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Theater of the Absurd




At a protest on the steps of the Georgia Capitol in 1992, Stacey Abrams, now the Democratic candidate for Governor, burned the State Flag in “protest,” calling it a symbol of “white supremacy.”


Ms. Abrams’s role in the protest, and burning of the Georgia State Flag, which took place around the end of her freshman year at Spelman College in Atlanta, emerged on social media on the eve of her first debate with her Republican opponent, Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Mr. Kemp has published the images of Abrams burning the Flag to portray her as “too extreme for Georgia.”


Ms. Abrams, now 44, has responded by stating that she is proud of her Flag burning and would do it again. If elected, she would become the first black female governor in the nation.




Lawyers for a black suspect in Virginia who is facing a capital murder charge are requesting a portrait of Robert E. Lee be removed from the courtroom where his trial is scheduled to begin in May.


Attorneys for Darcel Nathaniel Murphy filed the 12-page motion last week, the Richmond Dispatch-Times reported.


Murphy is charged in the shooting death of Kevin Robinson, 43, in March 2016. Two others are charged in the slaying, but only Murphy faces the death penalty.


The portrait of Lee overlooks the Louisa County courtroom. Rusty E. McGuire, the Louisa commonwealth’s attorney, told the newspaper that he can’t comment on pending litigation but that his office reviews all motions and responds as appropriate. A November 8th hearing is set for the case.




The Texas Attorney General’s Office says it needs more time to decide who has the authority to remove a Confederate plaque from the State Capitol.


In May, Attorney General Ken Paxton was asked to give his opinion on which political entity – the Legislature, the state historical board, the Governor himself – has the power to decide the fate of the Children of the Confederacy plaque. Paxton had 180 days to issue his decision. But this week, a full six months later, his office said it wanted an extension.


My guess is that he is not wanting to touch this issue this close to election. We expect that he will issue an opinion quickly after the votes are counted.




Facebook on Wednesday briefed journalists on its latest attempt to stop “fake news” and “hate,” offering an exclusive tour of a windowless conference room at its California headquarters, packed with millennials monitoring Facebook user behavior trends around the clock.


This is Facebook’s first ever “war room,” designed to bring leaders from 20 teams, representing 20,000 global employees working on monitoring posts to the platform into one room to lead a crusade against conservatives on the platform. The team includes “intelligence,” data science engineering, research, legal, operations, policy, communications, and representatives from Facebook and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram.


The war room was originally staffed with millennials working from 4 am until midnight, but starting on Oct. 22, social media workers began momitoring 24/7. This meamns that EVERY post is examined by a human eye within minutes of being posted. That human will decide the fate of the post assuring that Conservative posts do not have time to “go viral” before being caught.




A judge threw out Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump and ruled that the former porn actress would be responsible for covering the legal costs of the defense.


Trump lawyer Charles Harder commented, “No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels.”




Israelis Across the northern border, drones, rockets, and a fighter jet have invaded Israel’s air space. Wreckage has landed in the Sea of Galilee, closing the lake for a short period.


At the same time, Hamas, in the south, has launched hundreds of rockets into southern Israel, destroying property and wounding civilians.


Add to this the explicit threats from Iran, the Israel Defense Forces have called up reservists into duty, deployed troops to the borders, and placed additional missile defense systems in some of the largest cities in Israel.


If this were not enough, snipers have shot soldiers, killing one. Terrorists have stabbed civilians, killing one and injuring others. Riots on the temple mount resulted in four police officers being injured. All of this has happened within days.


Terrorist groups control and threaten Israel’s northern border. If Israel’s enemies gain access to the Golan Heights, the nation’s security would be compromised due to the Golan’s strategic vantage point. Simultaneously, Israel has also been attacked by Hamas in the south! There is grave talk of war in Israel. If that happens, certainly the United States would be drug into it by the pro-Israel warmongers in Washington.


New Study Reveals That Surgery May Not Actually Relieve Knee Pain


The surgery seems so easy and promises so much: better mobility, less pain, a resemblance, almost, of youth. But there is growing evidence that knee-replacement surgery results may not match the hype – and that many people considering the procedure would be better off saving the money, recovery time and disappointment.


