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Old Soldiers Never Die?




According to a Police report, a 53-year-old Poquoson man was arrested for assault and battery on Friday at York High School’s Bailey Field for confronting a Poquoson High student who was waving a Confederate Flag at the Poquoson-Tabb football game.


York-Poquoson Sheriff J.D. “Danny” Diggs said that at about 7 p.m., Thomas Ozoroski of Merritt Drive in Poquoson saw a Poquoson student, approximately 15 years old, waving the Flag on the side of the field with Poquoson fans. Diggs said that Ozoroski walked over and pushed the student to display his displeasure, which led to more pushing and shoving with other kids.


Diggs said that Ozoroski eventually came down from the stands to talk to the deputies, as did several kids. Ozoroski was then arrested. None of the kids were kicked out of the game.


“It was an isolated incident that was over very quickly,” Sheriff Diggs said.




For the second time in 10 months, a majority of Richmond City Council members have signaled that they do not want the authority to determine whether the Confederate statues lining Monument Avenue should stay or go.


A divided council on Monday rejected a resolution to ask the Virginia General Assembly for the power to determine the fate of the Confederate iconography on the street. Currently, State law limits local governments’ power to remove or modify war memorials, and flatly prohibits taking down Confederate statues.


Council members opposed to the resolution said they thought adding the request to the city’s wish list would hurt its ability to sway state politicians on other priorities, including securing more State money for city schools.


Supporting the resolution were Jones, 6th District Councilwoman Ellen Robertson and Council Vice President Cynthia Newbille of the 7th District.


Opposing the resolution were Gray, 1st District Councilman Andreas Addison, Council President Chris Hilbert of the 3rd District, 4th District Councilwoman Kristen Larson, 5th District Councilman Parker Agelasto and 8th District Councilwoman Reva Trammell.


Monday’s vote marks the second time the council has spiked a measure pursuing authority to take action on the monuments.




News outlets report the Staunton School Board voted 4-2 Monday to change the name of Robert E. Lee High School. The board plans to launch an online survey this week for community input on what to rename the school. Comments will be accepted through next month.




Wawasee High School students spoke out after they were told by administration officials that they can no longer wear or fly the Confederate Flag on school property.


The students reacted by flying Confederate Flags on their trucks to school on Thursday and even wearing it on their clothing.


“When you see a bunch of boys like us flying them on our trucks, we don’t mean no harm,” Wawasee senior Austin Murphy said. “We’re just trying to state a point that we’re raised a southern way. It’s a brotherhood, too. We’re all gentlemen. None of us will treat nobody in harm.”


The students said school leaders went out and wrapped up the flags they found in the parking lot while the students were in class. They also say they’ve received threats from other students while in school. “They’ve threatened to beat me up,” one student said. “I’ve been chased down the hallway because they said they were going to whoop me for flying a racist flag.”


Wawasee Community Schools say the police have been asked to investigate the situation.




A Boyceville High School student is back in school, after being suspended for sporting a Confederate Flag sweatshirt.


Last week, sophomore Jonathan Dinsmore wore the sweatshirt for the school’s homecoming celebrations. He said multiple students wore Confederate Flag clothing for a red, white and blue themed day. Those students were asked to take them off. Dinsmore said he was the only student who said no, because he believes the Flag stands for fallen heroes. He also wears the sweatshirt for his families roots in the South.


But because Dinsmore said no, the principal suspended him.


Dinsmore’s father William told local reporters that their family is not racist, adding that the Confederate Flag stands for their Southern pride, history and heritage. “See, that’s the thing that bugs me about people, is they use racism for the Confederate flag, but people also use race against the bible and U.S. flag, does that mean we’re going to take away the bible, or take away the flag? No,” said Dinsmore.


We reached out to the Boyceville Area School District, but school officials did not wish to comment. However, Dinsmore said he wore the sweatshirt multiple times last year, under the supervision of a different principal, and never ran into trouble. Dinsmore said he’s never been suspended before. We looked into the school dress code, which said school officials can ban clothing that is deemed to be disruptive, distractive, provoking, provocative, or intimidating.




