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Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced that it would pay $3.375 million to settle a lawsuit brought by a British anti-extremism group that was put on a list of “anti-Muslim extremists.”


In a statement, the Alabama-based SPLC apologized to the Quilliam Foundation and its founder, Maajid Nawaz.


The settlement marked another black eye for the SPLC, which has repeatedly been accused of branding some conservative organizations as “hate groups.” In March, the SPLC was forced to retract an article accusing reporters of enabling white supremacists and anti-Semites.




In 2016, the SPLC included Nawaz and Quilliam in an online publication called “A Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.” The list, which included conservative blogger Pamela Geller and human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, drew ire from across the political spectrum.


That October, left-wing British writer Nick Cohen accused the SPLC of “[doing] the dirty work of the misogynists, the racists, the homophobes, the censors, and the murderers it was founded to oppose” in calling Nawaz an extremist. In June 2017, Nawaz told Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that the SPLC was “ideologically driven to silence any voice that introspects from within the Muslim community.”




The two Confederate statues removed from the Fayette County Courthouse grounds are expected to be installed in their new home inside Lexington Cemetery in late July.


A spokeswoman for Mayor Jim Gray said the statues are awaiting new bases and security upgrades at the cemetery.


The statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckinridge were removed in October 2017. Since their removal, the statues have been in storage.


The statues will still technically be city property, despite the new location.




After spending nearly a century in the nation’s capital, Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith is moving to Tavares, Florida.


The bronze statue of the Confederate general will be relocated from the National Statuary Hall in Washington to a museum housed in the same building as the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.


The Lake County Historical Society and Museum’s proposal for the Smith statue was one of just three submitted to the State Location Selection Committee, a signal that many communities are shying away from controversial Confederate symbols.


Bob Grenier, the curator of the museum and head of the Lake County Historical Society, urged the committee to support his plan to move the statue to the center of the State, where millions of tourists annually visit nearby Orlando.


Located in a building that also houses the county’s chief law-enforcement official, the statue will be guarded around the clock, promised Grenier, who said he’s been working on the proposal for two years.


And the historian vowed that the relocation would be a permanent move for Smith’s statue, another factor the panel considered in its selection process.


“This building ain’t going anywhere,” he said, adding that the building just underwent a $1 million renovation. “The sheriff ain’t going anywhere. The museum ain’t going anywhere.”




The Confederate Motorcycles brand, thought to be abandoned by its rebranded owner Curtiss Motorcycles Inc., has been revived by venture capital fund Ernest Lee Capital and continues to manufacture high end motorcycles in Birmingham. The brand website has been updated with a number of new and pre-owned motorcycles and a story explaining plans to reintroduce new versions of the Confederate Hellcat, Fighter and Wraith.


After the rebranding from Confederate Motors Inc. to Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Inc., Ernest Lee Capital LLC announced that through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Confederate Motorcycles LLC, it has successfully acquired the intellectual property rights to the Confederate brands and designs. Confederate Motorcycles LLC immediately announced plans to continue to sell the last remaining Confederate P-51 Combat Fighters and FA-13 Combat Bombers and to begin production of its latest Confederate G3 Fighter immediately. The Confederate website also features a number of previously owned factory reconditioned Confederate motorcycles each with less than 500 miles on them.


“We are currently designing the next run of bikes that will each be available with a number of customer-selectable options,” said Ernest Lee. “We personally did not want to see the Confederate brand disappear into the ether.”


Lee believes the Confederate name is “no more synonymous with racism than is ‘Rebel’ or the Confederate Flag itself. We acknowledge that there are some that disagree with our viewpoint but felt that allowing individuals to discuss their differences of opinion is paramount to the democracy in which we all live. We want to continue that tradition at Confederate; building innovative and original bikes that draw crowds everywhere they ride.”


According to the Confederate Motorcycles Facebook Page, Confederate has plans to reintroduce an all new Confederate Hellcat next year, with a newly designed Confederate Wraith to follow thereafter.




Located off the coast of Milford Haven, south Wales, Stack Rock Fort has an Stack Rock Fort is located off the coast of South Wales, UK


Though originally proposed by Thomas Cromwell back in 1539, the fort was built in 1852.


Stack Rock Fort served as one of a chain of forts meant to protect the coast…
The circular fort takes up most of the barren rock island it sits upon.


The circular structure takes up a good chunk of the barren island it gets its name from. Wales Online reports that it was manned by up to 150 men at a time in its heyday and that the interior includes canon rooms and sleeping quarters, so living space shouldn’t be an issue.


