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Genocide of White Southerners


A push to rename Confederate Avenue and two similarly named thoroughfares on Atlanta’s southeast side inched forward Tuesday at City Hall.


In a largely procedural move, an Atlanta City Council committee voted to hold a public hearing and a “listening session” in September on changing the names.


The utilities committee is in charge of street name changes. Over the past year, residents of Grant Park and those who live along East Confederate Avenue and Confederate Court in Ormewood Park have collected enough petition signatures to have the streets renamed. But the City ordinance requires 75 percent of residents or property owners on a street to sign off on a name change. Tuesday’s decision by the utilities committee to move forward with public hearings now that those signatures are in place makes it more possible that those long-held and contentious streets names will be changed before the end of the year.


Possible replacement names, which will likely be chosen by residents of the affected neighborhoods, include Considerate Avenue, United Avenue and Soldier Avenue.


Changing the names was a recommendation of an 11-member advisory committee set up last fall by then-Mayor Kasim Reed and the City Council. Before it dissolved in November, the Advisory Committee on City of Atlanta Street Names and Monuments Associated with the Confederacy suggested several actions the city should take to remove or address Confederate iconography. Immediately renaming the “Confederate” streets was among the proposals. Neither the council nor Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms acted on the report for months until an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article detailed the failure to deal with the findings.




Tuesday marked one year since the Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina was toppled by violent protesters. All charges against the protesters were later dropped.


The Durham City-County Committee on Confederate Monuments and Memorials is hosting public meetings until October to decide what to do about replacing the monument and with what.


Committee members need to hear from people who want the statue returned to its former pedestal!


The committee will hold a meeting next Thursday at City Council chambers at 7 p.m.




In Leesburg protestors covered the Confederate Monument with a tarp on Sunday. Police have removed the tarp.




Symbols of the Confederacy that have long been a part of Cincinnati’s Christ Cathedral Church are slated for removal.


The decision started following a sermon by Gail Greenwell. From her pulpit, she challenged the cathedral’s vestry to consider what to do with a plaque honoring Episcopal bishop and Confederate Gen. Leonidas Polk and a stained glass pane honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee. The Lee image is captured in a richly colored pane of stained-glass alongside an image of Bishop William Meade. The two images are part of the same installation.


The vestry decided that both will be replaced with images of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and abolitionist and Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman. The Confederate images will remain at the church in storage, church officials said.




Remember our recent reporting about a Louisiana lawyer Niles Haymer filing endless motions on behalf of his black client because of a Confederate statue in front of the courthouse? The judge has tossed all the frivelous motions.


But while Judge Kathryn Jones refused to move the case or entertain the other motions, she also threw out the most serious charges, including firearms charges. Ronnie Anderson now only faces a traffic ticket.


District attorney Sam D’Aquilla says he plans to waste a few thousand of the taxpayer’s dollars by refiling one of the felony charges in September. If that happens, Haymer says he’ll refile the change of venue motion again. He said he also plans to write the bar association about the appropriateness of the monuments in front of courthouses. He hopes that other attorneys also start raising the issue and file similar motions for their clients.




Maya Little faces expulsion and criminal charges for dousing a Confederate statue at University of North Carolina with red paint and her own blood.




The annual Old Soldiers’ Day Parade in Alphareta, Georgia began in the late 19th century as an annual tribute to Confederate veterans. In 1952 the Parade was expanded to salute all veterans. In 2018, the City of Alphareta banned the display of Confederate Flags at the event. In a letter dated July 20, Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard told the Sons of Confederate Veterans that they could participate in the parade but they could not fly the Flag.


In response, several spectators brought their own Confederate Flags and waved them along the Parade route.


Councilman Jason Binder responded: “Unfortunately, some individuals attending the event chose to stand along the route with the flag on display, apparently in protest of the City’s prohibition. I am disappointed that the actions of a few took away from the event where families and children celebrate our veterans who fought for the liberty and freedom our nation enjoys today.”


The SCV has made it a project to lobby for the City to restore the Flag in time for next year’s event.




New York State Fair officials are asking the operators of the state’s 52 county fairs to discourage the selling or displaying of items that could offend fairgoers or pose public safety concerns.


