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Not satisfied with the desecration of the Lee Chapel, prohibiting Confederate Memorial Services on the grounds, and caving in to every single demand of the 6 law students several years ago, the new President of Washington and Lee University in Lexington appointed a committee to study the “problem” of the university’s association with Lee. The results may shock some, but certainly not any of us who have dealt with the university over the past several years.


The report is available online here… https://www.wlu.edu/presidents-office/issues-and-initiatives/commission-on-institutional-history-and-community/report-of-the-commission-on-institutional-history-and-community


It is lengthy and nauseating. We will offer you just A FEW of the committee’s recommendations, which should give you enough of an idea of exactly what is about to take place…


“The commission recognized that it will take time to complete the changes proposed for Lee Chapel and to create a new community gathering space. If the chapel continues to be used in the interim, the university should make several modifications. The portrait of Lee in military garb in the chapel should be replaced by a portrait of Lee in civilian dress. In addition, the fire doors separating the auditorium from the apse should be closed. The Book of Remembrance and the plaque honoring the Confederate soldiers of the Rockbridge Regiment should be temporarily removed during the interim period; if temporary removal is not feasible, didactics should be put in place that will contextualize the objects. In addition, the university should provide guidelines for programming in the chapel during the interim period, and for managing social media connected to the chapel. Finally, in order to avoid commercializing the university’s connection to Lee and the Confederacy, the museum shop should be closed during the interim period.”


“Display only portraits of Lee that portray him in civilian attire, not as a Confederate general. Acquire and prominently display portraits – in either 2D or 3D media – that feature individuals who represent the university’s complete history.” (This is campus wide)


“The newly formed naming committee consider renaming three campus buildings named for Lee (Lee House, Lee Chapel, and Lee-Jackson House).”


Any questions?


For what it’s worth, here is President Will Dudley’s contact information:

Contact Information
Office of the President:
Washington Hall, 2nd Floor

Mailing Address:
204 West Washington Street
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, Virginia 24450
(540) 458-8700

Contact him and ask him to ignore the recommendations of this “committee” and leave the Lee Chapel and the school’s Confederate history ALONE.


Apparently, the first attacks on Lee and the school’s Confederate history were not enough to cause enough alumni to withdraw support. We can only hope this report will open their eyes to what is about to transpire.




Wynton Marsalis: Rap is More Damaging to Black People Than Confederate Statues


Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis didn’t hold back in a new interview where he discussed the impact rap music has had on the Black community, believing hip hop is more damaging to African-Americans than statues of the confederate leaders who fought to preserve slavery.


In a recent interview with journalist Jonathan Capehart on his Cape Up podcast, Marsalis shares that he’s never been fond of the vulgarity some rappers spew on the microphone.


“My words are not that powerful. I started saying in 1985 I don’t think we should have a music talking about ni**ers and b*tches and h*es. It had no impact. I’ve said it. I’ve repeated it. I still repeat it. To me that’s more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee.”


Marsalis assisted New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in removing a statue of the Confederate army commander, but still feels hip hop has more of a negative impact on Black folks.


“I feel that that’s much more of a racial issue than taking Robert E. Lee’s statue down,” he said. “There’s more ni**ers in that than there is in Robert E. Lee’s statue.”


He went on, “It’s just like the toll the minstrel show took on black folks and on white folks. Now, all this ‘ni**er this,’ ‘b*tch that,’ ‘h* that,’ that’s just a fact at this point.


When asked about Kanye West’s latest claims about politics and race, Marsalis dismisses the rapper.


“I would not give seriousness to what he said, in that way. Okay? This guy is making products. It’s not like Martin Luther King said it, a person who knows or is conscious of a certain thing. … [H]e’s entitled to whatever it is he wants to say. The quality of his thought is in the products he makes.”




Governor Bill Haslam has signed the newly amended Heritage Protection Act, which was proposed in response to the removal of Confederate monuments in Memphis.


The act now requires a waiver from the Tennessee Historical Commission before public property containing a statue is sold or transferred, or a statue, monument, or historical marker is removed.


The new legislation also bans any public entity that violates the law from receiving grants from the Historical Commission and the state Department of Economic and Community Development for five years.


The law also allows for anyone with “a real interest in a memorial” to seek an injunction if they believe the law has been violated.


The act went into effect immediately upon Haslam’s signature Monday.




Brevard County Public School officials say a group of attendees at Viera High School’s graduation ceremony Saturday raised the Confederate Flag several times during the ceremony before school officials noticed and asked the students to keep the Flag down.


School administrators reviewed the matter, questioned the students involved and talked with other school officials at the event to determine if the students involved acted or behaved inappropriately.


“No students were disciplined, following an investigation by Viera High administrators,” said Matt Reed, the spokesman for Brevard Public Schools.