The price for the private island fort isn’t too bad either, at £400,000 (US$535,000), or less than half the cost of that 91-inch London home we featured back in February – though admittedly the skinny London pad doesn’t require residents to take a boat or helicopter trip to shore each time they forget to buy the milk.


There are bigger drawbacks to this property than its isolation, though. Rightmove describes the building’s current state as “uninhabitable” and judging from the photos, it’ll require more than just a lick of paint to get it up to scratch. It’s also a Grade II listed historically-protected building so there are all kinds of potential planning permission pitfalls for would-be residents. This is clearly not a project for the faint-hearted.


Still, for those looking for a post-apocalyptic bolthole, a unique residence, or even try and found their own island state, Stack Rock Fort has potential.


Bill Clinton still refusing to take paternity test for alleged son


Most children celebrated Fathers Day with their father on Sunday – but one high-profile kid was unfortunately left out.


Danney Williams, who claims Bill Clinton is his father, still awaits the former president agreeing to a paternity test to once and for all prove whether Clinton is his father or not.


During Bill Clinton’s run at the White House, one of the many rumors that came to light was the possibility of Clinton having an illegitimate son.


Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas in 1984.


According to Williams, Clinton first saw her when he was out jogging.


The two chatted it up and soon after, Clinton paid Williams to have sex with him.


As Williams tells it, this was the first of many times the two were together sexually.


Williams later became pregnant, but when she approached Clinton about the pregnancy, he laughed it off.


When Danney was born, Williams once again suspected Bill Clinton was the father, due to his light complexion. She even stated that Clinton was the only “white” client she had at the time.


Bill Clinton has adamantly denied Danney is his son, but the former president has also refused to take a paternity test to validate that claim.


The story itself died down for a while after Clinton left office, but came back to light in 2016 during the presidential campaigns.


Danney Williams even started a new Facebook page under the name Danney Williams-Clinton.


He has also regularly called on Clinton to once and for all take a test that would prove either way whether the former president is his father.


On Father’s Day, Williams once again asked Bill Clinton to take a test to prove the case one way or another.


by Dr. Scott Lively


Dr. Scott Lively is a Dixie Heritage subscriber, Pastor, activist, author, attorney, and a balloted Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming Republican Primary.


As a constitutional law attorney with a doctorate in theology and thirty years experience as a Christian social reformer, I have a special interest and expertise in the so-called “separation of church and state” that I would like to share.


Coadjuvancy is a little-used but precise legal term meaning the cooperation or mutual effort of independent entities with authority to govern, such as the separate but equal sovereign powers of church and state. America’s founders considered church and state to be coadjuvants with the duty to closely collaborate for the benefit of society. The long and beneficial history of church/state coadjuvancy was carefully summarized in the United States Supreme Court case Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 457 (1892), which is a must-read for anyone desiring to understand the topic.


The modern notion that the separation of these powers implies opposition or incompatibility is a gross misrepresentation of the founders beliefs and intentions, imposed on the nation by a cabal of hyper-partisan Democrat secularists led by Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (a virulent anti- Catholic and one-time member of the Ku Klux Klan), along with his co-conspirator Lyndon Baines Johnson, author of the Johnson Amendment that purported to ban church involvement in politics.


Black wrote the majority opinion in the 1947 US Supreme Court case Everson v Board of Educationwhich redefined the separation of church and state as a barrier to church/state cooperation – reversing over 150 years of legal precedent in which it had been recognized as a facilitator of church influence in government. It was this early and egregious example of judicial activism in Everson that shifted America from following the Judeo-Christian presuppositions of the founders to the Secular Humanist presuppositions of Cultural Marxism: preventing government from recognizing the authority of God in our law and history.


This unconstitutional, judge-created and enforced anti-religious form of secularism remains the law of the land, notwithstanding political counter-measures such as redesigning our paper currency to include our national motto “In God We Trust.” This occurred under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-61), who said “Without God, there could be no American form of Government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first-the most basic-expression of Americanism. Thus the Founding Fathers saw it, and thus, with God’s help, it will continue to be.” http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=10414


This was always a Democrat vs Republican partisan battle. To quote from one of my previous articles “All of the nine justices in the Everson decision were nominated by Democrat presidents (four by Roosevelt, three by Truman and one by Wilson), and all were Democrats themselves except Independent Felix Frankfurter (a founder of the ACLU), and the lone Republican, Harold Burton, a personal friend of Harry Truman from their days together in the U.S. Senate. Shamefully, all agreed with Black’s revisionist definition of the “Separation of Church and State” (though four dissented as to its application to the plaintiff’s case at issue).”




