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The Austin Independent School District met with community members last week Thursday night to get feedback on whether to change the names of five district buildings. All five buildings were named for people connected to the Confederate military or government during the CWBTS.


Back in November, the district administration asked the board to consider renaming the following buildings:


Eastside Memorial High School at the Johnston Campus (formerly Albert Sidney Johnston High School)
Sidney Lanier High School
John H. Reagan High School
Zachary Taylor Fulmore Middle School
The Allan Facility (formerly Allan Elementary, named after Confederate Army officer John T. Allan)


Around 30 people attended the meeting Thursday night at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in North Austin. The attendees included alumni, teachers, students and community members of the five schools.


The crowd was divided into small groups to discuss opinions. The overwhelming majority were against changing the names, but for different reasons.


Some had concerns over the fact that these five schools were chosen over others in the district. For example, Stephen F. Austin, the namesake of Austin High School, was a proponent of slavery. James Bowie was a slave trader. This lack of consistency bothered Elaine Bohls-Graham, a Reagan High School alumnus and current AISD teacher.


“There are other individuals who have schools, buildings, cities, named after them,” said Bohls-Graham. “[They] were slave owners and also participated.”


She is also opposed to changing the names because she says it would erase the fact that proponents of slavery are part of Austin’s history.


“You can’t change history,” Bohls-Graham said. “You have to move forward, and you have to use it as a teachable moment for people.”


Another reason attendees were against the name change had to do with the legacy of the schools. Eduardo Vaca-Amaya attended Lanier High School and currently works as a special education teaching assistant there. He says if the name changes, a part of his personal history is also erased.


“People will never know where Lanier High School was,” Vaca-Amaya said. “For me, it’s on a personal level, because now that I work there and came back, I see that Lanier High School has grown as a great community.”


People also cited the cost of changing a name as a concern, when many of these schools could use the money for academic or facility needs. District documents show costs could exceed $77,000 per secondary school.


Despite the overwhelming public opposition to the name changes, and the almost total lack of support for them, the school board reconvened and voted 7-2 on Monday for changing the school names. Trustees Ann Teich and Julie Cowan voted against.


The board estimates that effecting the changes will take around two months to complete.




What do all 54 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence have in common? They all SIGNED their names!


It seems that University of North Carolina professors lack the same courage in their so-called “convictions!


An anonymous group of 17 University of North Carolina faculty members is vowing to remove the Confederate statue “Silent Sam” by force if the school does not.


The self-proclaimed “seventeen Tar Heel faculty” delivered their unsigned ultimatum to Chancellor Carol Folt, demanding she “remove the statue by March 1 at midnight,” or “we will do it ourselves.”


Exactly when the group would act, however, is undetermined. According to the email, the statue may be taken down within the hour, week, or month of the deadline, and could happen at any time from early morning to the middle of the night.


While electing to remain anonymous, the group claims to not fear arrest.


While some initially speculated that the letter might be a hoax, The Daily Tar Heel confirmed with one senior faculty member that the group of professors does in fact exist.


In a tweet released overnight on Wednesday someone at the University claimed that the anonymous group says it had gotten word from UNC Chancellor Carol Folt that she is preparing to ask Governor Roy Cooper to petition the State Historical Commission for an urgent ruling to allow UNC to relocate the statue.


For now, at least, the school says it has cameras watching the statue day and night.




DeKalb County wants to remove its Confederate monuments. Only one problem, there is a State law in place that prevents them from doing so. Hey DeKalb, the same state law was in place in Memphis and that didn’t stop them.


Oh, DeKalb County has a little more respect for the law?


The Georgia law would allow that prevents removal of monuments does allow for relocation. Only one problem, the County is begging but as of yet hasn’t received any proposals for relocating a single Confederate monument. Rather than accept defeat the County has extended the deadline for 30 days. Zachary Williams, the county’s chief operating officer, said outreach efforts like newspaper ads are being planned in hopes of creating leads.