The Sons of Confederate Veterans are upset that they won’t be allowed to shoot their muskets at the Moultrie Christmas parade. Charlie Parks, a member of the group, spoke out at the city council meeting about his disappointment in the decision made.


“I don’t know what the problem is,” said Parks. “I don’t think there is no danger there. Whenever we do fire our muskets we do something called extreme elevation, where our muskets are up in the air and then we fire them and it is basically nothing but a controlled fire cracker. There’s no bullets in them; its just powder and primer. It’s part of our heritage and it’s part of our tradition.”


City Manager Pete Dillard said the city’s ordinance against discharging a firearm in the City had not been applied to the group before, but now it would be. “There is a city ordinance that has been on the books for over 20 years that says you cannot discharge a weapon within the city limits,” Dillard said. “It has been ignored in the past, but it’s still a law….we are the ones getting the complaints from people saying their kids are scared and people with PTSD are traumatized by the sounds. It’s not my place to evaluate stuff like that, but it is my job to protect the people.”


We here at Dixie Heritage agree 100%. The law is the law and it should be equally applied. Neither the SCV , nor any police or “law enforcement” officer, or anyone else should be allowed to discharge a weapon in the City limits until the law has been repealed. The City Manager should inform the Chief of Police and the County Sheriff immediately so they can effect the immediate compliance of their officers and deputies with the law.




Charges have been dropped against protesters who police said splashed ketchup and colored powder on statues honoring Confederate figures at the Alabama Capitol.


Jon Broadway, along with 13 other activists, were arrested in April after Broadway smeared ketchup at the base of the statue while his wife Faya Rose Toure tossed colored powder into the ketchup.


Court records show criminal trespassing and tampering charges were dismissed.



A television reporter in southern Minnesota might need a new hat saying “Make Me Employed Again.”


James Bunner, a journalist for NBC affiliate KTTC-TV in Austin, was fired Friday, reportedly for wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat while covering President Trump’s rally in Rochester on Thursday.


As the rally got underway, images of Bunner wearing the bright red hat began appearing on Twitter.


Noel Sederstrom, the station’s news director, told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis that Bunner was fired for wearing the hat during Thursday’s rally.


Bunner doesn’t have a listed phone number and didn’t return an eMail seeking comment.




Political analyst Bill Schneider on Wednesday said the political environment in the U.S. is “the most divided since the Civil War.”


“Nothing is ever permanent, but we are broken,” Schneider, a professor of policy, government and international affairs at George Mason University, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”


Schneider’s comments come as polling indicates a divided electorate heading into November’s midterm elections.




A white Bronx teacher defended the controversial Middle Passage lesson that could get her fired even as school investigators said she used “poor judgment” when she had students sit on the floor to demonstrate conditions on a slave ship.


Patricia Cummings, a social studies teacher at Middle School 118, “significantly diverged from best practices,” during a slavery lesson in January in her demonstration about the discomfort in the belly of slave ships.


“Specifically, the DOE does not ever include or encourage re-enactments of historical events where students take on roles of victimized people,” a chancellor’s Office of Special Investigations report concluded.


But Cummings said she is the victim, and that reverse racism could cost her her job. She denied assertions from students – made to both the Daily News and school investigators – that she pressed on a student’s back during the demonstration or made any of the kids physically uncomfortable.


“I have been publicly accused of committing a deplorable act,” Cummings said at a news conference. “I have been found guilty in the court of public opinion of being a racist, a white supremacist, a white devil and many other racial and ethnic slurs. I have also had vile threats made against me, most recently last Friday to which the Nassau County Police Department and the FBI were notified.”


At least one of her black colleagues, teacher Ralph Hudson, said Cummings took advantage of a “teachable moment,” and said he had no problem with it. He said if Cummings had been a black teacher, there wouldn’t have been any fallout.


