’s end.”


Where does one even begin in response to McChrystal’s actions? I guess since he took down General Lee’s portrait and tossed it into the garbage at the urging of his wife we can begin with that.


First of all I think it is safe to say a healthy marriage is about compromise. That being said, a healthy marriage is also about respect . Neither the husband or the wife are required to hold the same beliefs but it is necessary for both the husband and the wife to respect each others beliefs. So given McChrystal’s statement it is easy to conclude that his wife has no respect for his beliefs, furthermore, McChrystal has no respect for himself.


While interviewing Southern historian Shelby Foote , J.L. Wall asked the writer if he had been alive during the war would he have fought for the Confederacy?


To which Foote replied:


“No doubt about it. What’s more, I would fight for the Confederacy today if the circumstances were similar. There’s a great deal of misunderstanding about the Confederacy, the Confederate flag, slavery, the whole thing. The political correctness of today is no way to look at the middle of the nineteenth century. The Confederates fought for some substantially good things. States rights is not just a theoretical excuse for oppressing people. You have to understand that the raggedy Confederate soldier who owned no slaves and probably couldn’t even read the Constitution, let alone understand it, when he was captured by Union soldiers and asked, What are you fighting for? replied, I’m fighting because you’re down here. So I certainly would have fought to keep people from invading my native state. There’s another good reason for fighting for the Confederacy. Life would have been intolerable if you hadn’t. The women of the South just would not allow somebody to stay home and sulk while the war was going on. It didn’t take conscription to grab him. The women made him go.”


There is a big contrast between the men and women of the 1860’s and today. In the 1860’s men had principles. Honor and duty were important to them and the women made sure that the men adhered to these principles.


It’s especially worth noting that in the case of Mr. and Mrs. McChrystal the General throws away all of his principles because his wife tells him too. Why does she tell him to? Because “bad” people were protesting the proposed removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia and she doesn’t want to offend visitors to their home.


The saddest part about this story is that she is based her concerns and he caved into her demands on the grounds of a false narrative.


The fires of civil unrest were stoked by a racist black supremacist named Wes Bellamy (who was Vice-Mayor for the City of Charlottesville, Virginia at the time). Bellamy , who was demanding the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee on the grounds that it was racist, was exposed as being a racist himself after the discovery of numerous anti-white posts on his Twitter account.


Bellamy, however , was just one bit player in the Charlottesville set up. As Professor James Fetzer writes:


“The Charlottesville production was staged in three distinct parts:


Act I: A torch-lit protest around the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus of the University of Virginia, designed to draw the attention of the nation for the events the following day;


Act II: Local police stand down so VA State Police and National Guard could channel peaceful protesters of the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee into a violent confrontation with Antifa and Black Lives Matter;


Act III: At an intersection several blocks away, the actors were set and the vehicles in place to film dramatic-and carefully contrived-video footage.


The objective was to transform Donald Trump (who wants to reallocate American resources from the Middle East to benefit the American people by putting “America First!”)-by successive stages in a semantic sleight-of-hand-into a White Nationalist, into a White Supremacist, into a neo-Nazi, and to promote the unraveling of American culture by an assault upon our history through the removal of icons of the past and an excess of “political correctness.”


Fetzer lists the key players in this event as:


“George Soros, who financed the event, Executive Producer; Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, Director, who controlled the National Guard and the VA State Police; Michael Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville, Assistant Director, who ordered the local police to stand down; Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, who impersonated White Nationalist leaders to give the event a neo-Nazi flavor; Brennan Gilmore, a U.S. State Department operative who appears to have served with the CIA in Africa, Witness; Ford Fischer, as the On-scene Videographer; with Antifa, Black Lives Matter and stuntmen as Extras.”


General McChrystal’s military career came to abrupt end in June, 2010 when critical comments he made about the Obama administration were published in a Rolling Stone magazine interview.


“In the profile, Mr McChrystal aides mocked Vice President Joe Biden, called the president’s national security adviser “a clown,” and said the general was “disappointed” by his first meeting with Obama.”


Interestingly enough , Michael Hastings, the author who exposed McChrystal died in a car crash three years later in June , 2013.