“That’s because their intent was to wave a Confederate flag in celebration when a friend’s name was called to walk across the stage – not to (wave) it at non-white graduates — and because the students complied when an assistant principal asked them to put it away.”




President Trump tweeted: “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”


It’s unclear how the Justice Department will respond.


For well more than a year, we’ve heard about the “Did Trump Collude with Russia” storyline that the special counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing. In recent months, a parallel narrative has been developing. In this account, for which a case is slowly building, figures inside the Obama administration and in the Hillary Clinton campaign may have actively spied on and tried to undermine Trump’s presidential campaign.


But anyone who broaches the thought that there might be two stories relating to 2016 campaign skullduggery rather than just one is viciously attacked. When radio and TV host Mark Levin stitched together mainstream-media reports to allege that FISA-court warrants had been sought by the Justice Department to investigate Team Trump, he was branded a conspiracy theorist by Trump critics. He has since been vindicated.


Trump foes have also launched attacks against Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal. She has done pathbreaking reporting on the Justice Department’s refusal to turn over documents on its 2016 actions to the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Representative Devin Nunes (R., Calif.).


Nunes, who has faced the most vitriolic attack, believes that the American people deserve to know whether or not their intelligence agencies have followed the law. “Someone has to watch the watchers,” he said. “The Constitution vests Congress with oversight powers over the executive branch.”


But that’s not how the media see it. Last month, Jason Zengerle of the New York Times wrote a scathing profile of Nunes, whom he dismissed in a tweet as someone “who’s been propagating (and/or falling for) conspiracy theories since before the Deep State was even a gleam in Donald Trump’s eye.”


Liberals and journalists used to be appalled at the abuses of power by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and the CIA against Martin Luther King and others. More recently, while many liberals deplored Edward Snowden’s leaks revealing how extensive U.S.-government snooping has become, they also agreed that the information he revealed showed the need for reforms.


Indeed, former CBS News journalist Sharyl Atkisson has detailed how U.S. intelligence agencies have abused the privacy of Americans. She lists ten examples of such abuses and concludes that, to this day, intelligence and Justice Department officials sometimes “operate not just in direct defiance of their superiors, but of the Congress, the courts and the very laws of the land as well.”


But those aren’t the issues the media are looking to follow. Rather, the news of a possible FBI informant in the Trump campaign has led some Nunes critics to spin out of control. Last Friday, Mark Shields of the normally sedate PBS News Hour took a blowtorch to Nunes and his colleagues.


Recently, in the “green room” of a television network where a distinguished Washington journalist was also waiting to go on air, I mentioned the suspicious revelations about Justice Department actions during the 2016 campaign, and innocently asked why they couldn’t be investigated along with the Russian-collusion story. “There’s only room for one narrative on all this,” the reporter bluntly told me. “And it’s all about Trump.”


Well, that’s not what the American people seem to believe. Just last week, CBSNews.com took a poll on Robert Mueller’s investigation. “A year into the special counsel investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, a slight majority of Americans thinks the investigation is politically motivated,” the pollsters reported. “Fifty-three percent say so, while 44 percent think the investigation is justified.”


You’d think that Beltway reporters – many of whom are convinced that President Trump is such a menace to the country that he must be removed from office – would look into why most Americans view Mueller’s probe skeptically. You would be wrong. CBS did not even report its own poll on television.


All of this proves that media bias isn’t so much about how stories are covered with a clear slant but about how some important stories tend to be ignored because they involve “inconvenient facts.”




The New York Times has been inconsistent in its reporting around the FBI and the investigation of the Trump campaign, which led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz reports about the paper’s changed tune: “The New York Times has run a rather stunning correction, only a year and a half after the fact. Deeply embedded in a lengthy and newsworthy piece about the origins of the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign. What the Times story makes explicit, with studious understatement, is that the Obama administration used its counterintelligence powers to investigate the opposition party’s presidential campaign.


“That is, there was no criminal predicate to justify an investigation of any Trump-campaign official. So, the FBI did not open a criminal investigation. Instead, the bureau opened a counterintelligence investigation and hoped that evidence of crimes committed by Trump officials would emerge. But it is an abuse of power to use counterintelligence powers, including spying and electronic surveillance, to conduct what is actually a criminal investigation.”




The federal investigators investigating the President Donald Trump, not Trump, are the ones who should be under investigation, former governor and political pundit Mike Huckabee says.
“This is really becoming an overgrown and outrageous assault on the presidency – not just Donald Trump – but, on the president’s ability to do his job. It needs to stop.”

“If there’s any investigation that ought to be happening, it’s the investigation of the investigators – who, apparently, have abused their power, used their abilities as federal agencies as a political weapon.
“And, that is frightening. That is a constitutional crisis of great proportion and, Bill, that is something that we need to get to the bottom of.”




A divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers can force workers to use individual arbitration instead of class-action lawsuits to press legal claims. The decision demolishes the ability of tens of millions of employees to band together on claims that, as a practical matter, are too small to press individually.


The justices, voting 5-4, said for the first time Monday that a 1925 federal law lets employers enforce arbitration agreements signed by workers, even if they bar group claims. The majority rejected contentions that a separate law guarantees workers the right to join forces in pressing claims.


The ruling builds on previous Supreme Court decisions that let companies channel disputes with consumers and other businesses into arbitration. The latest decision applies directly to wage-and-hour claims, and its reasoning might let employers avoid class action job-discrimination suits as well.


Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan dissented. Ginsburg called the ruling “egregiously wrong.”


“The inevitable result of today’s decision will be the underenforcement of federal and state statutes designed to advance the well-being of vulnerable workers,” Ginsburg wrote.


Ginsburg called on Congress to pass legislation to override the court’s decision.


Jeff Paulk shares the following letter that he wrote:


Dear Governor Ivey, 5/20/18


I wish to thank you for the stand you are taking on defending and protecting the monuments dedicated to our Confederate dead.


You are taking a lot of heat for your bravery, but you are doing the right thing. This cultural genocide against all things Southern and Confederate has got to be stopped. The whole thing comes down to education. If the truth about our history had been taught for the last 150+ years, instead of Marxist lies and rewritten history, we would not be seeing all of this anti-Confederate nonsense going on. People do not know their history. Those who cry out against our heritage think the War was about slavery. It had nothing to do with slavery, but was all about the redistribution of wealth from the South to the North, subjugating the South, stealing the natural resources of the South, and establishing a strong, centralized government with which we are still shackled today. Those who claim the war was “all about slavery and the South protecting slavery” need to answer this question: “If the War of Northern Aggression was about freeing the slaves, then why did the North not free the more than 420,000 slaves still in the union AFTER the South seceded”? And what about the Corwin Amendment, which would have forever protected slavery if the South would just rejoin the union and ratify it? And the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution which stated the war was NOT about slavery. Even the tyrant and despot, Lincoln, stated the war was not about slavery. Yet we have multitudes of historically stupid people who are foaming at the mouth to change school and street names, take down monuments, and destroy the Confederate Battle Flag because they claim that our ancestors were fighting to protect and perpetuate slavery. These people have no clue about the truth. Sadly, most of them would not be willing to even listen to the truth and entertain the idea that they have been fed a pack of lies.


Your defense of our heritage and the good name of our brave dead is not going unnoticed or unappreciated. Our Confederate dead fought in defense of their homes and families against an illegal invasion. They deserve to have the truth be told and history corrected. Until more people like yourself, in prominent positions, take a stand against this cultural genocide, it will continue to happen. Sadly, it is people in prominent positions who are promoting this genocide, and even sadder, many of them are from the South and have jumped squarely on the Marxist bandwagon to appease a minority of people and try to gain political favor. Thank you for your bravery and steadfastness.


May God bless you and keep you.


Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK (Originally from Union Springs, AL)


Jeff Paulk shares his recent eMail to University President:


May 18, 2018
Dear President Will Dudley,


I will start this off by quoting one of the bumper stickers on my truck; “Are You Politically Correct, Or Historically Stupid”? Your latest plans to further dishonor General Robert E. Lee nauseate me. Why is it that “you people” are so intent with ridding the earth of anything and everything associated with the Confederacy? If only everyone knew the truth about our history instead of the Yankee/Marxist lies and rewritten history, we would not be seeing this cultural genocide taking place against our history, culture, symbols, and heroes. “You people” insist on blaming the South with the slavery issue (even though it existed in the North, and it was the New England Yankees who built the slave ships and ran the slave trade), and contend that the South was fighting to preserve and perpetuate slavery, which is a damnable lie. If the South wanted to protect slavery, all it had to do was to remain in the union where it was already protected by the Constitution.


Our Confederate ancestors fought bravely against overwhelming odds to defend their homes and families from an illegal invasion. This invasion resulted in the murder, rape, and deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, black and white, at the hands of Lincoln’s devils in blue. We are seeing on an almost daily basis the changing of school names, street names, and the removal of statues around the country all because too many people have swallowed the Marxist myths and are too sorry to do just a little simple research to discover the truth. Maybe “you people” are content with being historically stupid and are afraid of the truth, or just don’t want to admit you have been lied to all these years. I am blame well fed up with you fascists trying to erase our history and act like it is something to be ashamed of. What people ought to be ashamed of are the numerous criminal acts by President Lincoln and his terrorist army. Lincoln was after the South’s money and natural resources. He stated himself that slavery was not the issue. “You people” have slandered and besmirched the good name of Robert E. Lee and ALL Confederate soldiers.