Education Department spokesman Doug Cohen said the City served Cummings with a notice stating her employment would be discontinued in 30 days, on Sept. 17. “We’ve begun the process of firing Ms. Cummings based on this unacceptable behavior and her performance as an educator,” Cohen said.




Last week Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller began to “seize” (thats legaleeze for STEAL) assets owned by former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. This could not be done without the approval and oversight of always absent and asleep on the job Jeff (look Mom I’m the Attorney General) Sessions.


Manafort, who is still awaiting sentencing, faces up to 10 years in prison.




The leader of Hezbollah, General Hassan Nasrallah, recently boasted that the Lebanese terror group now possesses “highly accurate” missiles, despite recent attempts in Syria made by Israel to prevent it from acquiring such weapons. He suggested that the “entire balance of power” between Hezbollah and Israel has shifted:


“I tell (Israel) no matter what it did to cut the [weapons transport] route, it is over. It has already been achieved,” he said, adding that Hezbollah “now possesses precision missiles and non-precision and weapons capabilities.”


In response to Hezbollah’s claim, Israel has carried out scores of strikes in Syria, aimed at halting suspected arms shipments. Israeli leaders assert they will not allow “game-changing” weapons, such as guided missiles, to reach Hezbollah, but Nasrallah’s militant response indicates they have no intention of pulling back:


“If Israel imposes a war on Lebanon, Israel will face a destiny and reality it didn’t expect any day,” Nasrallah said.


He also accuses Israel of using Hezbollah as an excuse to target Syria and Iran instead, and urged supporters to rally behind them.


Big media outlets refuse to report stories like this, choosing instead to wear their Israel or Muslim bias proudly by refuting honest reporting and legitimizing the atrocities committed by both Israel and her enemies.




Tim Tebow’s name is now hanging in a place where only five other players are displayed.


Florida honored Tebow in front of a sold-out Ben Hill Griffin Stadium during its game against LSU on Saturday by officially making him the sixth player inducted into the Ring of Honor.


The prestige of Florida’s Ring of Honor manifests itself in its five current members: Emmitt Smith, Danny Wuerffel, Jack Youngblood, Steve Spurrier and Wilber Marshall. All of whom accomplished remarkable feats throughout their college careers.


1865-2018 – ITS THE SAME GAME!
by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


The book Confederate Courier about the trial of John Surratt Jr. almost reads like a playbook for much of what goes on in Washington in 2018. It’s truly amazing how little some things change. Or maybe you could say the more they change the more they stay the same.


The trial of John Surratt Jr. was never only about Surratt. He was the vehicle used by the Deep State of his day i.e. Edwin Stanton and the Radical Republicans, the Yankee Marxists.


On page 138 was noted a letter that said, in part, “Mr. Matchett then requested me to mention to Surratt there was a means by which he could save his neck, have the shackles struck from his arms, and have his mother’s name rescued from odium if he would give the name of someone high in position who might have prompted the assassination as he and his party were no doubt tools in the hands of more important personages and that he need not look to Andrew Johnson for pardon as he dare not do it.


Needless to say “The power behind these and other events that preceded Johnny’s trial was Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War, and leader of the radical faction of the Republican Party. He had been the power behind the military trial of the alleged conspirators , and his determination to convict the defendants had brought about Mrs. Surratt’s death…Stanton had a double interest now for unless John Surratt was found guilty, thus upholding the verdicts of the earlier trial, the whole radical faction might be destroyed politically.”


It was no secret in the right circles that Stanton really wanted to be president, i.e. dictator. Supposedly votes from the North and West could enable the radicals to hold onto power, but Southern votes had “to be reduced to a trickle. The strategy to accomplish this had been to disenfranchise Southern white men and bestow suffrage on the Freedmen, who would support their Northern liberators at the polls, thus preserving the radicals. But to their discomfiture the Radicals discovered that the new President, Andrew Johnson, would not follow blindly where they led. At first they threatened him with party power but when he continued to pardon Rebels and to revert to many of Lincoln’s conciliatory and personal vote-winning policies, they cast about for means of getting rid of him.” Any of this sound familiar today-a sitting president who goes his own way (and the way of those that elected him) instead of kowtowing to the Deep State and letting them call the shots, as they had for decades?