In 1948, Democrat US Senate candidate Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ostensible victory over former Texas Governor Coke Stevenson, was clouded by serious allegations of voter fraud. Justice Hugo Black (himself a former Democrat Senator from Alabama), intervened on Johnson’s behalf, issuing an order barring a federal district court in Texas from further investigation of that fraud, sealing LBJ’s victory. In 1954, Senator Johnson furthered their mutual ideological interests by sponsoring the “Johnson Amendment” to the US Tax Code, whose existence has been used for decades to unconstitutionally suppress political advocacy by churches.


(Importantly, the IRS refuses to enforce the amendment, knowing it would not survive a court challenge. This has triggered a movement wherein a large and growing number of churches, including my own, deliberately endorse candidates from the pulpit and send the video-footage to the IRS, hoping to provoke litigation. President Trump has challenged the Johnson Amendment with an executive order and vowed to push a formal repeal of the amendment through Congress.)


In 1961, Black struck a second grievous blow to the nation in Torcaso v Watkins when he led the court to define Atheism as a religion toward which government must remain neutral. This effectively transformed our constitution’s “equal protection” guarantees into a weapon empowering Atheists to purge Judeo-Christian influence from public life as a supposed violation of their rights. That effort began in earnest with the removal of prayer in public schools in 1963 and gradually matured into a culture-wide climate of overt hostility toward the biblical world-view and widespread active repression of Judeo-Christian beliefs and speech in all spheres of society.


As Governor of Massachusetts I would join President Trump in issuing an executive order at the state level similar to his own, and would lend the weight of my office to the efforts of Massachusetts churches seeking to put the Johnson Amendment before a court of competent jurisdiction so that it could be formally struck down.


In the mean time, I encourage churches to openly engage in political advocacy, and offer myself as a teacher of their constitutional right to do in sermons from their pulpits – sermons which themselves do not test the law but only explain it.


The Abolitionists Were Really Globalists
by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the Editor of the Copperhead Chronicle. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


We’ve all read about the Abolitionists and about their supposed noble endeavors to “free” the slaves. Most of what we read about these people would lead us to believe that’s the only thing they were all about-that freeing the slaves was their total agenda and once that was done, like old soldiers, they just sort of “faded away” never to be heard from again. Suffice it to say that narrative is slightly less than accurate-for obvious reasons. We are not supposed to be aware of what else the Abolitionists were involved in, lest we be alerted to what their game really was. The Abolitionists were really the globalists of the 19thcentury-and some of them were among the foremost terrorists of the 19th century.


Although, in their day, they were much more “up front” about their objectives, our present day “historians” have seen fit to drastically tone this down. These people are treated as heroes and compared to today’s Pro-Life Movement, which is a terrible disservice to the Pro-Life Movement. Most of your pro-life folks are Christian oriented, and that’s the main reason they do what they do. The same can’t be said for the Abolitionists. Many of them were apostates and many were deep into the Spiritualist Movement.


William Lloyd Garrison, one of the leading lights among the Abolitionists was quite plain about the agenda of the movement when he said: “The motto of our banner has been, from the commencement of our moral warfare, ‘our country is the world-our countrymen are all mankind.’ We trust that will be our only epitaph.” That definitely sounds like a totally globalist worldview. He went on to say that, next to the overthrow of slavery, the cause of “peace” would command his attention, and he ended up biy saying that: “As our cause is universal emancipation-to redeem women as well as men from a servile to an equal condition,-we shall go for the rights of women to their utmost extent.” If you didn’t know better you’d think Garrison and Karl Marx had the same script writer. And then, on second thought…We are never told that the Abolitionists had a strong leaning toward socialism.


Many of them were Unitarians, and the Unitarians had the same leaning.


Enter the International Workingmen’s Association 1864-1872, in the United States. This group had ties to a group in London with the same name that was commonly known as the “First International.” Wikipedia has noted that: “The International made its way to American soil in 1866 when Italian socialist Cesare Orsini, brother of an attempted assassin of Napoleon III, arrived in the United States and attempted to organize an American section. Orsini managed to win the support of a number of a handful of ‘émigré’ socialists in New York City, in addition to gaining a sympathetic hearing from several prominent political figures, including newspaper editor Horace Greeley, abolitionist orator Wendell Phillips, and radical Republican Senator Charles Sumner.” No matter what other positions any of the three above-mentioned men here held, they were all radical Abolitionists.