Although the state Department of Agriculture and Markets’ message doesn’t specifically mention Confederate Flags, Thursday’s letter from Commissioner Richard Ball was sent just days after a group urged county fairs to prohibit sales or displays of the banners.


Ball’s letter urged county fair operators to discourage vendors from “selling or displaying items that run counter to our great state’s long history of inclusion for all.”




The battle against the sale of Confederate flags at the Lorain County Fair has heated up once again, as the Fair-minded Coalition of Lorain County with funding from the Lorain YWCA, has posted three billboards throughout the county encouraging the ending of sales.


The three billboards can be seen on State Route 58 south of Russia Road, and State Routes 57 and 18.


The Ohio State Fair banned the sales of Confederate flags in 2015 calling it an “offensive symbol,” but county fair boards of directors still have to choose whether or not the sales are permitted at their fairs.




Re-enactors of Confederate soldiers and civilians in period attire filled the grounds of the Marlin Cemetery on July 28th for a ceremony to dedicate a Confederate Southern Cross of Honor and a new grave marker for a Southern soldier on the site.


Receiving the Southern Cross of Honor was the grave marker of John Harmon Hollis, Co. A, 13th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry, CSA.


Additionally, the grave of Sgt. Wilson Hollis, of Co. F, 3rd Battalion, Missouri Cavalry, CSA, received a new grave marker to replace the broken stone marker that preceded it.


Performing the ceremony were members of Springfield Chapter 625, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Campbell’s Company Camp 2252, Sons of Confederate Veterans, based in Republic.




American Free Press reports that mountains of trash have been piling up at U.S. recycling centers after China stopped accepting materials from the United States.


In the past few years, U.S. recyclers have been selling recyclable materials to China for pennies. The waste is loaded onto ships and then processed in Chinese cities. Much of the materials wound up in garbage dumps in China, but some of it was recycled. Now, one of the ways China is getting back at the U.S. for slapping tariffs on cheap Chinese products is by rejecting U.S. trash.


It is a problem that could be easily solved by Americans if they simply reduced their trash and ended our disposable society. It might also be time to return to paper bags at grocery and other stores instead of plastic bags.




National Geographic finally admitted to facilitating “fake news” when it comes to “climate change.” The magazine’s most popular video ever, which showed heart-wrenching images of a starving, dying polar bear, perpetuated the narrative that the animal’s imminent death was due to climate change, but the problem is, conceded the magazine, there was no evidence to show climate change was behind the bear’s condition. In reality, the bear was dying most likely due to old age or sickness. “We had lost control of the narrative,” admitted Cristina Mittermeier, the photographer of the polar bear.


Mittermeier admitted she deceived everyone in a piece that was published recently by National Geographic titled “Starving-Polar-Bear.




Everyone in the U.S. knows by now how much anti-gun protester David Hogg hates guns, but, according to the National Rifle Association (NRA), he doesn’t hate them enough to not be protected by them.


Hogg, who rose to fame following the mass shooting at his high school in Florida, together with a group of anti-Second Amendment demonstrators protested outside the NRA headquarters recently. NRA supporters, who were there, took photos of Hogg waving anti-firearms posters, and, ironically, the pictures clearly show armed guards surrounding the young man. Hogg later unwittingly posted a photo to the Internet showing even more armed security protecting him. Other armed police officers were seen standing in a parking lot, ready to protect the teen with more guns.




Steven Lamar Foster, running for Congress in Georgia, was convicted last week of drunken driving. The police dashboard camera showed, for everyone in Georgia to see, the embarrassing details of his arrest.


“I hate this country!” snarled this man who wishes to serve in its Congress. “I prayed to God that he would curse it…” Okay, he was drunk when he said these things. But as the old saying goes, “In vino veritas.” Some folks really have to be soused before they can say what they really think.


But wait, there’s more!


Mr. Foster owns an “adults only, clothing-optional lifestyle retreat.”


And, police in Honduras have charged four employees of his, “charity” with trafficking cocaine.


He has also been investigated by the Army for allegedly stealing military supplies.


In his police video he brags about having served jail time in six different counties.


In short, this guy has it all–everything it takes to be the ideal Democrat. True, he doesn’t run an abortion mill, but thats probably only because his medical license was revoked – still, you gotta give him a big thumbs-up for having a “lifestyle retreat” where clothing is optional.