Campbell noted, on page 140, that shortly after Surratt’s arrest, Representative James H. Ashley from Ohio “had introduced before the House of Representatives a resolution to impeach President Andrew Johnson. The House Judiciary Committee thereupon had launched the necessary investigation. When the Committee began its search for evidence useful in removing President Johnson from office, it first of all requested the Secretary of War to supply copies of all information in his possession concerning persons accused of complicity in the murder of Lincoln. After the astounded committee read the Conover material, they immediately tried to locate the witnesses at the conspirators’ trial and bring them in for further questioning. The first of these, William Campbell, broke down under questioning. ‘This is all false,’ he cried miserably. ‘I must make a clean breast of it. I can’t stand this any longer.’ All the testimony by himself and the seven others had been manufactured, he confessed. Conover had written it out and coached the witnesses in delivering it.


His pupils had then traveled to Washington, made depositions at the War Department and, using their assumed names, had testified at the Conspirators’ Trial.” Do you realize what has just been said here? The Lincoln “conspirators” were convicted on false testimony!!! We have the identical situation going on right now in Washington-a Supreme Court Justice nominee is in the process of being convicted on false testimony-no evidence-just fake charges. However, in this sorry day and age you don’t even need a scintilla of evidence or proof-all you have to do is make the accusation and that’s enough-no evidence needed!


At least, in Surratt’s day, the promoter of perjury, Conover, was arrested and convicted of perjury, and sentenced to eight years in jail. Ironically, when John Surratt Jr entered the District Jail in February of 1867, Conover was there, in the cell across the hall opposite his, waiting to be transferred to the Federal Penitentiary in Albany, New York! Nowadays the perjurer wouldn’t be going to jail, he’d be going to Washington to receive an award from the Democratic National Committee.


by Mark Vogl


Mark Vogl is best known as The Rebel Mountain Story Teller.


There are two extremely important aspects of America history and heritage that need a massive investment of work, and money: Christian American Heritage and history and character of the South and the Confederate States of America.


Christian American Heritage is almost unknown in our land today. Actions by secular academics and scholars to obliterate the influence of Christianity on all aspects of America have been even more successful than their attack on the South.


The 300 years it took to discover, explore, settle, colonize, conduct a revolution and establish a nation has been whipped clean of the Christian character of our ancestors in that era. I am not talking about the Founders, I am talking about the founders…the everyday people of 300 years, from Columbus to Washington. I am talking about the waves of immigrants from Europe who came to America as a result of the Reformation. Christianity richly saturates the history of this time. An honest survey of this period would reveal an awe inspiring understanding of how God used Christianity to create this nation.


And of course, Southern history, and the Southern viewpoint of America in the antebellum and War for Southern Independence era needs to be refreshed.


Unfortunately many on the side of the South deny slavery as an evil, and I believe that hurts the Cause. Just as abortion is America’s sin in modern times, slavery was our sin in those times. America is human and therefore inherently imperfect. But God has been with us, there was a Covenant with America, and we should always work to be with God.


What are the tools of offense are available in the ongoing American Culture War?


1. Monuments – raise the money and find privately owned land, with large amounts of traffic, to construct new stone and iron monuments. This is an important tool because it is not easy. It would require large fund raising efforts, which means grass roots work to contact and talk to people about the need and reason for the statue or monument.


2. Support those musicians, writers, speakers, actors who tell the Southern side of the story. Make sure you know who they are. Some …in fact many, will claim to be objective, or pro Southern, but when you listen to them they are not.