In fact, as recently reported by NPR.org:


“…13 studies involving nearly 1,700 patients found the surgery did not provide lasting pain relief or improve function for most of them. Those studies compared the surgery with a variety of options, including physical therapy, exercise and even placebo surgery.


Fewer than 15 percent of patients felt an improvement in pain and function three months after the procedure, and that those effects disappeared after one year, the review found. In addition, the surgery exposed patients to ‘rare but important harms’, such as infection.”




As Democrats anticipate retaking the House in the mid-terms, some Democratic members of Congress are already beginning the process to impeach President Donald Trump.


Not only is Nancy Pelosi bragging abour her Subpeona power, the American Polling Institute has just started an urgent nationwide poll to “get the opinions of the American public.”


The manufactured “results” will be presented to Congress immediately upon their return in November.




Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort appeared in court in a wheelchair on Friday as his lawyer expressed concerns about Manafort’s health related to his confinement.


Manafort was in Virginia federal court for a hearing to determine his sentencing date, which a judge scheduled for Feb. 8. In August, Manafort was found guilty of tax and bank fraud charges, which were brought as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.


“We do think there are significant concerns with Mr. Manafort’s health, and much of that has to do with the terms of Mr. Manafort’s confinement,” defense attorney Kevin Downing told the judge at the hearing. Manafort has been in detention in a northern Virginia jail.


While the lawyer did not provide details about Manafort’s specific health issues in court, sources later told CNN and Politico that he is dealing with diet-related inflammation issues.


In court, Manafort, 69, had one foot elevated off the floor in a sock. The judge had declined an earlier request from Manafort to wear a suit so he was in a green jumpsuit.


On Friday, the judge also dismissed 10 charges against Manafort that the jury was unable to reach a verdict on in August.


In a separate federal trial, Manafort pleaded guilty in September to two charges involving a wide range of criminal conduct and agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s Russia probe. He is still awaiting sentencing on those charges.


by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


I’ve just been reading today, 10/22/18 how the so-called “immigrant caravan” heading this way from Central America has brushed past the token resistance given it by Mexico (as was the real intention) and is again headed for our southern border.


Supposedly the number of “immigrants” has swelled to somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 and guess when they are slated to arrive? You get 3 guesses and the first two don’t count. They will probably wash up against our southern border right about in time for the mid-term elections–the wildest of coincidences I’m sure. It I had a suspicious mind, I’d think this was timed to make Trump look bad. But, seeing that I am such a trusting soul, I wouldn’t dream of accusing the George Soros-funded groups that have organized this of such a devious and low-down agenda. After all, everyone knows that the radical, socialist Demoncrats and other Soros appendages are all pure as the driven snow.


It’s interesting how the radical Left and its media prostitutes have characterized all these people as “immigrants” and there are probably some genuine would-be immigrants among them. However, over all, they are not immigrants; they are invaders.


An article on the American Thinker website for July 10th of this year, by Shari Goodman, takes the trouble to spell out the difference between the two groups. Ms. Goodman noted, quite accurately, that “The Democratic Party with its shills in the mainstream media, has misleadingly blurred the lines between the definition of ‘immigrant’ and ‘invader.’ An immigrant is an alien who has been granted the right to permanently reside in the United States by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. An ‘invader,’ as defined by Merriam Webster, is one who ‘trespasses, encroaches, and infringes upon another’s property.”


These people who are on their way up here, should they manage to get across the border, will be trespassing and encroaching. THEY ARE INVADERS–NOT IMMIGRANTS!


President Trump is supposed to be calling up the Army to deal with this. I hope he does that and does not back down because these people mean to get in here and take whatever they can get away with and if they manage to infringe upon our liberties, well then, that’s part of the plan.


This is all part of the Democratic plan to destabilize the country. Ms. Goodman comments on the Democratic Party leadership. She labels Tom Perez a Marxist and Keith Ellison a Muslim Brotherhood operative. Both have been campaigning for open borders along with the rest of the Democratic horde. These people want a foreign invasion to obliterate our culture and its high time we woke up to what these people are doing to us. They are thieves of our culture and heritage and we better learn that and start to resist. Our grandchildren won’t thank us for sitting idly by and doing nothing.