Foster will be sentenced next Tuesday – which could keep him off the campaign trail for a while.




As vice-Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has been investigating allegations of President Trump’s “collusion” with Russia.


But now we learn Feinstein was the one compromised by a foreign power.


Turns out that Communist China had a spy in her office. A 20-year employee of Feinstein’s, the agent had been reporting back to China’s Ministry of State Security for well over a decade before he was caught by the FBI.


A Chinese-American who doubled as both an office staffer and Feinstein’s personal driver, the agent reportedly was handled by officials based out of the People’s Republic of China’s consulate in San Francisco, which Feinstein helped set up when she was Mayor of that City. He even attended consulate functions for the Senator.


Feinstein has insinuated that Trump is compromised by a foreign power. But the record is clear Feinstein has an alarming blind spot when it comes to China and national security. Now we know why.


by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


We supposedly have two different major political parties in this country-Republicans and Democrats-and their views on most anything are purported to be widely divergent. That “fact” is supposed to insure that we have “democracy” in Amerika.


This fable has been perpetuated for decades by the media and our “educational” establishments. Folks, I must admit that I firmly believe this fable is a farce to fool the gullible who naively think that if there are two political parties out there then they really have a choice when they vote. This charade has been cleverly played out in every election at least since the Spanish American War and probably a few before it.


The ruling One World Government Elite in this country long ago learned that as long as they continued to give the American voting public some form to go by then they could eat out the real substance of the system and no one would ever notice, or at least not enough would notice to make any tangible difference. And it has worked, in part because we have a governmental “education” system that does not and will not teach those committed to its care the ability to think critically. The current government school system teaches kids what to think rather than how to think and, I mean, after all, why would anyone even want to think anything that contradicts what Big Brother has told us is the “truth?” After all, how dare we!


In the last election the voting public expressed their utter dissatisfaction with Obama’s blatant socialist agenda by how they thought they voted. They didn’t realize that, in their repudiation of Obama’s socialism all they were really doing was voting for Republicans that would give them the same agenda while pretending it was different. It was quite evident from the Republican “leadership” in Congress after the election that very little was going to change except a few of the players’ names. It would all continue to be business as usual (corporate fascism) in Sodom on the Potomac. After all, when you finally grasp the truth that one “shadow party” really controls the reins of both major political parties, why should you expect anything different from Mitch McConnell than you got from Dirty Harry Reid? If you do you’re dreaming. It will not happen. Oh, there may well be a few cosmetic changes to fool those who don’t know how the game is played, and those will be sufficient because most voters have yet to figure out how the game is played-and, sad to say, Christian voters remain among the most gullible of all. They who should display the most discernment often seem to have the least-and are proud of that fact.


That indicates to a lot of people, myself among them, that there is basically no real difference between the two political parties. They both promote the same socialist program. The only difference now is that the Republicans claim they are not doing this when the clearly are. So we have one party with two names but always one agenda a One World Government agenda – a Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission agenda.


Folks, this will not change until the ignorant American voter, in sufficient numbers, begins to realize he’s being had and starts trying to do some homework to change that. There are all manner of places on the Internet where the disgruntled voter can look to see what’s going on. It’s not as if all this was totally “hidden beneath a bushel.” It just takes a little effort to begin to discern just how the public is being shafted by our One Party System posing as two parties. I have, in previous articles, mentioned all kinds of places where you can locate information as to what is going on. I’d only repeat myself by listing them all again-and is anyone really interested?




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


Sometimes we need to be reminded that others have to harder than we do. And that is the reason for this issue. As badly as the enemies of freedom and righteousness are attacking our Southern culture, Southern heritage, and the very Southern way of life; our brethren in South Africa are undergoing an even worse persecution.


In Memphis, Atlanta, Raleigh, New Orleans, etc. they have torn down our statues. In South Africa, they are violating the very homes of good, hard working people and brutally torturing and murdering them. I pray it doesn’t happen here. But it could! Possibly, South Africa is just further along the same path.


We should be in prayer for those in South Africa. We should plead to our own government to accept them for asylum. Good God man, if our government can welcome the muslim hordes with open arms as “asylum seekers” certainly we, as a nation, can provide sanctuary and a new life to our white brethren who share our religion, common European heritage, language, and agrarian livelihood.


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


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