The commissioners say outside groups must detail where the monument will go, public access and specific communication strategy. Commissioners have not said what they will do if no proposals are received.




A settlement reached in federal court between York County and a Harrisburg activist will allow Gene Stilp to hold his flag-burning demonstration that was originally scheduled for November. Stilp delayed his plans in York County after receiving a permit denial letter from county solicitor Glenn Smith.


In his letter, Smith cited a letter requiring that “any person who desires to congregate, assemble or use county property” must make such request in a letter at least 60 days in advance of the desired time of use and include a check for $100.


Stilp filed a lawsuit against the county, arguing that the ordinance violated the First Amendment “in so many ways,” including imposing restrictions to assemble based on a group or individual’s message, vague rules and outdated references.


Stilp said Tuesday that he and the county had come to an agreement enabling him to hold his flag burning and that the county will soon change its ordinance.


A county spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment about when or how the ordinance would change.


The lawsuit still sits in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania pending a ruling or agreement on refunding attorney fees, Stilp said.


Emboldened by his “victory,” Stilp will be turning his attention to his congressional campaign, using his victory to announce he will be running for the Democratic nomination in the newly drawn 10th District.


Under the new map, redrawn by the state Supreme Court, the 10th District will include all of Dauphin County and parts of York and Cumberland counties. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Dillsburg, lives in the district.




A New York Times best-selling author who specializes in crime smelled trouble when she thought she saw a Confederate Flag waving in her neighborhood.


Author Rebecca Morris then tipped off the Seattle Police and the news desk at The Times.


“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N,” she said. “I would love to know what this “means” … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag?”


Investigators immediately went to check out the commotion and found a flagpole with the US flag waving and directly below it red flag with blue and white stripes making a cross upon it. It was not the Confederate flag though. Rather, the suspected Confederate banner was actually the Norwegian national flag, raised by a patriot in support of Team Norway in the Winter Olympics.


When confronted by a reporter about her mistake Morris replied, “Maybe that’s the story … we’re so stressed by all things political that we see things that aren’t there.” We at Dixie Heritage couldn’t agree Moore (pun intended).


I’m not certain if we should file this one under good news? or bad?


The City of Chattanooga, Tennessee has filed a petition in Chancery Court asking that management of the Confederate Cemetery be turned over to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).


The SCV has joined in the petition.


The cemetery is located by the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus. It is beside the Citizens Cemetery and the Jewish Cemetery on the old Gardenhire farm.


The issue arose last August when Mayor Andy Berke ask City Attorney Wade Hinton to file the necessary paperwork “to confirm the city is no longer listed as a trustee of a Confederate Cemetery on East Third Street.”


Mayor Berke then said, “Our action today makes it clear that the city of Chattanooga condemns white supremacy in every way, shape and form. While we honor our dead, we do not honor the principle for which they fought. Our city should be invested in our future, not a discredited past. Confederates fought against America to preserve slavery. That is the truth, and we should no longer subsidize any myths to the contrary.”


However, the petition was not filed until this month. It is being handled for the city by attorneys Alan Cates and Ariel Anthony.


The petition says in 1942 through an order of Circuit Court that the City was made a trustee of the cemetery along with several citizens. It was to be in effect for five years. The petition says the city’s term as trustee expired in 1947.


According to the petition, the SCV has actually been the group that has been tending to the cemetery for many years and wants to continue to do so.


The case is before Chancellor Jeff Atherton.


Here is the full petition:




The City of Chattanooga ( the ” City”) and the Veterans Cemetery Trust, through counsel, respectfully submit this Joint Petition to the Court to Appoint Veterans Cemetery Trust as Successor Trustee ( the ” Petition”) of the real property at 850 East 3rd Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee. In support of their Petition, the City and the Veterans Cemetery ”


Trust would show the Court as follows:


1. On September 3, 1867, George W. Gardenhire conveyed by warranty deed to John V. Brown, J. L. M. French, and A. D. Taylor, and their successors, as trustees, certain land to be used as a cemetery for the dead of the Confederate arms- (the ” Cemetery”). A true and accurate copy of the Warranty Deed is attached hereto as Exhibit A.