Update: According to a Fox News report noted on InfoWars.com about 80% of those in the “Migrant” caravan Are men under the age of 35. Despite the main stream media narrative that the caravan is comprised of “hundreds of mostly women and children” local reporting from exican newspaper El Universal found that report grossly misleading. In fact 80% of the caravan are military age men, Fox News reported. So folks, we are being invaded and we are being lied to about it. Does that really surprise anyone. Let’s face it–the mainstream media in this country is not on the side of real Americans–it is on the side of the radical Leftists and those who fund their activities. And now they are talking about yet another caravan that is on its way to McAllen, Texas.


Get used to the idea folks–We are in the process of being invaded!!! What’s done about it will determine if we still have a country when it is all over!


by Fred Reed


Fred Reed has written for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, The Washington Times, Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper’s, National Review, Signal, and Air&Space, just to name a few.


My sins creep up on me, sent by the Devil, and beset me by surprise. I know not what to do. A month ago, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I sat on the banks of the Rappahannock River, upon which as a stripling I had canoed and fished, and reflected on how much I liked the South. I knew I should not. At least I am told that I should not, chiefly by people who would make a hoe seem a pinnacle of intellect, but these are the bedrock of Yankee society, and I must respect them.


Besides, I fear that meridional leanings are in my blood. Yes, alas. I am tainted. I am Frederick Venable Reed. Charles Scott Venable was on Lee’s staff, and Andrew Reid Venable of the staff of Jeb Stuart. We have never looked fondly on Federal intrusion. So there I am.


And yet, much as I loved the peace and light of the riverbank in that Southern town, much as I treasured a boyhood of BB guns and bare feet and dogs with no licences and people who talked slow and supple as the Good Lord intended, I had to concede the sins of the South. Even today, the dark stains remain. The signs are everywhere.


Although it wrenches my soul to confront it, there are reasons why the South has so often been wracked by racial rioting-by outpourings of the rage of the downtrodden against an unjust civilization. However much the states of the old Confederacy may seek to deny it, they cannot. People do not take to the streets, burn their homes and cities, unless pressed beyond forbearance by the cruelty of the oppressor’s iron fist.


Thus these eruptions of racial desperation have occurred all across Dixie: in Detroit, Ferguson, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Watts, St. Louis, Cincinnati. Yes. Though I am a son of the Southland, I will not lie. The truth is the truth. I bow my head in shame.


And I am further forced to own that, while the black population of the North prospers, and mingles easily with its white brethren in casual but sincere amity, in the South the Negro huddles in the slums, denied schooling, and living on the meager charity of whites. Should you doubt this, look to Newark, Trenton, Camden, Detroit, Chicago, Flint, Gary. The flowering of blacks in the North a century and a half after the end of the Civil War, the rise in scholarly achievement, the frequent and accepted intermarriage of the races-here we have irrefutable proof of the superior moral culture of the North.


There is worse. The absence of all artistic expression in the South, of anything higher than the dull, the stolid, the ignorant and industrial-oh, I can hardly go on, so greatly does it pain me.


Yet I will bear up manfully, and say it: The South has been devoid of all culture. Yes. From Massachusetts came country music, gospel, jazz, blues, bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, indeed all music that is originally and characteristically American. And it was a young man from Tupelo, New Jersey, who brought about rock’n’roll.


There is no avoiding facts, such as the overwhelming number of fine blues singers from Maine and Vermont. The South, lacking the creative spark, satisfied itself with repeating the tired music of Europe, the Beethovens and Mozarts. It was pretty fair music, I grant, and they played it tolerably well for mere copiers.


Or talk to visitors from foreign climes and remote lands. To a man they will attest, I promise you, of a preference for the relaxed courtliness of New York to the acerbic harshness of Memphis.


A Southerner will lie about this. Yes. He will tell you, with no trace of shame, that as you go south you notice a change of atmosphere, of mood, even of sunlight. It shows, he will say, even in the distance from Washington to Fredericksburg, only an hour to the south. People in the Yankee Capital are neutral, neither welcoming nor hostile, having the character and savor of wallpaper paste. There is nothing to them. They are just a passel of people in the same place-so will say the mendacious Southerner.


