Yesterday we proved to you, out of the Constitution-Slayer’s own mouth, that it was never the purpose of the US government to “free the slaves”. Never. Ever. We’ve told you about the Crittenden-Johnson Resolutions, we’ve told you about WVA coming into the Northern union as a slave state in the middle of the war, and we’ve shown you that the Constitution-Slayer said out of his own mouth he would only invade to collect “duties and imports” (ie taxes) when he was inaugurated.


We now offer another indisputable proof that most people are simply unaware of. The lying “national” narrative, and common misunderstanding has been: South=bad slave owners, North=good no slaves. Let’s correct that lie right now.




The North kept their “slaves” all through the war. FACT.


The whole war. some states did do away with the institution by giving their residents a time-frame to either set them free-which some did, or sell them South-which most did. They also amended their state Constitutions to prohibit the entrance of Black persons either free or bond. But slavery was still prevalent and widespread in the North above the Mason-Dixon line. FACT.


Are you beginning to understand? You’ve been lied to by some who knew/know exactly what they’re doing, and you’ve been lied to by some who simply parrot what they’ve been told. Either way, it’s a lie and time that lie is silenced with the sword of truth.


“…and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8


Web Source: Southern Historical Society Facebook Page
Post: July 17, 2018