I think Stanley McChrystal knows that the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia riots were a set up and I think he is virtue signaling because he is planning to run for political office. Either for President, Vice-President or some other high ranking post in an attempt to regain his dignity.


The reality is that McChrystal will never regain his dignity no matter how many times he “cucks out” or “virtue signals”. He will never be the man that General Robert E. Lee was. Neither as a military commander, in stature or as a respected citizen. There will always be those who will remember and respect Lee while McChrystal will continue to fade into obscurity as a minor footnote in history.


by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


Way back in 1988 (ancient history now) I had an article published in the National Educator dealing with the extreme efforts of the NAACP to have Confederate flags removed from the capitol buildings in several Southern states. This, just to let you all know, that attacks on Southern culture and heritage have been going on much longer than the last couple years.


Needless to say, this sort of Orwellian activity on the part of the NAACP and other anti-South organizations has continued and steadily increased unabated to this hour. The NAACP has, for at least the past three decades, been on a prolonged feeding frenzy when it comes to anything Confederate, no matter how small or insignificant it might be.


The NAACP’s checkered history has been a wonderment to behold over the years. They’ve had problems with some of their people in high positions over the years, and during the early 1990s they seemed about to go under until some little leftist bird chirped in their ear about how attacking all things Confederate might just revive their sagging membership roles if the propaganda were presented in the right format. They were quick to pick up on this theme and have literally ridden it to death ever since. And I guess it must have put some long green in the coffers for them, as hard as they’ve pushed it. Here is a group, supposedly formed to help black folks, yet it had all white presidents until at least some time in the late 1960s. That tells you something right there.


An excellent expose of the NAACP can be found in the book Biographical Dictionary of the Left, Volume 1, by Francis X. Gannon. It was published by Western Islands back in 1969, so you might have to hunt around by now to find a copy of it. If it has been reprinted I am not aware of it.


Since the early 1990s I have read literally scores of articles dealing with the ongoing leftists agenda of removing Confederate flags, monuments, and other symbols from government schools, public buildings and parks and other places, and since 2015, this campaign from the Left, and other useful idiots as well, has literally reached a fever pitch. It’s like the world will end for those people unless they get every remembrance of anything Confederate removed before Trump’s attempt at a second term-something else they want to do away with!


I have taken note of this disgusting process and believe me, it’s enough to gag a maggot! It is a classic cultural Marxist exercise in ethnic cleansing.


Many people ignorantly think the federal government never really got into the education field until 1958, when Sputnik supposedly came along. They’ve not read their history. Of course if they attended government schools they were given precious little real history to read, so I suppose you can’t really blame them. If the truth were known, Washington got into public education, at least publicly, as early as 1862. At that time, the real American Revolution, the War of Northern Aggression, was going full blast and the Yankee Empire was not sure it was going to win.


According to an article in Chronicles magazine by author John Chodes several years ago, it was in this questionable atmosphere that Congress jumped in where angels feared to tread, and passed the Morrill Act. This act just about amounted to direct federal aid for education. The stated objective of the act was to: “fund colleges that teach agriculture and the mechanic arts, via money raised through federal land-grant sales.” According to Mr. Chodes: “The true objective (of the act) was to bring the Northern perspective to the reconquered areas of the South, to teach the rebels’ children respect for national authority-to break their rebellious spirit forever. The three R’s had absolutely nothing to do with this landmark bill.”


Knowing that he who pays the piper calls the tune, is anyone really surprised?
Senator J. P. Wickersham said, in 1865, that the great majority of non-slave-holding whites in the South were “deplorably ignorant” and it was this ignorance that helped rebel leaders to enlist so many of them in Confederate armies. Wickersham felt that as long as they remained “ignorant” they would remain the pawns of “political demagogues.” In other words, unless the Southern “poor white trash” were properly “educated” with the proper Northern perspective, they would continue to be swayed by such banal considerations as Christianity, states’ rights, constitutional government, and a whole host of other such “unenlightened” doctrines. So, if only you could give them a proper Northern education, they could then become the pawns of “enlightened” Yankee/Marxist demagogues.