But go south, he will say. By Fredericksburg, you find yourself assured of a smile, of courtesy without distance, of helpfulness. Relations between the races grow easier and more natural-the silver-tongued apostle of Dixie will say. He will imply that in the South you could even come to like humanity, though I grant it would be a pretty far stretch.


It was Marse Bob, Robert E. Lee, who said of confederation as distinct from central power,”…I consider it as the chief source of stability to our political system, whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have practiced it….”


I reluctantly confess this to be a slander upon our great nation. Heaven forfend, so mad was General Lee that in his crazed imaginings he may have thought that the Federals might wage war in-this is almost too absurd for utterance-Afghanistan, or Iraq. Indeed, he may even have conjured up armored military vehicles in the hands of uncontrolled police all across America, or-here I may strain the reader’s credulity-little boys being led from school in handcuffs for pointing chicken fingers and saying “Bang.” Aggression abroad? Despotism at home? Fah. A crass libel on the Yankee Capital.


Now, if I were a vile friend of Dixie, which I assuredly am not, I would say that Yankees constitute the most glitteringest, most self-satisfiedest and preening collection of pious frauds ever to inflict a groaning earth. The first thing a damn Yank does in any circumstance is to adopt a moral pose. His every action is driven by goodness. Why, before the Yankees destroyed Iraq, they could hardly sleep so great was their urge to spread democracy. Oil, Israel, and the Lincolnian craving for empire had nothing to do with it. Aggression abroad? Not a trace of it.


So I would say were I an apologist. I am not, so I will not say it.


But it is the attitudes of the South to those of darker hue that are most damning. Southerners were unembarrassed by these reprehensible notions.


Consider: “There is a natural disgust in the minds of nearly all white people to the idea of indiscriminate amalgamation of the white and black races … A separation of the races is the only perfect preventive of amalgamation, but as an immediate separation is impossible, the next best thing is to keep them apart where they are not already together. If white and black people never get together in Kansas, they will never mix blood in Kansas ..”.


Now, I am a poor sinner, and a man of little education, and cannot remember with confidence whether this was said by Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc, or Abraham Lincoln. I expect it was Joan of Arc. If it had been Mr. Lincoln, he would be revealed as a…pious fraud, an early George Wallace.


There you have it. I have revealed the stains of perfidy and crime that come of being a Virginian. Yet I will atone. I plan to spend the rest of my life helping black children from Alabama to move to Detroit, where they will enjoy the splendid education, the perfect social equality, and the high economic station that Yankees, never hypocritical, provide for those darker than they.


Nelson Waller in South Carolina writes:
The Washington Post: Some white Northerners want to redefine a flag rooted in racism as a symbol of patriotism




Such tripe as this leaves no doubt who the real haters, bigots AND RACISTS are.


They’re extremely prejudiced and discriminatory. They’ll strangle everything decent if not stopped. News editors and reporters from before the civil riots movement would be appalled at how their successors behave now.


My reply to Nelson:


Yes, I saw that Wash Post story about an hour ago and thought that the guy who is the main subject of their story flying the Flag up in Illionois is a former Mayor and the best pic they can find of the man is one with him standing in back of his garage having just gotten off a motorcycle and wearing his “biker garb” – the image obviously photo shopped to make his cigarette look like he’s smoking a joint.


What image do you think they are trying to portray of “us” in using that picture?


The Multicultural Politically Correct Briar Patch
by Dr. Boyd Cathey


Boyd D. Cathey was State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History.


Despite the establishment attempts to throttle free speech-most recently actions taken by PayPal, by Google, by Facebook, by Amazon and by other major Internet sites to both block access to sites that these lords of the Net consider to be “racist, sexist, extremist, Neo-Confederate and far right,” and to prevent Internet financial transactions for them-still there are intrepid souls out there who increasingly risk not only this kind of censorship, but even worse penalties. Is not jail time a real possibility in the future for those-for us-who do not conform to the increasingly severe and ideologically weaponized rules and laws that emit from our managerial elites, both seen and unseen?


The student who makes what, in the opinion of a female student, is a “sexist” remark can be, in too many colleges to name, sanctioned, even expelled. A worker in a business who happens to let slip a word or comment vaguely considered “racist,” or homophobic by someone standing near, can be terminated, or, perhaps even worse, made to sit through interminable “sensitivity” sessions organized by that company’s EEOC bureaucrats.


