Georgia Christmas 1864 Not Merry


Christmas 1864 was not a Merry Christmas for the citizens of Georgia. Union General William T. Sherman is a controversial figure in American history based upon his Nov. and Dec,1864 Civil War “March to the Sea” and destruction of Georgia campaign which was followed by the invasion and destruction of South Carolina. Whether this campaign of total war was innovative in the annals of warfare or cruel unnecessary subjugation, destruction, and terrorizing of civilians depends upon one’s perspective. Personally I consider the campaign to have been unnecessary and especially heinous and vindictive. If the Union goal was to end the war this could have been better accomplished by joining forces with the Union armies in Virginiaand would have resulted in a much earlier defeat of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia commanded by Gen. Robert E. Lee.


I consider Sherman to be a “WAR CRIMINAL’ of the most vile type. Statements made by Sherman indicate that he had no regard for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and Civil Rights and Liberties of Southern civilians. He appears to have believed he had every right to destroy every life and take or destroy any property of anyone opposed to the Northern political regime in Washington DC. The U.S. Constitution contains no right for the Federal government to invade or coerce any state for any reason. But Abraham Lincoln and other Republican politicians and Union Generals and officers placed their opinions and beliefs above the Constitution and openly violated and trampled on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Sherman and his 75,000 Union troops exhibited a total lack of character and morals and were no more than common criminals as they burned, plundered, stole, destroyed, murdered, tortured, and raped their way across Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah and then to South Carolina where their conduct appears even more heinous, inexcusable, and vile. Sherman admitted in his memoirs written after the war that he would have likely been tried as a war criminal if the South had won. Sherman also stated that Abraham Lincoln laughed uncontrollably when told of the torture of women, children and old men. Since Lincoln had approved Sherman’s style of warfare I consider him a WAR CRIMINAL also. Sherman’ war was primarily a cowardly war against women and children as only about 3500 Confederates in Georgia were present to confront his massive band of barbarian criminals and terrorists. War crimes committed by Sherman and his horde of Yankee barbarians include murder, torture, rape, arson, looting, robbery, plunder, theft, vandalism, burning churches, destruction of graves, and turning women and children out in the cold. The “official” explanation that blacks who followed Sherman’s army drowned in Ebenezer creek is contradicted by a captured Yankee letter “We Used Their Bobbing heads For Target Practice”.


It is my opinion that Sherman, Sheridan, Lincoln, Hunter, Butler, and other Union politicians and military officers should be tried posthumously as war criminals and their dastardly deeds made known to Americans. It is also my opinion that the Southern states should be paid reparations by the Federal government and a public admission and apology for war crimes and an unconstitutional invasion should be forthcoming. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.


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James W. King
Commander, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)