“You people” associate Robert E. Lee with slavery, even though he had no slaves and was against slavery, yet you say nothing about General Grant who had slaves and kept them until after the ratification of the 13thAmendment (which is actually what ended slavery, NOT the Emancipation Proclamation).


You have had some Marxist, historically stupid committee make some hare-brained “recommendations”, which further insult the memory of General Lee and all those who served in the righteous Southern cause to be free of a tyrannical, over-taxing centralized government and be free to govern themselves, just as their ancestors did who fought against Great Britain. “You people” are exactly what our Confederate ancestors were fighting against – fascism.


Your “committee” has recommended the following :


“Display only portraits of Lee that portray him in civilian attire, not as a Confederate general. Acquire and prominently display portraits – in either 2D or 3D media – that feature individuals who represent the university’s complete history.” (This is campus wide)


“The newly formed naming committee consider renaming three campus buildings named for Lee (Lee House, Lee Chapel, and Lee-Jackson House).”


I am asking that you ignore the recommendations of this “committee” and leave the Lee Chapel and the school’s Confederate history ALONE.


Mike King submits the following quote:


“In this country, any sort of debate back and forth, any sort of incisive editorial comment in the major newspapers, is almost completely absent… And any member of Congress who’s looking to be re-elected couldn’t possibly say that they would take a balanced position between Israel and the Palestinians, ….it’s very likely that they would not be re-elected,”
– President Jimmy Carter, 2006


Golden Opportunity for Hogg(wash) in Texas?
by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson is the editor and publisher of the Copperhead Chronicle, and a regular contributor to Southern Patriot, The Patriotist, The Fire Eater, and the Sierra Times. He is a member of the Confederate Society of America, the League of the South; the Friends of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; and other patriotic groups.


Well, here we go again. Yet another school shooting in another gun free zone. If you get the feeling that you have heard it all before, it’s because you have-on many occasions in the past few years. I have said before that the shootings will continue until the general public has gotten the “correct” attitude on the Second Amendment (total gun confiscation) because that is what these shootings are really all about-a bloody prelude to grabbing the guns. And if hundreds of students have to be shot in the process, the gun grabbers couldn’t care less! It’s just the collateral damage necessary to achieve their agenda.


In this most recent case in Santa Fe, Texas the shooter is a 17-year old student that they have actually captured instead of killed. That doesn’t happen often. He is supposed to have killed 10 people and wounded more than a dozen others. He was a student at the school he shot up.


According to https://www.zerohedge.com “CNN shared a screenshot of the shooter’s Facebook page before it was taken down. According to Cassandra Fairbanks, Dimitrios Pagourtzis was a ‘Columbiner’: he had the same button that Dylaln Klebold wore on his shoe during the columbine massacre.” I wasn’t exactly sure what a “Columbiner” was so I looked for a definition. I found one on www.urbandictionary.com that said: “Someone who has a profound interest in the April 20th Columbine High School massacre. They may also be obsessed with two of the victims that committed suicide, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris…”


Whatever this kid was, he admired all the wrong people. Zerohedge continued: “The Daily Caller reported that social media pages…reveal he was obsessed with guns, knives and animal torture. They also show that he owned a trench coat with USSR and Nazi symbols on it…His Facebook page also appeared ‘to suggest an obsession with Satanism’.”


Supposedly the shooter wore a black trench coat and carried a sawed-off shotgun. Can you hear the new cries now for “shotgun control?” No AR15 for this kid-he did it the old-fashioned way-which will probably trigger a new call for ALL guns of any kind to be banned!


I wondered as I read about this-where will David Hogg(wash) fit into this situation? I’m sure they can find a spot for him somewhere. With the shooting in Parkland, Florida Hogg(wash) had his “15 minutes of fame” well, maybe 14 & ½ minutes of it, and now he seems to be on the downside of that. Maybe this new shooting in South Texas will give him another chance at yet another 15 minutes of fame; one more chance to excoriate us “old dumb (expletive deleted)” because we didn’t have the good sense to do what needed to be done and left it to his generation to ”’save” the world. I expect more of that sort of drivel from Comrade Hogg in this current situation. It’s my fervent hope that he will just stay seated and keep his trap shut, but I think he is too enamored of his leftist talking points to grace us with his silence!


And this current shooter, with the communist and fascist medals on his coat-well-would you believe the useful idiots on the left are quickly blaming the NRA for him! Somehow, it’s the NRA’s fault this guy is out there! Can they really be that stupid? Some can, but many of them, as you get to the upper levels of their organizations, really know better and they hope we don’t!


If this new shooting ain’t a false flag, it’s the second cousin to one and before we are done with this we will again be subjected to the classic “pressure from above and pressure from below” scenario that I and others have written about so often. When it comes to contacting your “elected representatives” about opposing new and upcoming attempts at gun control measures, you all know what to do.