Back when I was gainfully employed by the North Carolina State Archives, I recall an incident that illustrates this so very well, and with accompanying irony. It began with a committee of senior archivists meeting to discuss the accession of a major haul of government records. Those records were a jumble, that is, totally unorganized and which would require major arrangement and description, and quite a bit of time dedicated to them to make them usable. One member of the committee-by no means at all a right wing type-casually mentioned that he hoped we would “not get thrown into that briar patch,” approximating and paraphrasing language and imagery that shows up in the famous literary collection, Uncle Remus, by the great Southern fiction writer and folklorist, Joel Chandler Harris.


Well, you would have thought that Sheriff “Bull” Connor himself had risen up from his grave, from Selma, Alabama, with Billy clubs, water hoses, and angry German shepherd dogs! One woman on the committee, a black lady, immediately accused the offending fellow archivist of “racism” and “employing racist imagery” and showing “hatred.” Instead of attempting to calm matters and assure the offended archivist that certainly no insult was intended, the head of the committee panicked. And no manner of explanations from the archivist who made the comment would suffice to assuage the lady’s perceived “racist” insult.


As a result, the entire staff was compelled-forced-to sit through a long “racial sensitivity” session, counseling was offered, staged “role play” during the indoctrination was performed, and we were all requested to fill out an “evaluation form” about how we planned to combat on-the-job racism and racist-tinged commentary, humor, etc., etc.


But that was not the end of it. The “incident” went up the chain of command. Later we were once again compelled to attend, but this time smaller, more intimate sessions in which “interaction” with paid “counselors” took place. My attendance, however, was short lived: during my first encounter I demanded to know how they defined terms. How did they define “racism,” what was “bigotry,” how did we determine what was an innocent comment made off hand about a racial minority, and how did we distinguish that from “racist” behavior? How could we know if a comment we made referring to our state’s Confederate history might be considered “racist” by someone overhearing us?


Those counselors looked at me with mounting disgust and frustration-obviously, I should have known that those “devil terms” were whatever the current enforcers of political correctness intended for them to mean. The whole process was, essentially, intended to turn the white staffers, especially white males on staff, into obliging, weak-brained wimps and pallid “metrosexuals”-the latest step in an ongoing process of confirming the template of the culturally Marxist Left on race and sex.


At the end of the first session, I was politely told that I did not have to return for any additional sessions, that I had finished my training…but I can’t help thinking that from then on some higher ups kept a wary eye on me.


Ironic it seems: on one hand we are rigorously told that race is just skin deep, that we aren’t supposed to notice the color of a person’s skin or sex, but rather only his or her character. But at the very same time we are firmly importuned to understand that because of past white oppression, we must compensate for past injustices, engage in reparations of some sort, bend to affirmative action-all based singularly on race!


You may remember that classic comedy film, No Time for Sergeants, starring Andy Griffith, and you may also recall the scene where Andy’s sergeant informs him that when he sees a female officer that he is looking not at a lady, but only an officer-and then the subsequent hilarity occasioned by Andy’s refusal to acknowledge the femininity of an officer he encounters.


Just like in Andy’s case, this sort of indoctrination was-and is-enough to make any sensible person go totally mad, to engender fear of offending, and to provoke in many recipients a certain kind of paralysis when it comes to social interaction. But, and I witnessed this in my own environment, I think it was intended that way: if not completely to pervert and transform a person’s normal and natural thinking processes, to at the very least render him docile and mentally castrated, unable-or more so, unwilling-to challenge the multiculturalist political correctness that infects our society and our culture, and incapable of resisting the seemingly inevitable latest advance of Big Brother and cultural Marxism.


My parents never realized how utterly racist they were when they read those fanciful Joel Chandler Harris stories to my sister and me when we were children…or took us to see Walt Disney’s now apparently embargoed The Song of the South. But, then, we did not live in an “enlightened” society back then….


Theater of the Absurd
by Sidney Secular


Born into the Jewish faith, and raised in New York City by observant parents, Sidney Secular embraced Christianity as a young adult. Then, marrying a “Southern Belle,” he embraced her Confederate history and heritage. He is a newspaper editor and political organizer living in the Washington, D.C. area who is active in several heritage organizations.