Supposedly the International started out as a non-revolutionary union organization, but that charade didn’t hold too long, especially with members like Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Such men saw this organization as “a tool for the winning of state power from the bourgeoisie.”


Interesting to remember that the London branch of this group is the one that sent Abraham Lincoln a congratulatory letter after he had won a second term as president.


Another article http://pentracks.com/2016/03/illuminati-connections-to-unitarian-universalist-church-29-mar-16 gives a little more information about where some of the Abolitionists were really coming from. It says, in part, Illuminized Freemasonry intended to change the world by revolution. The book Occult Theocracy gives a good detailed background how so many of these revolutionary groups connected to the Occult Theocratic leadership (aka the Illuminati). She describes in detail the Illuminati member and revolutionist Giuseppe Mazzini. The Illuminati not only created revolutions throughout Europe, but wanted to split the U.S.A. Mazzini helped create the American Civil War by working with a secret group of 6 American UU ministers, who had created a secret group that they called the Bird Club. The Bird Club was created to create a revolutionary type of war in the U.S.A. Gerrit Smith of the Bird Club appears to have been an Illum. Mmbr. Charles Sumner, a member of the Bird Club and a student of Freemasonry & revolution, made personal visits to occultic revolutionists in Europe, including Mazzini…” Gerrit Smith was also an Abolitionist and we see Mr. Sumner making yet another appearance. You can see that Abolitionists are scattered throughout these revolutionary socialist groups.


And let us not forget the group called The Secret Six, that funded terrorist John Brown’s bloodbath at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. All of those men were radical Abolitionists, and one of them was the above mentioned Gerrit Smith. Another was Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a Unitarian minister who was “always ready to invest money in treason.” Incidentally, Rev. Higginson lived on into the 20th century and helped found the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Of igginsonH Higginson Rev. R. J. Rushdoony noted in The Nature of the American System that “On Higginson, as on other Unitarians of his era, the influences of French Revolutionary thought and English Fabianism were extensive.” This socialist mindset and its strong globalist tendencies is where your radical Abolitionists were really coming from and, as you can see, there was lots more involved than just “freeing the slaves.” All that was was a means to an end, but the real agenda stretched far beyond it.


by James W. King


A Dixie Heritage subscriber and tireless warrior for Southern Heritage, James W. King is the Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 141 in Albany, Georgia.


Over the past 50 years black voters in America have voted for liberal Democrats and by 1984 the Democratic Party was rapidly becoming Marxist Socialist.


A Socialist is best described as a Communist who DOES NOT YET have enough political power to take everything you have.


Communist Vladimir Lenin coined the term “USEFUL IDIOTS” for those ignorant enough to be used to support Communism.


Socialism in America began during so called “Reconstruction” which was the plunder, pillage, and economic rape of the South by white Yankee Carpetbaggers through the use of over 300,000 ignorant blacks in their corrupt Union League.


A Georgia history book dated 1870 accurately predicted the result “The Black is destined to participate in the destruction of America.”


The modern Marxist Socialist Communist Democratic Party is a master at using and manipulating black voters.


Statistics were readily available from 1976 and on.


This should be an eye-opener.


  • 1976 Election 82% Black vote for Democrat Carter
  • 1980 Election 83% Black vote for Democrat Carter
  • 1984 Election 91% Black vote for Democrat Mondale
  • 1988 Election 89% Black vote for Democrat Dukakis
  • 1992 Election 83% Black vote for Democrat Bill Clinton
  • 1996 Election 84% Black vote for Democrat Bill Clinton
  • 2000 Election 90% Black vote for Democrat Gore
  • 2004 Election 88% Black vote for Democrat Kerry
  • 2008 Election 95% Black vote for Democrat Obama
  • 2012 Election 93% Black vote for Democrat Obama
  • 2016 Election 88% Black vote for Democrat Hillary


With the current Democratic percent of Black votes, that gives a popular vote edge to the Democratic Party in every single Presidential election. In other words, NO DEMOCRAT would have ever been in the White house for over the last 40 years without the Black vote. Obviously, all parties know this and the game has turned into “government money to buy Black votes.”


Fortunately America’s founding fathers had the wisdom to establish the election of America’s president using a “check and balance” called the “Electoral College” to help prevent popular vote Democratic Mob Rule.


This explains why power hungry Marxist Socialist Communist Democrats are working to eliminate the Electoral College.