An Update from HK


H. K. Edgerton is an activist for Southern heritage and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A former president of the NAACP, he is on the board of the Southern Legal Resource Center.


On Tuesday, May 15, 2018 , I would stop in Summerville, South Carolina and visit with the owners of the Dixie Outfitter store there, and later make my way to Charleston, South Carolina where I was scheduled at the invitation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to speak at Pythias Castle to them, their family, friends and other members of the public.


However, since I would arrive early, I decided to uplift my Southern family’s spirits by posting the Southern Cross in the public easement at the corner of Belgrade, which by coincidence, just happened to be approximately 100 yards or so from the South Carolina Federal Credit Savings Bank just behind from where I stood.
As I stood there, don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, having a grand time acknowledging the waves, the shouts, honking of car horns, and an occasional “Rebel Yell” from the many who passed me by on this busy thoroughfare; a middle aged white man would exit the Bank and approach to where I stood. “We don’t want you standing here outside our business. You gonna have to git” he said.


I would inform him that I was standing in the public easement, expressing my 1st Amendment right, and had no attention of leaving. He told me that he was going to call the police, and that I had better go before they arrived. “Not happening” I said. About an hour or so, a Police cruiser with blue lights flashing would pull adjacent to where I stood.


I would salute the officer as I always do wherever I am with the Southern Cross in hand. He would tell me that there had been a call made to the department complaining about a traffic issue. I pointed to the water meter that I stood on to indicate the public easement , but he said, I know, and I have been watching you, and I see no traffic issue, but we had to respond. About that time two other Police cars would enter the parking lot of the Bank, and out of one would exit a very beautiful black Police lady.


I told her “Ma’am, please just take me on to jail if I can ride with you.” She would give me a big smile letting me know that there was no intended sexual harassment intended from me. The Officers were so very kind, and told me to to try and stay dry. I gave them my card and told them that I would be speaking shortly to the Sons and their family, friends and other members of the public who might attend, and would invite them as well.


I would be treated like royalty from a packed house of attendees at the meeting, and can only hope that the Sons will invite me again.


It had been a great day in Dixie from a city that had suffered so much at the hands of a fake news media that would photoshop a picture of Dylan Roof which would lead to the greatest sacrilege of Southern social and cultural genocide that has far exceeded anything committed by ISIS in the middle east. God bless you !


by James W. King


James W. King is the Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 141 in Albany, Georgia


America was founded as a Constitutional Federal Republic composed of a Limited Federal Government and Sovereign States. Nations must evolve to survive. However the problem is they always evolve too much. All change is not for the better. World history records the death of every former empire. Nations evolve to the point that they stray from the foundations that they were built upon and decline until they cease to exist. America has evolved too far and is following the same path to destruction that the Roman Empire followed 2000 years ago. The only anomaly is the South’s fight during 1861-1865 to retain Constitutional Government. The Confederate States of America fell battling under the banner of “States Rights”. Confederate principles are 1. Limited Constitutional Federal Government 2. States Rights 3. Christian-Judaic values. Excess immigration (excess numbers of slaves) and destruction of family values destroyed the Roman Empire and immigration (illegal and excess legal) and destruction of family values are destroying the American Empire. Wal-Mart’s recent decision to join and support homosexuals as part of their diversity program underscores the decline of family values. They refuse to adopt Confederate principles and values as part of that diversity program.


Southern Senators and Congressmen voted against the destructive bills that were voted into law by the other sections of the country. Georgia Senator Richard B. Russell and Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina were two of the most stalwart. Southern “common sense” has almost ceased to exist in American Government. The Northern Socialists who own Hollywood and the mass media actually control America. Through movies and TV the American public are unknowingly brainwashed. They believe they are watching harmless fictional entertainment. Research proves that young people develop and form values, opinions, and beliefs while watching such “harmless entertainment”. They are being indoctrinated for the coming “New World Order”–A Socialist Godless “One World Government” under the United Nations. Hitler and Gobbels understood the power of propaganda and the Northern Socialists that control America do also. They want Americans to eat Big Macs, watch TV programs like Seinfeld and vote in sham elections and be proud to be Americans. We should be proud to be Americans but we need to realize what is happening behind the veil of propaganda.


When the South lost the war in 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee told his men to go home and be good Americans. Southerners did this and have fought America’s wars in larger numbers than any other section of the country. Yet we are attacked by the media and made the nations whipping boy and the butt of jokes as “gratitude” for our contributions. Why? Because the South is the most Christian Conservative part of the nation. These liberal socialists have two goals for America


1.Destroy Christianity and replace it with Secular Humanism and


2. Replace what is left of Democracy with total Socialism. Once they destroy the white Christian conservative South the rest of America will fall in line like sheep behind Secular humanism and Socialism.