3. Make demands on local entertainment facilities for Southern, Pro Confederate entertainment.


4. Organize social events (parties, parades, speeches) around important dates like Lee – Jackson day, the day your state seceded from the Union, birthdays of Confederate heroes.


5. Make sure your family knows of its connection to the South and the Confederacy. Talk about who was first in your family to come to America, where did they live?


6. Learn your history. The SCV, OCR, MOSB and UDC help with this, but who is organizing classes about Christian American Heritage? Go to your church, and your political party, and your civic organizations and tell them you want speakers who will talk about Christian American Heritage! Don’t know one….yes you do…..Me!


7. Approach your church about organizing a Christian American Heritage event for Thanksgiving or the 4th of July. And maybe organize a group, like a Bible study group, but one that studies Christianity in America!


8. Go on the offense – stop dealing with what people are doing to us, and instead step forward and lead Pro Christian, Pro South, Pro American events.


March Across Dixie II
by H. K. Edgerton


H. K. Edgerton is an activist for Southern heritage and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A former president of the NAACP, he is on the board of the Southern Legal Resource Center.


Sunday, October 14, 2018 marks the 16th Anniversary of my Historic March Across Dixie, that would see me don in the uniform of the Southern soldier bearing his Colors, marching some 20 miles a day, six days a week, as I, my brothers, and a host of others who would join in, as we made our way on foot across all of the Confederate States to the Texas Supreme Court Building in Austin, Texas.


It is where I would demand that the Testimonial plaque commemorating Honorable General Robert E. Lee’s praise of the men of Texas who stood with the Confederate military against the illegal invading Union army; and a replica plaque of the Confederate Seal be restored.


While the 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled that no law had been broken by removing the plaques, the usual governmental procedure, including approval of the Texas Historical Commission, had been bypassed.


A Commission that my brother, Terry Lee and I met, and which with gave us their word that the plaques would be replaced after the Presidential election that found then Texas Governor George W. Bush running for that office. Saying that the NAACP had made it difficult for him because of their proclamation that black folks could receive no justice at the Supreme Court because of the plaques on the wall. My estimation expressed to them was: “pure poppycock”!


I say now, as I said then, that after this Commission’s ruling that no new plaques could be placed on the once-owned United Daughters of the Confederacy building; then put the original ones back as given by your word.


If the Historical Commission was bypassed in the removal of the plaques, and they have no backbone to insist they be replaced; then we are to assume they have no enforcement authority as an arm of the State Legislature.


Content discrimination, again, is the rule of the day in the laws of Texas as it applies to United States Congressional venerated veteran and his symbol, the Confederate Battle flag and any and all symbols of the South.


This failure to comply with the verbal agreement must be addressed. I am ready to go and take it up with them, but logistical support holds me back. Funds will be needed for travel, room and board. I will march to Texas and hold them accountable, and encourage and support my Southern family along the way.


If there was any way that I could convince my former support team headed up by the Southern Legal Resource Center, my brother Terry Lee, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Order of the Confederate Rose and the people of the South and many of the North to support the endeavor; on Monday, October 15, 2018; I would began the journey once again as we face new attacks upon our symbols and heritage fueled by a fake news photo-shopped picture that led a Governor to champion the new attack of carnage against our fallen heroic dead, and the honorable Stand made against an illegal invasion of our homeland.


God bless you !


Censoring Liberty
by Sidney Secular


Born into the Jewish faith, and raised in New York City by observant parents, Sidney Secular embraced Christianity as a young adult. Then, marrying a “Southern Belle,” he embraced her Confederate history and heritage. He is a newspaper editor and political organizer living in the Washington, D.C. area who is active in several heritage organizations.


There is a Canadian woman being held in a German jail without any recourse to friends or family or even legal representation. She is presently charged with no crime but was arrested for a video that questioned the “Holocaust” and is therefore that most evil of criminals, a “holocaust denier.” Most Americans would view her situation as a version of Orwell’s 1984 and believe it fictional. It isn’t. Today, in many Western nations, not only can an individual be imprisoned for being an “anti-Semite,” but that person’s lawyer can be arrested and imprisoned for providing a proper defense against that charge to his client!


