“…I honor the State of Virginia because she has taken charge of the Confederate veterans in their old age. All Americans must ever show high honor to the men of the War Between the States, whether they wore the blue or whether they wore the gray, so long as they did their duty as the light was given them to see their duty with all of the strength that was in them. Here I greet you in the shadow of the statue of your commander, Gen. Robert E. Lee. . .[He] has left us the memory, not merely of his extraordinary skill as a general, his dauntless courage and high leadership in campaign and battle, but also of that serene greatness of soul characteristic of those who most readily recognize the obligations of civic duty. ” ~ President Teddy Roosevelt, January 16, 1907. Excerpt from the letter to the Committee of Arrangement for the Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of General Robert E. Lee.


It’s called RESPECT!


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Post: March 21, 2018