Epic Orgy of Torture, Rape, Pedophilia & Coerced Prostitution of Defenseless German Civilians
by John Wear


Author John Wear reveals evidence contradicting the narrative we have been taught about Germany, Japan & the Allies in World War II. WEARS WAR is the battle to bring FAKE HISTORY into accord with the facts.


2 Chron. 19:2, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord, and so bring wrath on yourself from the Lord.”


Do you think it is possible that so much of our problems today are because we helped and loved the most evil people who were responsible for the rape and murder of hundreds of millions of Christian people?


Extracted from his epic book on Germany’s War….Senegalese and the French soldiers, drunk at night, would go from door to door until they found girls’ names listed of any age they wished to rape… American provost marshal, Lt. Colonel Gerald F. Beane, said that rape represents no problem to the military police because ‘a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seems to make rape unnecessary.’


Churches were frequently used by Russian soldiers to rape… In unending succession were girls, women and nuns violated… Not merely in secret, in hidden corners, but in the sight of everybody, even in churches, in the streets and in public places were nuns, women and even eight-year-old girls attacked again and again…
Most Frenchmen speak of the correctness of the German Army’s behavior. They seem particularly impressed that German soldiers were shot for incivility to women and compare this with the American troops’ bad behavior to women…


There was no where to hide after WWII was intentionally prolonged to carpet bomb Germany. Mothers and girls fleeing the Red Army on foot desperately hoped for better chances in other Allied occupied sectors. Approximately 2 million were raped, this represents more rapes against a defeated enemy than any other war in history. Even bedridden 80-year-old Nuns were raped, young attractive girls stood no chance.


Stalin sought to ease the fears of the Western Allies concerning Soviet atrocities against the German people by issuing the following order to his troops:


Occasionally there is talk that the goal of the Red Army is to annihilate the German people….It would be foolish to equate the German people and the German State with the Hitler clique. The lessons of history tell us that Hitlers come and go, but the German people, the German State, they shall remain.”[1]


Stalin’s reasonable words were not followed by his troops. In reality, rape of German women was implicitly condoned by Stalin. Stalin asked Yugoslav communist leader Milovan Djilas,


Can’t he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?” The Red Army, most of whose soldiers were sex-starved after four years of fighting, raped wherever it went.[2]


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, then a young captain in the Red Army, describes the entry of his regiment into East Prussia in January 1945:


For three weeks the war had been going on inside Germany and all of us knew very well that if the girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction.”[3]


Solzhenitsyn was a committed opponent of such atrocities and vocally opposed the rape of German women. As a consequence, he was arrested and banished to a gulag.


Some of the other Soviet front line troops shared Solzhenitsyn’s attitude toward the proper treatment of German women. Many of these Soviet first echelon troops were more concerned with fighting and survival than with rape and revenge. However, most of the second echelon of Soviet troops were from Asiatic Russia and brought with them attitudes toward conquered people inherited from Genghis Kahn. Other second echelon troops were members of penal battalions or were ex-prisoners from the German concentration camps who had been freed by the Red Army and sent to the front. These soldiers who formed the second wave of troops were regarded even by their comrades as completely merciless.[4]


The savagery of Soviet soldiers was acknowledged by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in his Memoirs. Montgomery wrote:


From their behaviour it soon became clear that the Russians, though a fine fighting race, were in fact barbarous Asiatics who had never enjoyed a civilization comparable to that of the rest of Europe. Their approach to every problem was utterly different from ours and their behaviour, especially in their treatment of women, was abhorrent to us.”[5]


Russian soldiers continually raped German women as the Red Army advanced through Silesia and Pomerania towards Berlin. The German women were frequently ganged raped, often again and again on successive nights. A woman interviewed in Schwerin reported that she had “already been raped by 10 men today.” A German officer in East Prussia claims to have saved a few dozen women from a villa where on average they had been raped 60 to 70 times a day.”


Another woman in Berlin stated: “Twenty-three soldiers one after the other. I had to be stitched up in a hospital. I never want to have anything to do with any man again.”[6]


There are genuine questions about the German “Guilt” narrative justifying this brutalization.