“All apes are equal, but some apes are more equal than others.”
— Charlton Heston, in The Planet of the Apes


Twenty years ago, an affable and attractive coworker had a birthday, and reminded me of it when I appeared at our office. Wanting to stay in her good graces, I rushed to a corner drugstore and purchased a birthday card. It was from the bottom and cheapest shelf of the card rack; the cost was premium in my mind. On the cover was a monkey, wearing a colorful party hat. The cover read, “Don’t monkey around….” Inside the card it said, “Have a Great Day on Your Birthday!” Upon returning to the office and shoving the card at my coworker, I became alarmed when she subsequently began to shriek. She was black, and the card, she said, with its depiction of a monkey, must surely be intended as a racial insult.


At that time, the unfolding dangers facing our race were never or very rarely on my mind. I protested that the card was simply a card. She increased the volume of her objections, until a small group had gathered, including our big boss. He listened to her for a few moments, and then, with a snort of disgust, fed the card into a nearby paper shredder. “Problem solved,” he announced. “Everyone go back to work.”


Now examine some of the stories currently appearing in our national news media. The stories are not appreciably different than the incident I have just described. In one recent news story, a white man, working as a manager at a community swimming pool, did not recognize a family group visiting the pool. Thinking they might be interlopers, he requested identification. The family responded with outrage. The pool manager was promptly slandered by the national media, and the pool promptly fired him.


In another story, a white Ivy League college student spotted a black woman sleeping in a dormitory study room. She worried that it was a homeless person who had intruded into the building, and called the authorities. The sleeper turned out to be a fellow student, and was incensed that the police had been summoned. There was coast-to-coast outrage and media coverage. No one begged the question as to why the black woman did not avail herself of her nap in her own bedroom. No one begged the question as to why in our “See Something Say Something” world, the summoning of the authorities was not a common-sensical and entirely legitimate act. The story’s overwhelming focus centered on the nonsensical belief that this incident was unambiguously racist. The student who made the allegation was ultimately excused as having previously exhibited mental health problems.


A diner in a Manhattan restaurant noticed that English-deficient employees were awkwardly attempting to communicate with some of the English speaking customers in Spanish. He complained loudly that the employees should be speaking English, and was filmed during his rant by one of the Hispanic employees. He too was vilified nationwide, and ejected from his law offices by his landlord.


Two young black men, visiting a coffee shop, were asked to make a purchase or leave the premises. They declined either option. The police were summoned, and made the same request of the couple. They again declined to make a purchase or leave, and were arrested and removed from the premises. Once again, this was hyped up intensely, and the story was spread from coast-to-coast. The coffee shop chain in question trained thousands of its employees in racial sensitivity classes, and announced it was opening its restrooms to homeless people. The two black victims received free college tuition. I kid you not. (As an aside, I will confess that I was once personally requested to leave a coffee shop for exceeding a 30 minute time limit. The request was not made nicely. I got up as requested and left. End of story.)


A black woman, shopping at a drugstore, presented a coupon that appeared suspect to the white manager. He refused to honor it, and she became belligerent. In response to her belligerence, the manager summoned the police, quaking all the while like a leaf, and while being filmed by the angry customer. From Maine to California, we were treated to this spectacle. The manager was subsequently fired. He had used no slurs. He had engaged in no aggressive behavior. His head was loped off anyway.


These are the things that fill our airwaves and TV screens; quite obviously, the vestal virgins of old were less sacred than the feelings and sensitivities of Americans of color. And ironically enough, these incidents appear to be considered just as newsworthy – or even more newsworthy – than the widespread slaughter of people of color by members of their own communities. Yes, on some level, these news items are intended to entertain and titillate and inform, but it must be admitted that they are also intended to support the Leftist/Liberal narrative by presenting lessons as to what behavior is and isn’t acceptable in the realm of racial morality. These “lessons” are shoved front and center in the public forum for our attention, while little or no mention is made that the bulk of all violent crime in the U.S. – including interracial crime – is committed by people of color. And God forbid any mention be made of the half century of legalized discrimination directed at whites, or the countless trillions (yes, trillions) of dollars that have been expended in social benefits, to raise Americans of color to parity with the rest of us.