Even worse, this attack on human liberty lacks limits. Exactly what is “anti-Semitism” and, in the same vein, what is “racism”-and is either a matter of criminality? After all, both of these concepts are political constructs, the latter emanating from communist Leon Trotsky, one of the first to use the word.


Now, most people know the definition of “bigotry.” A bigot hates people for something over which they have no control whether it is it race or nationality or any other part of the human condition. On the other hand, matters of choice-such as religion-with their inevitable results are different as these can motivate people to do things that are in fact deserving of condemnation. Yet even the actual bigot does not break the law unless he commits a crime motivated by his bigotry!


Today the terms ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘racist’ are based not only on people’s reactions to matters of nationality and race, but on beliefs and behaviors found in and committed by the groups involved. In other words, if today I point out that communism has mainly Jewish origins and that the present-day left is financed and led by a great many persons of that religious and cultural persuasion, I am immediately judged to be an anti-Semite. It doesn’t matter if what I say is true, it only matters that I am pointing out a reality that certain groups do not want publicly voiced. If I question any Jewish historical construct, again I am an anti-Semite even if I can prove my claim with facts. And the same can be said of unpopular comments about Blacks! No matter how factual the comments, their utterance is simply not countenanced. Thus, bigotry is no longer a matter of mindless hate directed at particular groups, but any negative response, however valid, to the actions of those same groups.


Yet this understanding is not maintained throughout the culture. For instance, anyintolerance directed at Whites and especially White males, as well as traditional Christians is perfectly acceptable though it contradicts the claim that mindless hate and intolerance are never acceptable. So we not only have a very broaddefinition of anti-Semitism and racism, but that definition is subject to a complete reversal contingent upon the target group. Thus, it is considered “Islamophobic” to criticize Muslims for raping and killing their fellow Muslims and infidels alike, but it is politically correct to persecute a Christian baker or florist for refusing to participate in a homosexual celebration because it is contrary to his or her religious beliefs. Yet, if it is wrong to even hold Jews or Blacks responsible for any truly objectionable behavior, why is it legally and morally permissible to persecute Whites and Christians for beliefs and behavior that is neither illegal nor immoral! Catholic Brett Kavanaugh is crucified for unproved sexual allegations while Bill Clinton is acknowledged to have raped and abused many women but gets a pass.


A somnambulant public needs to understand that the terms ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘racism’ are not legitimate. In many cases, such terms may not represent mindless bigotry (which though morally reprehensible is not legally actionable). Rather, they criminalize a rational response to the actions of certain groups and thus violate our God-given right to think and act. As long as these spurious “crimes” are used to shut down debate and opposition to acts of the State, we are essentially in chains.




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


As most of our readers know, 10 Army bases are named after Confederate generals. Our lobbying efforts have so far successfully fought off more than a few efforts to have them renamed.


The Army’s official line has remained that the bases were named “in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.” The Army, at least officially, views the Confederate generals as “tragic heroes,” and not as “treasonable” or as “racists.”


But we are detecting that the opinion of the Officers actually running the Army may differ from the “official” line that they are dutifully maintaining. The opinions of their counterparts in the Navy definitely differ, as evidenced in a recent Navy Times article calling on the Army to rename the bases.


In August 2017, U.S. Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., introduced legislation that would require the Defense Department to rename any military property “that is currently named after any individual who took up arms against the United States during the American Civil War.” So far, thanks in part to our efforts, Clarke’s proposal languished for a year in a congressional subcommittee and died. But it has been reintroduced. Normally, that would be routine, and not of major concern, as the same Committee members who kept the bill from moving last year would probably be happy to ignore it again this year. But that will be harder for them to do with the increased commotion surrounding the bill. And now that the military establishment itself is letting it be known that they are open to name changes.


Until Next Week
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


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