That is the real reason they want to destroy Confederate principles and values. The infamous Communist Karl Marx said “a people separated from their heritage are easily persuaded”. So under the “Moral High Ground” guise of black civil rights they have carried forth their propaganda campaign. They are using black activists to unknowingly do their “dirty work” for them. They also use what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots” to help accomplish their agenda. Those who are helping destroy Confederate heritage fit in this group– “white liberals with a guilt complex”. Liberalism is all about “feelings” as opposed to “fact”. These “useful idiots” also include Southern politicians who help remove Confederate flags which are a symbol of the principles and values America was founded upon.


The politically incorrect 752 page book “The South Under Siege 1830-2000” explains in detail what has happened and is currently happening in America. I contributed copies to two libraries in Albany and it is available from Amazon.com or from myself jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net


In the United States of America, there are only two directions left. Either we will reclaim our heritage, or we will surrender our Constitution and Sovereignty to the chains of slavery. The most compelling question that the people of the United States have always grappled with is how to build a government strong enough to preserve order and yet leave society free enough to prevent tyranny.


Puritans, part 3: A Progressive Unfolding


Rebecca is a truth warrior, wife, boymom, and apologetics practitioner for Orthodox Christianity, the Southern tradition, homeschooling, and liberty. A recovering feminist-socialist-atheist and retired mainstream journalist turned domesticated belle and rabble-rousing rhetorician. A mama who’s adept at triggering statists, so she’s going to bang as loudly as she can.


Social Activist Julia Ward wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in 1861, the same year that Henry Timrod composed his “Ethnogenesis” (the poem which kicked off part 2 of this series). In it, she penned that God will use His “terrible swift sword” to bring judgment upon “condemners” and “crush the serpent with his heel.” The wicked this New Yorker wanted to vanquish was, of course, the Southern people.


Howe, the daughter of a Wall Street Banker and Calvinist-turned-Unitarian, saw the Northern cause as a holy war – the Yankees’ manifest destiny – and the Union as the army of God, whose cannons rained hellfire upon a peaceful people. Or God’s “fiery gospel writ in rows of burnished steel,” as Howe liked to call these weapons of conquest. “Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!” so goes the refrain.


Howe typifies the New England crusader mindset – a self-aggrandizing moral superiority that historian Clyde Wilson terms the Treasury of Counterfeit Virtue: “a kind of plenary indulgence that automatically pre-justifies the motives of American violence and the goodness inherent in America’s acts to force the world into conformity with its ideal version of itself.” You know, progress.


She also represents the consequence of what cultural historian Richard Webster called “secular monasticism,” in which “every Puritan could become his own abbot, regulate his own day, weigh his own sins inside the dark cell of his own conscience and there prescribe and inflict the penance which he deemed just.” Puritans were the predestined elect, so why not?


It was this “rational soul” of the Puritans and their secular descendants that was the absolute sovereign, not the Lord. It required a “spiritual police force no less cruel than Calvin’s at Geneva,” where (under his theocratic rule in the 1540s) 150 dissidents were burned alive on slow-burning pyres of green wood in an effort to promulgate adherence to the theologian’s cleansed religion by civil means.


It was precisely Puritanism’s rigid totalitarianism, rational asceticism, and adherence to a fluid theology (as described in part 1) that made it a breeding ground for the progressive ethos. Eventually gone were the Jesus followers, but what remained were rootless, majoritarian radicals, who aimed to “fortify the government of their own reason.”


Their vehement opposition to Scriptural traditions and Church heritage, and emphasis on personal interpretation made Puritanism intrinsically schism-prone. With each re-creation came gaping theological holes to be filled with differing ideologies, until God and Biblical justice were altogether abandoned for “social justice.”


Even when Calvinist-borne Congregationalism became the official state religion of Massachusetts, it still couldn’t stop the constant splintering and “the spreading of the contagion of corrupt opinions,” as colonist Rev. Thomas Shepard described it. After all, change had always been at the heart of the Puritan ethic.


Yet, the core dogma of forging heaven on earth, a new Zion, held fast. It was simply passed from the hands of the Christian Hebraist fathers to their puritanical atheist sons. No longer necessary were parishes or pastors or even God. Statism became the new church and the zealotry of its members was/is stronger than ever.
People would eventually become trained in the habits of obedience to the religion of secular Puritanism, if beaten down enough through law, regulation, invasion, war, re-education, propaganda, and reconstruction. Why recognize the reality of original sin and live your life in humble accordance when there is forced sanctification of the here and now?


That’s the faith of the progressive Puritan. Presentist. Moralistic. Hubristic. Perfectible. Activist. Ideological. Reform-minded. Reinventing and forward thinking. “His truth is marching on.”


