For day 18 of Truthful Black History February, this photo of some of the Black Confederates at a United Confederate Veterans Reunion held in Tampa, FL in April (Confederate Heritage Month) of 1928. When photos of these men are seen, there are a host of different reactions. These men are immediately dismissed by our enemies (who by and large are newcomers to the country-ie post WWII) as having Stockholm Syndrome, which insults them. These men are immediately dismissed as foolish or dumb or whatever, which disrespects them. These men are immediately said to have been forced into service, etc, which dishonors them.




We don’t care about those people who are that intellectually lazy, and that willingly ignorant. But as you gaze at this photo consider some things:


1. These men were members of the United Confederate Veterans Camps all across the South. Look at the badges the proudly wear. The white Confederate veterans wanted them in their Camps and these men wanted to be in the Camps with their white compatriots.


2. They were at this convention and all the other conventions because they wanted to be there. As a matter of fact, these men and others like them attended the conventions every year and the proof of this is being digitized by the US government on their Chronicling America digital newspaper archive.


3. This photo was taken 63 years after the war’s end. These men were in their late 70’s and up. IF everything you’ve been told (which pretty much amounts to nothing but lies) is true, WHY are these men there?


It’s time that places that seem to be carpetbagger magnets, and places with stupid people in charge, such as NOLA, Dallas TX, Louisville, KY, Memphis, TN and others, stop disrespecting Black and minority Confederates with their erasure of American history and the current cultural genocide race their in. Way past time.


Web Source: Southern Historical Society – Facebook Page
Post: February 18, 2018