Churches were frequently used by Russian soldiers to rape German women. A priest from Neisse reports:


The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims. During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times. Some of the nuns who resisted with all their strength were shot, others were ill-treated in a dreadful manner until they were too exhausted to offer any resistance. The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles, until they finally collapsed and in this unconscious condition became the helpless victims of brutish passion, which was so inhuman as to be inconceivable. The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians.[7]


A letter written by a priest smuggled out of Breslau, Germany on September 3, 1945, states:


In unending succession were girls, women and nuns violated…Not merely in secret, in hidden corners, but in the sight of everybody, even in churches, in the streets and in public places were nuns, women and even eight-year-old girls attacked again and again. Mothers were violated before the eyes of their children; girls in the presence of their brothers; nuns, in the sight of pupils, were outraged again and again to their very death and even as corpses.[8]


When Russian soldiers “liberated” Danzig they promptly liberated all the women of their virtue and chastity. A Russian soldier told the Danzig women to seek shelter in the Catholic cathedral to protect them from the rapes. After hundreds of women and girls were securely inside, the Russian soldiers entered and “playing the organ and ringing the bells, kept up a foul orgy through the night, raping all the women, some more than 30 times.” A Catholic pastor in Danzig states, “They even violated eight-year-old girls and shot boys who tried to shield their mothers.”[9]


A pastor from Milzig said of the Soviet soldiers:


There were no limits to the bestiality and licentiousness of these troops…Girls and women were routed out of their hiding-places, out of the ditches and thickets where they had sought shelter from the Russian soldiers, and were beaten and raped. Older women who refused to tell the Russians where the younger ones had hidden were likewise beaten and raped.”[10]


German women frequently took steps to make their appearance unattractive to Soviet soldiers. The German women sometimes covered themselves with ashes to make themselves look old, painted on red spots to feign disease, or hobbled around on crutches to appear disabled. One woman in East Pomerania took the precaution of removing her false front tooth to make herself look older. Such precautions rarely worked, and the rape victims ranged in age from tiny children to great-grandmothers. Some German women kept their small children by them at all times, and sometimes these children provided a disincentive against the Russian attacks.[11]


Even today people admire Stalin while vilifying this young woman. Stalin slaughtered 10’s of millions and devastated the lives of many millions more.


The Russian rapes caused many German women to commit suicide. The preferred form of suicide was poison, and most Berlin women seem to have been provided with poison before the Red Army arrived. Even when Berlin women were not driven so far as to take their own lives, the rapes inevitably caused disease and unwanted babies. A high percentage of women became infected with venereal disease. Since antibiotics were often unaffordable, eventually the Russians decided to treat the local population themselves. Abortion was a common occurrence, and many abortions were performed without anesthetic. Despite the high incidence of abortion, it is estimated that between 150,000 and 200,000 “Russian babies” were born to German women.[12]


The Soviet soldiers were not the only ones who raped German women. The French Senegalese and Moroccan troops were notorious for committing rape. Police records of Stuttgart show that 1,198 German women were raped by French troops during the French occupation. Dr. Karl Hartenstein, prelate of the Evangelical church in the city, estimated a higher number of 5,000 rape victims in Stuttgart. In the town of Vaihingen, with a population of 12,000, 500 cases of rape were reported. So it went in other German cities and towns occupied by French troops.[13]


Charles Lindbergh was told by an Army officer that there were over 6,000 cases of rape reported in Stuttgart and that the Germans were crying for the Americans to come in and replace the French. Lindbergh writes:


I had been told that in French-occupied territory it was required that a list of the occupants of every building, together with their ages, be posted outside, on the door, and that both the Senegalese and the French soldiers, drunk at night, would go from door to door until they found girls’ names listed of any age they wished to rape. As we drove through Stuttgart we saw that each main door of the habitable buildings contained such a list-white sheets of paper tacked onto the panel-a column of names, a column of birth dates. And most of the women of Stuttgart show in their faces that they have gone through hell.”[14]


In Germany as a whole it is estimated that approximately 2 million German women were raped in the aftermath of the Second World War. This represents more rapes against a defeated enemy than any other war in history.[15]


The arrival of the Red Army in Austria was also accompanied by sexual violence on a large scale. Stalin informed his troops that Austrians had been the first victims of German aggression, and he stipulated that Soviet troops were to behave correctly toward Austrians. However, the Soviet NKVD in Austria admitted that “there have been cases of excesses by individual members of units of the Red Army against the local population.” In the Steiermark, for example, thousands of women sought medical help after being raped by Soviet soldiers. In the city of Graz more than 600 cases of rape were reported to police-a number which is probably only a fraction of the total sexual assaults that occurred in the city.[16] In Vienna 87,000 women were reported by doctors and clinics to have been raped.[17]