Wickersham then went on to state that: “A republican form of government cannot long last without providing a system of free schools.” Read that one again folks, while you choke on it! Anyone gullible enough to swallow that brand of bovine fertilizer deserves the upset stomach he gets from it. The last thing any true republic needs is “free (government) schools” or “free education for all children in public schools” as that vaunted champion of humanity, Karl Marx, so succinctly stated in The Communist Manifesto. I hate to differ with such educational champions as Wickersham and Marx, but I don’t think the average Southerner was nearly as ignorant as these men try to make out.


Senator Morrill, in seeking to justify his authorship of the Morrill Act said: “The role of the national government is to mold the character of the American people.” Wrong, Senator!!! The “role” of the national government, or of any government at any level, is defined in Romans 13. If these politicians in the 1860s had such a statist mindset, do you wonder why we have such problems today? And some naïve people today still think that socialism in America didn’t rear its ugly head until FDR in the 1930s! As my daughter says “wake up and smell the coffee.” You are at least a 100 years off in your thinking.


Government schools will ever continue to pass off abolitionist fables to the unsuspecting as “history.” They dare not inform you of the Christian revivals that took place in the Confederate armies during the war. And they will never inform you about the Christian conviction and dedication of men like Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Davis, and many many others. All you will ever get from today’s “historians” (and I use that term quite loosely here) is tales about how these men were slave-owners and, therefore, all white supremacists. End of discussion!


But not to worry, both the leftist NAACP and the left-leaning government school system have plenty of other help in making sure the average American has no clue as to what Southern heritage and history were and are all about. One who has done yeoman duty in this coverup has been court historian James McPherson. Over the years McPherson has been a favorite of the political left, having been cited numerous times on the World Socialist Website, and having also admitted, quite proudly, that Abraham Lincoln championed the leaders of the 1848 socialist revolts in Europe, and those same socialists, in turn, supported his presidency. If you need more information in this area get a copy of Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists. After you read it, donate it to your local library so other folks can also learn.


If you don’t think the leftists have been on a mission to trash Southern culture then you obviously have not kept track of the perambulations of outfits like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Now we have to admit that the leftists are really the “up front” guys in this cultural genocide against the South. There are people in back of them that promote and finance their attacks on the South and its heritage, people that want us and our Southern culture destroyed every bit as much as the leftists do. Lots of those people reside in the Swamp in Washington and are denizens of the Deep State. Their vision of a New World Order has no room in it for the preservation of Southern history, heritage and culture, particularly if any of that relates to Christianity. Shorn of all their sophistry, that’s where their attack on us and our heritage is really headed. In the final analysis, that’s what it’s all about.


by Dr. Pat Buchanan


Pat submitted the following on Christmas morning.


“Deck the halls with boughs of holly,” goes the old Christmas carol. “‘Tis the season to be jolly.” Yet if there were a couplet less befitting the mood of this capital city, I am unaware of it.


“The wheels are coming off,” was a common commentary on the Trump presidency on Sunday’s talk shows. And the ostensible causes of what is looking like a panic in the political establishment?


The December crash of the stock and bond markets, the worst since the Great Recession. The shutdown of a fourth of the U.S. government over the Trump border wall. The president’s decision to pull 2,200 troops out of Syria. Resignation, in protest of Donald Trump’s treatment of U.S. allies, by Secretary of Defense James Mattis.


But there has to be more to it than this. For America has endured, in the lifetime of its older generations, far worse Christmases than this.


By Christmas 1941, America had just suffered the worst attack in her history. At Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7, some 2,400 soldiers, sailors and Marines had died, six battleships were destroyed or crippled, and scores of warplanes were smashed on their runways.


By Christmas 1941, the Japanese had landed in the Philippines where, in six months, they would inflict on the United States the worst military defeat in its history with the loss of 23,000 troops killed or captured, most of them on Bataan Peninsula and the island fortress of Corregidor.


Franklin Roosevelt had temporarily abandoned the Philippines as indefensible, as they were on the far side of the Pacific, and had adopted a “Europe First” strategy, believing Nazi Germany to be the greater threat.