2. On April 11, 1901, an additional parcel of property bordering the Cemetery was conc-ec*ed, by warranty deed, from F.M. Gardenhire to Anna R. Van Dyke and Leona Gardenhire, as trustees, for the purpose of expanding the Cemetery and of allowing an entry to the Cemetery.


3. On May 25, 1942, the City, along with Maggie Lynn Peeples, C. E. Buek, George W. Gardenhire, and Dr. Battle McLester (collectively, the ” Trustees”), were determined by decree of the First Division of the Circuit Court of Hamilton County, Tennessee ( the ” Decree”) to be trustees for the Cemetery. A true and accurate copy of the Decree is attached hereto as Exhibit B.


4. The Decree provides that the Trustees were to serve for a period of five ( 5) years from the date of the decree, and until the successor Trustees are elected and qualified. See Exhibit B.


5. The Decree provides that if any of the Trustees were to resign, die, or remove their residence from Chattanooga, Tennessee, the remaining Trustees were empowered to elect a successor “Trustee to serve for the remainder of the term. See Exhibit B.


6. No successor trustees were ever appointed after the expiration of the five ( 5) year term described in the Decree.


7. As of the filing of this Petition, the trust owns the Cemetery.


8. The City’s term as trustee expired May 25, 1947, and no further appointments of successor co -trustees have occurred thereafter.


9. The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Local, State and National not -for -profit organization, currently maintain the Cemetery, and have maintained the Cemetery for many years.


10. The Sons of Confederate Veterans have sought the City’s authorization to maintain the Cemetery for years.


11. The City believes it is in the best interest of the Cemetery to remove any bureaucratic barriers for the maintenance of the Cemetery.


12. The general assembly of the State of Tennessee recognizes that the proper maintenance of a cemetery or burial grounds, whether private or public, is in the interest of the public health and safety serving a valid public purpose. Penn. Code Ann. j 46- 7- 101( a).


13. A trust created for the perpetual care or improvement of a cemetery or graves lessens the burden of government and, therefore, was found by the general assembly to be a charitable trust. ‘ 1′ o that end, the general assembly declared its support for the establishment and formation of trust corporations to serve as trustee of charitable trusts for the perpetual care of private cemeteries. Tcnn. Code Ann. § 46- 7- 101( b).


14. Petitioner Veterans Cemetery Trust has obtained the required approvals from the Secretary of State to be appointed trustee of a cemetery, pursuant to Title 46 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. Veterans Cemetery Trust is a duly organized Tennessee corporation, registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


15. The Veterans Cemetery Trust was created for the purpose of and desires to be appointed successor trustee of the Cemetery, with the stated purpose of administering the Cemetery and for the perpetual care of the Cemetery, in accordance with Tennessee law. T.C.A. § 46-7- 102.


WHEREFORE, the City and Veterans Cemetery Trust respectfully request that this Court:


A. Declare that the City no longer serves as trustee;


B. Appoint Veterans Cemetery Trust as successor trustee for preservation of the Cemetery, to serve for so long as it continues to operate in such capacity;


C. Provide such other relief as the Court may deem necessary.




The city of Charlottesville, Virginia has been ordered to remove the black tarps currently covering two Confederate statues downtown.


Reading from an official court letter Tuesday afternoon, Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore said he thinks the shrouds on the statues of Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are a violation of a state code protecting the removal or disturbance of war memorials.


Moore said the city will have 15 days to remove the tarps after an official order has been signed.


Though Moore previously said he would allow the shrouds to remain for a temporary period, he said the Charlottesville City Council has yet to define a definitive period for which the shrouds will remain.




A huge Confederate Flag will continue flying 80 feet above Interstate 95 in Stafford County, Virginia after Stafford County’s Board of Zoning Appeals declined to consider a request to have the Flag declared an unlawfully large sign on Tuesday.