So, how else did this puritanical polity begin to unfold? Let’s pick up where my last two blogs left off.


The Enlightenment


By the 18th century, the Enlightenment was taking root on both sides of the Atlantic with its core belief that human reason was sufficient for all earthly good. From that sprang the theoretical idea of “equality.”


And not the Golden-Rule kind of concept of understanding that all men are made in the image of God and, thus, have dignity and worth, no matter his station in life or his unique differences. But rather the subversive kind of equality that wants to eradicate true human diversity. In other words, egalitarianism.


This social philosophy presupposes that people aren’t distinct, none having his own talents and desires. What is paramount is the common, the greater good, no matter the cost.


Although some positives were born out of the Enlightenment, it also fostered vapid humanism over beautiful individualism. Ego over faith. Present over past. Man over God. Worldly over eternal. Voltaire over Jesus.


And depending on where and when it took hold, it could result in liberty (the American Revolution with Jeffersonianism) or mob rule (the French Revolution with Robespierre and the Reign of Terror … and, of course, modern-day America with cultural Marxism).


The Age of Enlightenment also doubled-down on the Puritan notion of newness. As Thomas Paine’s influential pamphlet “Common Sense” stated, “We have it in our power to begin the world again.”


The Great Awakenings


From the 1730s-1750s, the First Great Awakening took place both in the colonies and in England. The revivalists, such as Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards, countered the religion-is-dead notions of the Enlightenment and tried to unite pastors from different Protestant denominations.


The traveling missionaries spread the Gospel through dramatic sermons at large outdoor gatherings. The revivals were often received by hyper-emotional attendees and resulted in mass conversions.


The Second Great Awakening spanned the 1790s-1840s in the newly formed United States. This reprise gave rise to Christian social activism, most specifically the abolition, temperance, suffrage, and public-education movements, and also pinpointed evangelizing efforts to settlers moving West.


Though religious fervor abated, these Awakenings and their fire-and-brimstone preachers like Charles Finney had a lasting impact on America through not only their establishment of colleges and seminaries, but also their emphasis on democratization and social reform. The progressive hive-mind was spreading both theologically and politically.


Differences & independence


As spelled out earlier in the series, the vast differences between North and South had existed from the very beginning. Cultural, religious, economic, and political.
Southerners were in large part conservative, upholding social patterns of culture and heritage, not knocking them down. Distrustful of democracy, they were agrarian, poor farmers, landed gentry, rural folk, indentured servants, ladies and gentleman, entrepreneurs, soldiers, and clannish refugees.


Northerners were chiefly ideologues, repudiating tradition, not preserving it. Corporate and majoritarian, they were commercial, industrial, urban folk, mercantilists, bankers, peddlers of easy money, seafarers, and conquerors and savers of the unwashed masses.


While the colonies were under British rule, these disparities really didn’t cause much of a fuss. But once the sections joined forces to secede from England, create a republic, and govern it first under the highly decentralized Articles of Confederation and then the more consolidated U.S. Constitution, hostilities grew.
During the Revolutionary War, Southerners fought not to obtain the “abstract universal rights” of equality, the general will, and progress (as did many New Englanders), but rather to resist King George’s “disrespect” toward the colonies. They wanted to defend their rights as Englishmen: Common Law, property rights, and prosperity through self-determination.


Constitutional crises


Centralization was key for New England, whereas decentralization was fundamental for Southerners. This was keenly typified by the Virginia representatives at the Constitutional debates.


“Patrick Henry questioned the authority of the Philadelphia Convention to presume to speak for ‘We, the people’ instead of ‘We, the states,'” explains historian William J. Watkins, Jr. “In [Henry’s] view, delegates should have only recommended amendments to the Articles of Confederation.”


And it was George Mason who insisted on the Constitution having enumerated powers and negative liberties. This catalyzed the creation of the “Bill of Rights,” which James Madison wrote based upon Mason’s “Declaration of Rights” for Virginia from 1776.


“Mason countered that a national, consolidated government would overburden Virginians with direct taxes in addition to state taxes, and that government of an extensive territory must necessarily destroy liberty,” Watkins adds. Thus, Mason was one of only three Constitutional delegates who refused to sign the document.
“… He wanted a clear line between the jurisdictions of the federal and state governments, including the judiciary, because he feared the shared powers would lead to ‘the destruction of one or the other.'” Prescient.


The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson respectively) further prove this decentralist Southern position, which today we proponents call “original intent” and opponents call the “Lost Cause.”


American “Exceptionalism”


In “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” Puritan preacher John Bunyan wrote, “The way to the Celestial City, lies just through this town, where the lusty fair is kept; and he that will go to the City, and yet not go through this town, must needs go out of the world.”