For, by Christmas 1941, Hitler controlled all of Europe from the Pyrenees and the Atlantic to the suburbs of Leningrad and Moscow, and from northern Norway above the Arctic Circle to the Western Sahara.


Beyond Hitler’s empire lay Stalin’s. Beyond that lay Japan’s Empire of the Sun, which occupied Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria, the coast of China and much of Southeast Asia.


By Christmas 1941, a Japanese attack on the Malay Peninsula was underway that would lead to the surrender of Singapore in February, the greatest strategic defeat ever suffered by the British empire.


Nine years later, at Christmas 1950, thousands of American troops were being evacuated from Hungnam, the North Korean port city to which they had retreated before hordes of Chinese troops.


Veterans of Mao’s revolution had been sent to drive Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s forces away from the Yalu River on China’s border, and back across the 38th parallel into South Korea.


The Korean War would end in bloody stalemate, after Harry Truman, facing defeat, declined to run again and left office with only a fourth of the nation behind him, and his nemesis Sen. Joe McCarthy victorious and exultant in 1952, along with President Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.


Does our situation at Christmas 2018 remotely compare in gravity with those times? Does whether Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies prevail in Syria remotely compare in seriousness with whether Hitler or his former ally and successor in tyranny, Stalin, would prevail?


An unacknowledged cause of establishment frustration and rage at Trump’s pullout from Syria and Afghanistan is the growing realization that the post-Cold War new world order it has sought and still seeks to create is likely never to be. Indeed, it is now visibly slipping away. The American people refuse to subscribe to its global agenda.


They will not pay the price in blood, treasure and distraction from our own troubles here at home. Trump’s victory was America’s way of saying, “Goodbye to all that!” And it is this dawning recognition that helps explain the establishment’s exasperation.


While cable news and social media are on fire over the shutdown and the pullout from Syria, the Silent Majority, one imagines, is more focused on an earlier event, 2,000 years ago, that has made a far greater impact upon mankind, and that yet inspires hope that, in the end, all can be well. That event was perhaps best described in the last Advent gospel of Luke:


“And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”


And a Merry Christmas to all.


Conversations in the Streets: Christmas Day
by H. K. Edgerton


A former president of the NAACP, H. K. Edgerton is an activist for Southern heritage, and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


On this morning, December 25, 2018,(Christmas) I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier, and post his Colors on the overpass of Interstate 240w/40w/26E. After about two hours of waving, and acknowledging all the shouting, Rebel Yells, and the calling out of my name from so many; a car bearing Pennsylvania license plates would slowly pass alongside where I stood.


The driver would park, and two black couples would exit. One of the ladies would ask of me; “what is a man of your persuasion doing standing on this bridge brandishing the Confederate battle flag?”


I would answer her as I have a million times before when asked this question: “Just listen! I am here to uplift the spirits of my Southern family.”


Just in time for them to hear my name called out, several cars blowing their horns on and below the overpass, with the rebel yell thrown in to boot from another that passed.


One of the men would remark “; but, it is Christmas, we should be celebrating the life of Christ.”


“Yes we should, and I am. It was Christ who brought the African people to the Southland of America to be with the Southern white man who taught a heathen people of his presence” I said.


“But, we came as slaves,” the other lady would reply.


“Yes, but he is right” said the quiet man. “Slavery was the only way that our ancestors would have gained entrance into this land, and our ancestors proved in that institution their worth to be here.”


I was beside myself with an unexpected joy with the way this conversation was going. I had to ask if they were Yankees?


The quiet man spoke again: “we live in Philadelphia by way of Camden, South Carolina, and they still live there. We are life long friends” he said pointing to the other couple who were now holding hands.


“You must be a Christian” he said to me.


“I am” was my reply. “For the African in the South, servitude was his training camp in the Army of Christ. And kind people, we have come to the time that we must stand once again with the Southern white man, our family to do battle once again with the Angels of the Anti-Christ and their attacks on our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and the Christianity taught to us .


The restraining force that is holding back wickedness, evil, and the devil in America has always been the Southern white man.And, he is hated because he molded his Africans to follow in his footsteps to Jesus Christ.”