While a large percentage of American troops deported themselves properly, the record of American troops as a whole in regard to German women is hardly exemplary. Rape charges in the U.S. Army rose to 402 in March and 501 in April 1945, as a result of slackening military resistance.[18] Altogether 487 American soldiers in Germany were tried for rapes allegedly committed in March and April 1945.[19]


One reason there were fewer reports of rape by American soldiers is that desperately hungry German women would have consensual sex in exchange for food or cigarettes. Despite Eisenhower’s edict against fraternization with Germans, no orders from above could slow the American soldier’s desire to have sex with German women. American newswoman Freda Utley states,


Neither army regulations nor the propaganda of hatred in the American press could prevent American soldiers from liking and associating with German women, who although they were driven by hunger to become prostitutes, preserved a certain innate decency.”[20]


American soldiers would offer a basket of food or other presents in order to have sex with the unconditionally surrendered women of Germany. The Christian Century reported on December 5, 1945:


The American provost marshal, Lt. Colonel Gerald F. Beane, said that rape represents no problem to the military police because ‘a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seems to make rape unnecessary.’ Think that over if you want to understand what the situation is in Germany.”[21]


After a visit to the American zone, Dr. George N. Schuster, President of Hunter College, stated:


You have said it all when you say that Europe is now a place where woman has lost her perennial fight for decency because the indecent alone live. Except for those who can establish contacts with members of the armed forces, Germans can get nothing from soap to shoes.”[22]


L.F. Filewood stated in the October 5, 1945, issue of the Weekly Review in London:


Young girls, unattached, wander about and freely offer themselves, for food or bed…Very simply they have one thing left to sell, and they sell it…As a way of dying it may be worse than starvation, but it will put off dying for months-or even years.”[23]


Young women who had elderly relatives, children or younger siblings were easily coerced. Slave labor by day, sex slave at night. It was ultimately better than being in an Allied-run concentration camp known as History’s Most Terrifying Peace. German women, many with children to feed, were often forced to become slaves to Allied soldiers in order to survive. A British soldier acknowledged:


I felt a bit sick at times about the power I had over the girl. If I gave her a three-penny bar of chocolate she nearly went crazy. She was just like my slave. She darned my socks and mended things for me. There was no question of marriage. She knew that was not possible.”[24]


The Germans tried to be careful in their dealings with the people…We were told that if a citizen attended strictly to business and took no political or underground action against the occupying army, he was treated with correctness.”[25]


Neither criminalizing or burning history will work. There are simply too many contradictions regarding the WWII narrative. Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WWII




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Are Jews Hostile to White Christians?
by Dr. William Von Peters


Dixie Heritage subscriber, Dr. William Von Peters, is a physician in practice since 1976. He is an internationally known lecturer and educator.


Through the ages, Counter-Semites have claimed that Jews were a force fundamentally antagonistic to the existence of Western civilisation. After more than a thousand years of denial, a major Jewish publication has effectively admitted that this is true.


They made this admission inadvertently while attacking Stephen Miller, a Jewish White House staffer who supports President Trump’s “harsh” approach to immigration policy.


Until now, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were the main targets of ire for the overwhelmingly liberal American-Jewish community, horrified that members of its own tribe could have contributed to the policies and tone of the Trump White House.


But this past week marked a turning point: Jewish media fury is now aimed squarely at another senior Trump official from the tribe: Stephen Miller, the staunchest advocate of the widely despised family separation policy at the southern border.


There’s a sense that, somewhere in their hearts, Jared and Ivanka should know better. Miller, on the other hand, wholeheartedly embraces and embodies an ideology that many American Jews see as a threat to their own well-being, given that, in their minds, it promotes a vision of America as a white Christian nation.


The editor of the Jewish Daily Forward has called for Stephen Miller to be ostracized from the Jewish community.


Jews Should Disown Stephen Miller Over Trump’s Family Separation Disgrace — by Jane Eisner


All along, he has pushed for an America that privileges white nationalism with unstinting, cheerless determination, consistently defending Trump – whom he calls a “political genius” – even when his positions are deeply unpopular. Even when his own family denounces him.


And they should know. Because the deep hypocrisy underlying Stephen Miller’s dangerous ascent is that he is willfully ignoring his own history. His mother’s family, the Glossers, fled persecution in Belarus in 1903, and built a chain of department and discount stores in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that catapulted them into the upper middle class.


As Miller’s uncle, David Glosser, posted on Facebook: His family “escaped Europe as dirt poor immigrants, joined the community, built businesses, and honestly sold goods to their fellow Johnstowners.”