NBC4 reports the board members decided the petitioners did not have legal standing to make the request because they don’t live nearby.


Clark Leming represents Patricia Joshi and Thomas Jones, who brought the petition to the board. He said the Flag affects his clients’ quality of life.


“It’s a threat and it’s intimidating,” Leming said.


The lawyer also said the owner of the property on which the Flag is planted demonstrated racial bias, and the group leasing the land supports white supremacists.


If the board had taken the case, however, the Flag’s owners might have argued that it is exempt from a local rule that limits sign size because it is the symbol of a state.


But Leming said the Confederacy is no longer a state, and it should not be protected by zoning rules.


“We don’t believe that the Confederacy is a geopolitical entity under the meaning of the ordinance,” Leming said.


And even if the Confederacy were a state, Leming said the well-known flag flown under Robert E. Lee was not one of the three flags officially used by the Confederate States Of America.


So this case is far from determined. Leming said he will ask Stafford Circuit Court to force the Board of Zoning Appeals to consider his clients’ complaint.




President Trump is running for re-election. This was known many months ago when his office filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission forming a committee for a re-election bid. But it was given a new boost Tuesday by the Drudge Report, which announced that the president was indeed making a 2020 bid.


The real news, however, was who Trump will task to run his campaign. That job is being handed to Brad Parscale, the top digital strategist and digital-media director for Trump’s 2016 campaign, who, Drudge said, is reportedly slated to be the president’s top man in 2020. It is an interesting choice for Trump, who was also considering Nick Ayers, a top aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and Jason Miller, the communications director on his 2016 campaign.


Parscale started working for the Trump Organization in 2011. Because of the role he played on the first campaign, he has been a focus of investigators looking into potential ties between the campaign and the Russian government. Parscale has maintained his innocence. He appears now to be the first-ever digital strategist tasked with running a presidential campaign.




Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chairman of the House intelligence committee, told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Monday morning that who leaked the transcript of Michael Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador to the United States is the only “obvious felony” to emerge from the whole Trump-Russia investigation.


“It is the one felony that’s very, very serious, leaking the highest, most sensitive information that we have in our government that got leaked to multiple people…so this was spread all over Washington, which it had to be high-level officials in the Obama administration right before President Trump was sworn in to office and nothing’s been done about that,” Nunes said.


“So we’ve been chasing around Russian ghosts all over the country, all over the world, accusing people of things, spying on other Americans in the Trump campaign, found no collusion, have found no felonies except that you have this obvious felony of classified information that was leaked over a year ago, and nothing’s been done about it.


“And this should not be very hard to figure out, right, because very few people would have had this information, and you know that this information had to only go to the top people. And then somehow within days, that information, that phone call, that transcript, gets leaked to some of the nation’s top mainstream newspapers in this country, and you’re telling me that DOJ and FBI can’t find out who that is? It’s not believable. So we’re going to have to keep pressing to get them to investigate.”


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Bartiromo a week ago that the leaking classified documents “is being investigated.”


“I will say this, the last two years before I became Attorney General there were, each year, there were three open investigations of classified leaks. Now we have 27. We’re going after this aggressively.”


Nunes said on Monday it doesn’t seem like it would be very hard to find the leaker or leakers.


by Dr. Scott Lively


Dr. Scott Lively is a Pastor, author, and attorney. He is a Dixie Heritage subscriber who is currently running as a Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.


A columnist for Teen Vogue magazine, the liberal Lauren Duca: “The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time. Anyway, have fun in hell, b****,” she tweeted. She later said in defense of her comments, “‘Respecting the dead’ only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of s*** while they were living.”


What sin of the great evangelist Billy Graham, whose decades of humble altruism blessed so very many, could possibly motivate this poison-tongued child of the millennium to utter such vile pronouncements on behalf of her generation?