The literary classic speaks of spreading the message of Puritanism beyond the borders of Massachusetts. Granted, Christians are called to be fishers of men, sharing the Good News with humanity. But what the Puritans ended up spreading was progressivism. Change we can believe in.


“It has been our (America’s) fate not to have an ideology, but to be one.”
– Historian Richard Hofstadter


That is what America has become. She is the ideology. Always new. Always purifying. Always growing. Manifest Destiny. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” admitted Barack Obama, October 30, 2008. Progress and predestination now and then.


The artwork symbolizing this creed (pictured at the top of the blog) is called “American Progress.” Like an oil-brushed Julie Howe, the angelic female Progress is adorned with “the star of empire” on her forehead as she readies and leads us toward an era of modernity, democratic advancement, and westward expansion all the way to the Pacific.


This rallying cry was underpinned by the idea of divine providence: that God endowed America’s exceptionalism and, by virtue, her growing dominion. So by the 1820s, many Puritan inheritors had become moral crusaders in the burgeoning territories.


Steeped in the Puritan ethic – a works-based path to salvation that played down the tenet of original sin – these reformers sought to civilize the Indians and Catholic immigrants settling the frontier, readying themselves for their eventual taming of that uncouth creature known as Johnny Reb.


Some Southerners succumb


Interestingly, “it was Southerners who embraced the great national wars against Great Britain in 1812 and Mexico in the 1840s … (and) the concepts of national greatness and manifest destiny,” explains historian John Devanny.


In fact, it was Virginia-born James Monroe who purchased Spanish Florida. He also gave us the influential Monroe Doctrine. It was a policy that put European powers in check, isolating the U.S. from their sphere of influence. But the doctrine also enabled the U.S. to seek its own ambitions in all of the Americas sans Old World competition.


It was Thomas Jefferson who made the Louisiana Purchase from France, doing so for unencumbered trade access to the Mississippi, but still doubling the size of the U.S. It was Virginian John Tyler who pushed for and signed a bill annexing Texas, permitting its statehood.


It was North Carolina-born and Tennessee-raised James K. Polk, who secured the Oregon Territory from Britain. He also acquired California and much of the Southwest through the Mexican-American War.


And it was Virginia-born Henry Clay, known as the “Great Compromiser,” who made a name for himself as a Kentucky politician by promoting the “American System” – a high-tax, pro-national bank, pro-central authority, nationalistic philosophy. In other words, Hamiltonianism.


There were notable exceptions, like John C. Calhoun, John Randolph of Roanoke, John Taylor of Caroline, and Jefferson before and after his presidency. But still, many influential Southerners seemed to have temporarily succumbed to the progressive mentality.


But all that changed with the election of 1860. It was the tipping point that gave “Dixie a ‘national consciousness,'” as Devanny describes it, snapping the duped Southern statesman out of his malaise and rekindling in him his localist and limited-government heritage.




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Each issue of the Dixie Heritage Letter is a work in progress. For example, on Wednesday I inserted the Wynton Marsalis piece from EBONY and now its barely lunch time on Thursday and the Internet has literally lit up with responses to it. Seems that black folks are a lot more vocal in defending their RAP and HIP-HOP music than we are in defending our culture and heritage.


And speaking of black culture, CNN is reporting (Thursday) that Morgan Freeman has just been inducted into the Bill Cosby Club. EIGHT (8) women (so far) have accused the movie icon of sexual harassment, groping, you know the routine. In reality though, this has nothing to do with black and white. It has to do with political position. When a liberal, like Bill Clinton rapes a woman, well thats OK. But let an outspoken conservative, like Bill Cosby, even lookout a woman and, well, you know how it ends up being reported in the media. I always thought that Morgan was a liberal icon? So why is CNN coming down so hard on him? There is more to this than meets the eye. Look for the hidden clues as the story unfolds! I just hope that this will be reason enough for the Parks Service to pull that blasphemous film narrated by Morgan at the Gettysburg Center.


On Wednesday afternoon a candidate for Jefferson County District Court Judge has died less than 24 hours after winning the primary race. Attorney Danny Alvarez, 43, was in the running for Kentucky District Court 30 Division 9 Judge. Alvarez was the top vote getter in a field of four candidates, which included incumbent Judge Andre Bergeron. Foul Play?


Tuesday I found out from a reliable source that there have been 7, thats right, SEVEN attempts to assassinate President Trump. At least seven that the media has known about and failed, or refused to report. I talk about it with investigative journalist Pat Shannan in this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour. Click and listen!


And, as I type (Thursday lunchtime) my newsfeeds are blowing up that the President has cancelled the North Korea summit. Am I disappointed? Yes. But don’t take what the “media” is reporting too seriously. Below is a copy of the President’s letter to Kim Jong Un. Read it and learn The Art of the Deal.


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