Instead, there is a steady drum beat of vehement denunciations of clumsy whites who have flubbed things up during racial interactions. As our examination has already indicated, these “racial incidents,” as pathetic as they usually appear to be, are often accompanied by an abundance of double standards. Similar grievances brought by whites are casually ignored. While a failure to honor a store coupon becomes national news (!), the legalized discrimination, numerical displacement, and violence directed at whites – not to mention, multiple similar atrocities -get routinely dismissed as irrelevant, because those things do not fit the media’s Leftist view of the world and the messages the Left wants to transmit. Whites, to the Leftist’s mind, are born guilty. Whites are slated for revilement and displacement, and have earned both. They have it coming.


The America of tomorrow is, theoretically, to be one in which no group is to be dominant, one in which various racial and religious groups will vie for resources and influence. But we are idiots if we expect that this new status quo will be more fair than the current status quo, a status quo in which whites are constantly vilified, blamed, taxed, elbowed and discriminated against to aid and abet the birth of the new multiracial, multicultural America. Common sense should tell us that nothing will get better, once we lose the right to control our own political destiny, and that such a loss of control must inevitably occur as we continue to shrink in numbers and influence. Rather, be reassured that things get vastly worse, and we will be completely powerless to push back. It is inevitable that in time, our very existence will become a political act. It is in some places a political act already.


South Africa, you’ll remember, was recreated in 1994, to be a “nonracial” rainbow nation, a mosaic of races and religions coexisting peacefully as one community. That was the firm promise made to the world. Yet now, most whites have been effectively banned from the labor force, and confiscations of white real estate have begun. The government offers ten percent of the value of the properties, and when the owners refuse the offer, the land is appropriated by force. In the meanwhile, prominent leaders of color call for the extermination or expulsion of all whites. While all of this occurs, the blame for it is placed at the feet of whites, because of their past mistreatment of South Africans of color. No matter that whites are the primary source of tax revenue supporting the unwashed masses. No matter that they were the primary builders of the Republic of South Africa, creating what was once a modern, industrialized society, one even possessing its own space exploration program. Good-bye founding stock. Hello, newly minted pariahs.


Behold, your future.


We are riding the same juggernaut, step by step, and an intense effort must be made to resist and to derail the leviathan. Perhaps, as Nelson Mandela said, “We must win by finding ways to make the country ungovernable in its current state.” If we presently lack the courage or the resources to do this, we can at least begin by refusing to cooperate or participate in the media narrative that has just been described. The white villains in these phony and contrived dramas usually defend themselves publicly, making profuse apologies, and then get crucified anyway. No pile of mea culpas saves them. They must learn to shout what my boss shouted the day of the monkey-on-the-birthday card incident. As he fed the card into the office paper shredder, he described the uproar by denouncing it with four words: “Theater of the absurd.”




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


One thing that we’ve been advocating for in our meetings with government officials is the protection of our Confederate monuments. And after Charlottesville, in part due to our efforts, the federal government has quietly spent $3 million on cemetery security since August 2017.


Most of the money has been used to contract private security guards to stand watch at VA-operated cemeteries where there are graves and monuments to Confederate soldiers. None of the guarded cemeteries have been vandalized since the security was put in place.


Given the attacks at non guarded monuments, we have requested increased security. Another $1.6 million is budgeted for fiscal 2019 to pay for security at all Confederate monuments. This is a BIG win. But it has gotten the attention of the left and the Democrats are beginning to question if the spending is still necessary.


Steve Ellis, executive vice president of the liberal group misnamed Taxpayers for Common Sense, said the cost of security represents the sort of “spending inertia” that he hopes to see reversed. “Unfortunately what happens with the government is once you start spending money on something, you generally continue to spend money on it,” Ellis said.


Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush of Chicago, whose district includes one of the protected cemeteries, said in a statement that while he supports the VA’s decision to prevent vandalism, officials “must remain vigilant in evaluating” government spending. In other words, because we’re protecting “Confederate” monuments he opposes it.


Because the Congress refuses to pass a budget, believing that they are somehow punishing President Trump, the funding, to actually be received/spent, as all government funding in absence of a budget, requires an ongoing appropriation.


So please make a point to call your Congressman and let them know rthat you support protecting our Confederate monuments and veterans cemeteries.


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