Our conversation turned to immigration, and how so many different people come into our nation whose moral and spiritual value is not based upon the teachings in the Bible and is our covenant, and the moral code it gives to us; even though we are a nation that believes in religious freedoms, while they refuse to inculcate this into their thinking or operational processes.


One of the men said that he believed that President Obama was a Muslim even though he denied it. He mentioned the company that Obama kept not only as a student, but as a Senator. And, the donations they made to his Senatorial and Presidential campaigns. And how Obama followed the principles of Marxist in his so called community work in Chicago .


The quiet man who was becoming less quiet, said that he had studied Marcus Garvey’s life, and believed that the NAACP has never been a friend of the African people, but just used them to further an agenda for the Northern Jew.


And, that they and the Southern Poverty Law Center were the personification of real evil, and the greatest enemy of the black man in the 21st century.


They would give me $20.00 to buy breakfast, hugs all around, and asked if they could pray for me. This was one of my best Christmas presents that I can remember.


Merry Christmas, and may God bless you!


Banks Have Become Judge, Jury & Prosecutor
by Martin Armstrong


Martin Armstrong is the former Chairman of Princeton Economics. He is best known for economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


COMMENT: Dear Martin,


I would like to share any information on the subject “The Hunt for Taxes and the Abolition of Cash” that you comment on so often:


Citi closes accounts of customers who withdraw cash instead of using credit cards. The Peruvian author and journalist Jaime Bayly, who lives in Florida, comments political and arts issues in his daily TV show. Recently, he mentioned that the
Miami subsidiary of Citi bank closed all his accounts because he withdraws too much cash from his account instead of using his credit card to pay his expenditures. His objection that he prefers to use cash for personal reasons was countered by the bank that he is suspicious of money laundering!


Thank you so much for your work and for maintaining a blog that I review daily with great interest,


kind regards,
U. G.


REPLY: What people do not realize is that the regulations being imposed upon banks all to hunt for taxes are rarely ever discussed in mainstream media.


Effectively, the government has put all banks in a position where THEY must be the judge, jury, and prosecutor whereas the government could NEVER impose such restrictions upon individuals without a Constitutional violation of Due Process of law. They force banks to be the police because you are NOT entitled to Constitutional Due Process of law when it is not a LEGAL proceeding that could result in the confiscation of your property or imprisonment. Like FATCA, they imposed regulations upon foreign banks that they MUST report WHATEVER an American does overseas and if they own more than 5% of any company they must report them to the USA or their assets will be confiscated. This is outright unethical, but no court will uphold the Constitution. If the government can threaten a bank to do what they cannot do directly, they argue they are not the party violating your rights!


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) lists 30 some business categories that have been linked to “high-risk activity,” including marijuana dealers, gun sellers, home-based charities, payday loans, dating services, escort services, fireworks suppliers, cable box de-scramblers, coin dealers, credit card repair services, gaming and gambling websites, and telemarketing companies. The coin dealers they deal are selling people things off-the-grid and gun dealers because they may be helping to arm you against the government.


Then there was the pornography industry that Michael Avenatti allegedly just usurped Stormy Daniels to become famous in suing Trump in hopes of running for president himself. It was reported that Chase closed hundreds of porn stars accounts with no explanation whatsoever. Chase bank merely sent out letters to porn industry workers revealing the accounts would be closed the following month. The letters offered no reason for the closure and just made a
non-sincere apology for the inconvenience.


Banks now do background checks and continue to monitor all transactions that are made once the account is open. The FDIC also recommends that banks look at the volume and nature of consumer complaints filed on websites like the Better Business Bureau. A company that has a large number of returns or charge-backs due to customer dissatisfaction can find themselves out of business unable to even have a bank account. Another red flag is certainly cash deposits or withdraws can easily find themselves booted out of the bank.