It’s all explained by her later justification “calling Graham ‘homophobic’. ”


After 30 years of defending the Biblical view of marriage and sexuality around the world as a Christian pastor, attorney and human rights consultant, I can tell you that Duca’s assessment of Billy Graham epitomizes the leftist mind on LGBT issues: accurately reflecting the absolute intolerance for any disapproval of homosexuality, even in its most passive and innocent form. Billy Graham was decidedly no right-wing zealot on social issues — and in fact I and many other Christian conservatives were very disappointed that he did not speak more frequently and effectively for the pro-family cause during his career. Yet, to Duca, even this mild and gracious man deserves to “burn in hell” — for the sin of believing and gently articulating the tenets of the Bible.


That is the secret behind the slur “homophobe:” it defines every person who will not fully endorse homosexuality as a mentally-ill bigot driven by obsessive hatred and fear. Don’t believe it? Ask any “gay” activist where the line is between homophobia and legitimate opposition to homosexuality; what things are people allowed to say in contradiction to LGBT dogma without being a “homophobe?” You’ll learn there is no line — ANY disagreement is “homophobia.”


SO, if that’s the reaction of the left to a man like Billy Graham, you can begin to appreciate how much hatred, slander and abuse I’ve endured as a leading opponent of the LGBT agenda. Keep that in mind when you hear liberal defenders of homosexuality and transgenderism like Charlie Baker and MA House Minority leader Brad Jones characterizing me as “poison” to the Republican Party. When it comes to “gay” issues, they are so blinded by hate they can’t recognize the true compassion of Bible-believing Christians who showcase the destructiveness of sexual deviance so that LGBT sufferers and society as a whole can be spared its consequences.


by Tom Rogan


Tom Rogan grew up in London but recently moved to Virginia. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian, The National Review, Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, and The Daily Caller.


A village in western Germany just showed why we shouldn’t remove Confederate statues from public places.


The people of Herxheim did so with a 10-3 Parish council vote to retain a Nazi-inscribed bell in a village church. The Agence France-Presse notes that the decision followed a historian’s testimony that withdrawing the bell would represent “an evasion of a reasonable and enlightened culture of remembrance.”


As we debate the presence of Confederate statues across the southern states, we could learn much from Herxheim’s citizenry. First off, we can share the German villagers’ recognition that history is set in stone. While we might not know the exact circumstances of an event, by embracing the constant pursuit of new information and perspectives, historians are constantly scouring archives and battlefields for hidden evidence that might shed new light on past events. This pursuit is hurt, not helped, by the reflex to remove historical representations from common view.


Although many Americans justifiably believe that Confederate symbols are a celebration of slavery and injustice, removing those symbols from the public eye does not change history. What’s done is done, and it is what we do next that matters most.


And considering what comes next, if we withdraw statues, we don’t simply close down debate, we reduce contemplation. After all, what the eye cannot see, the mind cannot contemplate.


Herxheim recognizes that the surest way to prevent another holocaust and totalitarian empire is to educate citizens about what came before. Gathering together in moral communion in a church, Herxheim congregants can see the bell and remember how insidious and deeply rooted Nazism once was in their home village. They are thus always reminded to stay vigilant to the cause of history and the moral necessity of human freedom.


Surely the same approach should apply to Confederate statues. While some in the South will always look with reverence at statues of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, others will always see traitors and slavers. Yet that’s not the key here. What’s most important is that all see statues and know that something important happened to provoke their construction. With good teachers, emboldened historians and a vigorous public debate, these statues will not be measured by that which their builders intended, but rather by their invitation to constantly reconsider important events.


If we believe that intellectual curiosity is the surest means of pursuing a better, more just society, then we should welcome the provocation to think.


As I say, we could learn much from the people of Herxheim.


Old joke: “A smoke filled room with no drinking or dancing – must be a Baptist party.”


Processing of tobacco into products for smoking was a huge business in nineteenth-century America.


The estimates of how many domestic cigar factories were operating before the War Between the States vary. But a conservative estimate made in 1860 says there were at least 1,478 cigar factories and 8,000 people employed in them, 9% of whom were women. 1860-1870 was the decade that the American Cigar Industry was “born.”