“My nephew and I must both reflect long and hard on one awful truth. If in the early 20th century the USA had built a wall against poor desperate ignorant immigrants of a different religion, like the Glossers, all of us would have gone up the crematoria chimneys with the other six million kinsmen whom we can never know.”


Being a Jew is about respecting historical memory. It is about exercising responsibility to each other and, by extension, to others who require empathy and assistance. We are admonished to protect the stranger, to recognize that there is one law for residents and aliens alike, to treat others as we wish to be treated. This isn’t liberal or conservative, left wing or right. It’s foundational. These are values shared by Jews across the political spectrum, who may differ on their responses and policy proposals but still adhere to a basic respect for human dignity.


I don’t see how Stephen Miller is part of this community.


In their attacks on Stephen Miller, the Jewish media is effectively admitting that breaking down the ethnic and religious integrity of the peoples they live among is seen as an almost sacred duty among them. Previously, this has been dismissed as a “far-right” fantasy. But a respected Jewish publication has now acknowledged it to be true. This is good. Because hopefully now we have a shared foundation of facts to move forward with in rational debate.


The question that Jewish people need to answer, both collective and individually, is this: If you see the whiteness and the Christian-ness (Western Civilization) of the countries you live in as a threat, a threat you feel it is your mission to counter, then why should people who are white and/or Christian not see you as their enemy?


In this week’s edition of TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour, Dr. Ed interviews Lt. Col. Edward Kennedy.


Lt. Col. Kennedy’s nearly 47-year military career was recently ended when he was dismissed from his professorship of Military History at the Army Staff College.


Professor Kennedy was branded as “politically incorrect” for being a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was ultimately dismissed by the Staff College for having a Robert E. Lee coffee mug in his office.


Lt. Col. Kennedy tells his story of growing up in post WWII Germany as the son of a Naval officer, enlisting in the Army during the Vietnam era, attending West Point, returning to the Army as an officer, serving in the officer’s corps for 21 years, and then teaching in the Staff College for another 2 decades.


Kennedy’s story is a patriotic one of honoring his ancestors and serving his country. Doing these two things should have been complimentary, sadly, they were not.




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


In Galatians 4:16 the Apostle asks the question, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”


My good friend, Dr. Von Peters, reads a story in a Jewish newspaper and as a result of its contents asks a sincere question: do jewish leaders consider whites and Christians and western civilization to be their enemies? There are some people who, rather than have an open and honest dialog to answer it, will just start shouting anti-semitism. Why, because its a lot easier to shout and name call than it is to think or to have a serious discussion.


The same is true for another friend, Lt. Col. Ed Kennedy. Ed is my guest on this week’s TBR Radio Presents the Dixie Heritage Hour. As you listen to the interview you’ll discover that the Army command declared a decorated officer with nearly 47 years of service to his country to be a “hater” and a “racist.” Why? Because he had a Robert E. Lee coffee mug in his office. That and he dared to display a photograph in honor of the first US general to be killed in action during WWII. Actually, he was ordered to display the photo, that was until his superiors found out that the first general to be killed in action in WWII was Brig. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest III. Then they ordered him to take the photo down and never display it again. I’ve known Ed Kennedy since around 2005 when I met him at a convention. There is not a bigoted or hateful bone in his body. And his loyalty to his country is without question. His only “crime” was that as a professor he challenged his Army officer students to THINK. For telling them the TRUTH he was declared to be the enemy.


John Wear is a brilliant historian who, like Professor Kennedy, often chooses to tell uncomfortable truths rather than sugar coat history. The bottom line, history is not always pleasant. In my radio interview with Kennedy, he talks about how when the Soviet Union collapsed and the records were opened in East Berlin, the same records had to be quickly closed because the discoveries of Allied war crimes were being uncovered in too great numbers. Thats the unpleasant truth that John Wear documents for us in his column above. Is he become your enemy because he dared to tell you the truth?


Here is another hard truth – It’s time for Maxine Waters to go.


Waters has crossed a dangerous line by calling for attacks and violence against all Trump officials.


What Waters said, when she called on Americans to “push back” against Trump officials, and make it impossible for them to shop, eat out, or go to gas stations, is one of the most irresponsible statements anyone could have said, let alone a so-called Democrat leader.


It is especially dangerous to call for public attacks at a time in our country when liberals are so wildly unhinged and violent, have no control over their emotions and are brainwashed by fake news and hoodwinked by lying, sleazy politicians like Maxine Waters.


Under the circumstances, censure is not enough for Maxine Waters. Waters should face expulsion for what she’s done.


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663