For personal accounts, there’s a whole other set of warning signs that banks are required to look for. Chief of the list is no record of current or past employment butmake frequent, large transactions, you don’t live or work anywhere near the city or state where you’ve opened anaccount. You do not have a valid phone number. Then there is the usual issue of a chronic overdrafters who banks will get rid of quickly. They will also monitor your account for any sudden surge in account activity. They will also flag multiple round- number transactions like $50,000 or deposits just under $10,000. Even constant visits to safe deposit boxes send a RED FLAG THAT YOU ARE USING IT TO HIDE CASH. They will also monitor big purchases of precious metals or fine art. They view that as taking money off the grid.


Effectively, your bank reserves the right to shut your account at any time, for any reason. They are doing so because they are fined if you do something. Hence, Congress has turned banks against their own clients compelling them to be judge, jury, and prosecutor. They will close your account and report you to the government on the drop of a dime or even a penny.




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


The “right” exists as an idealogical, or better yet, as a “doctrinal” movement. We know what we believe and why we believe it. Our beliefs are based on facts, history, experience, and common sense. Our strategy, for better or worse, is that we will speak the truth and the truth will prevail.


The “left,” on the other hand, exists as a “social movement.” Thats why it says things that make “social groups,” be they gays, blacks, latinos, women, poor, unionized workers, immigrants, and so forth happy. The technical term for it is “identity politics.” But the thing to remember is that the left’s message is intended to be spread through social means. And that is easy enough for them to do, since so many of them do not actually have the burden of working for a living. And, with direct deposit, they don’t even have to be bothered with walking to a mailbox or driving to a bank to get and cash their government checks. The closest that many leftists come to working is hanging out at their local Starbucks, or in the case of Pelosi/Schumer at the Congressional barber shop, planning how next to cause trouble.


For the last few years or so the leftists have decided that the nation’s statues, plaques, and monuments are upsetting. So they “work” to have them taken down because, in their view, the monuments are reminders of “white supremacy,” whatever that is. Or at least, that is what they tell the reporters. Their actual reasoning is far more subtle.


In the case of Confederate monuments, if, as the Left insists, the WBTS was not about States’ Rights, and the resistance of an agrarian South to being owned by the creeping sprawl of industrial factories in the North? The Left says it was about slavery, but others know that slavery was merely one of a hundred pretexts to a deeper-seated conflict.


Remember that Abraham Lincoln wanted a Marxist-style ideological government. And prior to the war there was a wave of Marxist attacks across the West. At the same time, the Leftists in Washington were centralizing government power and by opposing that the South saw itself as carrying on the actual intent of the Constitution.


Even in the religious sphere, the denominations were splitting along Northern/Southern lines because the liberals in the North were trying to transform the South from a place with culture to an ideological cult like the North.


Whoa – is history repeating itself? Thats the subject of another editorial.


But now do you see why the Left wants to erase history? Why they want to end the debate? The last time they thought they almost had the whole country thinking like they do our ancestors rose up and showed them just how mistaken they were. Maybe they are afraid its about to happen again?


In any event, our national and societal transformation into a Soviet-style regime can not materialize until everyone thinks just like they do. And while the leftist history we were taught in public schools led us to believe that the 1917 Revolution was quick and that the Soviets came to power in a workers uprising – the truth is far from that. In reality, the “revolution” drug on for 25 years, and the Soviets had still failed to consolidate power when WWII had broken out. In fact, had the US and England not allied with the Soviets, the people of Russia, who had been valiantly fighting for their land and its culture would have prevailed and there never would have been a Soviet Union. Yes, you read that right, the Russian people have none other than the “good old U. S. of A. To thank for Communism and the suffering it brought upon them! Basically, the left, the liberals, the Democrats, set it up “over there” as a pretext to bringing it home. And now, all these years later, they are doing just that.


Those 25+ years of resistance in Russia were violent and bloody. And now as the institutions of our government have been overrun, our schools and institutions compromised, our families undermined, our monuments are coming down, the American Marxists are consolidating their power and, unlike in Russia, many Muricans can’t even see it for what it is. But where there is violence bloodshed always follows.


I wish my year-end message could be more cheerful. But we have a decision to make. Either we stand up and fight, or we lay down and watch as everything that our ancestors bequeathed to us is destroyed by the maniacs on the left.


“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” — Joshua 24:15


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