Cigars were so popular with the soldiers that in 1863 the Federal Government of the United States began making the ground rules for cigar makers: quantities of tobacco, type of boxes, number of cigars in packages, notices, warnings, taxes and tax stamps, signs, moving tobacco, selling tobacco, licenses, employee bonds…the rules of the game-business.


There was an absence of rules governing selling to children or truth in advertising. It’s that “anything goes advertising” that makes the WBTS period cigar industry so fascinating.


Cigars were the king of sutler wares. Cigars were consumed more than any other commodity.


Cigarettes, as we know them today, were nowhere to be found.


That is why cigarettes are such a common problem at reenactments. Lots of folks smoke. So they want to do so at the reenactments. But essentially, cigarettes did not exist during the war. They just are not period correct.


Cigarettes, as we know them today, were a “dainty” item that was just starting to make their way around Europe (mainly France) at the time of the War. So there may have been a few of them in Texas as some may have made their way across the Rio Grande from Mexico because of the French troops stationed there. But even that is speculation as there is no photograph of anyone smoking anything resembling a modern day cigarette during the War Between the States.


We know that the cowboys and ranchers in Texas and other places were hand-rolling cigarettes after the war. Cigarettes began to grow in popularity AFTER the war. But for the WBTS re-enactor cigars or pipes would be period correct.


At the time of the war, most soldiers, both US and CS troops, thought cigarettes lacking in strength. Northerners often preferred a pipe and Southerners often elected to simply chew their tobacco. But both sides loved cigars.


The occasional reference to men rolling cigarettes during the WBTS were not references to cigarettes as as think of them today. For example, troops in Georgia reference rolling “cigarello” by taking scraps of tobacco and rolling them in newspaper. Basically, these were small cigars with a paper wrapper – not a cigarette as we think of it today.


While a pipe was easy to acquire and very inexpensive. Cigars were a little more expensive, therefore sometimes prohibitive for the private soldier on the Southern side. But the officers loved them. Can you imagine Grant or Longstreet without their cigar?


For a limited time, we are offering re-enactors period correct cigars at a ridiculous price.


These are hand-rolled cigars, individually handmade, by a Cuban artisan, in the same fashion that cigars were rolled during the WBTS. This artisan, who shares our ancestry, has donated them to us and now we must convert them into actual cash that we can use to fund our ongoing efforts to lobby political leaders.


So for a limited time you can get 10 hand-rolled cigars, individually handmade, by a Cuban artisan, in the same fashion that cigars were rolled during the WBTS (more than enough for the weekend reenactment) for a donation of just $30 (including shipping). These are cigars that would normally cost upwards of $85 plus shipping. For a limited time, we can make them available to you for a donation of just $30. If demand should exceed supply your donation will be returned.


Order a bundle of 10 period correct cigars: undefined


And for the serious afficionado, we have are offering a humidor. These are cedar-lined with glass top and hygrometer. Very nice. Designed to properly keep and maintain 50 cigars. This can be had for a donation of just $50 (postage paid). We only have a received a few of these in donation so act fast. In the event that demand exceeds supply we will of course return your donation.


Add a humidor: undefined


Just an FYI, the cigars are “period correct,” just like the ones General Longstreet used to chew on, but the humidors are not “period correct.”


We also have a few travel humidors that are leather outer and cedar inner. They are closer to but not exactly “period correct.” They hold 8-10 large cigars. In the event that demand exceeds supply we will of course return your donation.


We will make these available for a donation of $12 (postage paid).


Max Roscoe submits the following:


Google has been under increasing criticism for its censorship, feminism, and authoritarian practices. Here is a sample of what they’ve been doing for the last two years.


When I first heard about this, I laughed and figured it was a bug or hack that someone exposed, that would be corrected later that day or certainly that week. But here we are, its been two years now. The search results below speak for themselves.


1. White Man White Woman
On the other hand, Asian couple returns:


2. Burglar
When you hear of a burglary, do you begin looking for Frenchmen with wispy mustaches and designer shoes?


3. Prisoner
100% of page 1 images are white men. Whites are statistically only 35% of the US prison population, and most of those are Hispanics who are intentionally statistically miscounted as “white.”


4. Happy American White Couple
Notice anyone missing from these images?


5. Lazy Man
Did you know all lazy men are white?


5. Rapist
These men may be rapists, but the overall impression is very misleading


6. American Scientists
Typical guy in any scientific lab, really.


7. American Father
I’m surprised it wasn’t Homer Simpson


8. European Inventors
7 out of 8 are clearly not European


9. Unhappy Couple
Clearly, she should stop dating “rapists” and “burglars” and start dating a “scientist.”
I’m sure this is all just a shoddy (((algorithm))) and despite search being Google’s primary product, and the images only affecting straight white men, surely at least one of its 88,000 employees is aware and the company is going to fix this bug any day now (2 years and counting).




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


As a kid I was a big fan of “Da Bears.” I still have the 1985 Super Bowl on VHS. In fact, I’m gonna transfer it to DVD. If you want a copy send me an eMail. I also still have a copy of, remember this, “The Super Bowl Shuffle.”


One day when I was in college, I was watching the news and saw that “Da Bears” had just sacked “Da Coach” (Mike Ditka). I truly lost all interest in professional football that day. I just stopped watching. It would be a few years before I would watch a game again.


One of the players who I truly admired from the old Bears team of my high school days was #68, Paul Blair. We were recently staying in the same hotel.


My wife and I had the privilege of eating a delicious steak dinner with him that night (which he graciously ordered and treated). It was awesome to be able to meet and get to know someone who I had admired as child. And we talked about “Da Bears,” with Paul telling me things about the players that only a fellow-player would know.


But our meeting was not entirely accidental, the real occasion for it being that we were both scheduled to be at the same conference the next day. You see Paul, like myself, is now the pastor of a Southern Baptist turned independent church in Oklahoma and he has been working very hard to get conservative pastors involved in the political arena.


After talking football, getting caught up on where several of the retired players are today, we shared each other’s pain. The pain of how hard it is getting good, Bible-believing, freedom loving (at least they claim to be), men of God to stand up and raise their voices in the ever expanding political wilderness of our nation. Men who will not be afraid to stand up, confront the leaders and issues of our day with “Thus saith the Lord.”


While Paul and I were in Orlando, trying to stir the good guys to rise up and speak, another “clergyman,” The “Rev.” Robert Wright Lee IV, great-great-great-great nephew of General Robert E. Lee was also engaging in political activity that day. “Rev.” Robby Lee is the guy who the left can always parade on MTV, CNN, etc. to support whatever anti-southern thing is happening this week.


When CNN, or MSNBC, or even Fox News needs someone to trash his Confederate Ancestors, the “Rev.” Robby is always eager to say whatever they want in exchange for his appearance fee.


When Paul and I were in Orlando, “Rev.” Robby was in Birmingham, “preaching” against racism.


“The gospel is inherently political,” said “Rev. Robby,” while “preaching” at First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham. “Jesus was inherently political. And Jesus is deeply concerned with what Birmingham is doing. Jesus is deeply concerned with how we react to the world, with how we react to horrific events like Parkland in Florida, with the Pulse nightclub shooting, with Las Vegas, with the Confederate statues, with tax reform. Jesus is concerned because what we do matters.”


Funny, Paul and I were saying the exact same things to the conservative pastors in Orlando trying to encourage them to speak out FOR the nation and heritage that the “Rev.” Robby’s of the country have no problem speaking out against.


The pastors, clergy, preachers, call them what you will, on the LEFT have absolutely no reservation about being political? So why won’t the pastors, the preachers, the would be prophets on the RIGHT lift up their voices?


As the little boy David (who would one day be King) said to his soldier brother Eliab, in I Samuel 17:29, when the elder rebuked the younger for marching onto an active battle field, “Is there not a cause?


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663