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We are winning some and we are losing some


I can’t remember the last time that OLD news stirred such a controversy.


Last week, I was laying in bed watching Laura Ingraham (she comes on after Hannity on the Fox News Channel) and while I would normally be going to bed at about that time decided to stay up and tuned in because she was going to devote the show to Confederate monuments. Laura did the show live from New Orleans, having spoken that afternoon to a businessmen’s luncheon.


Appearing on last Thursday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Malcolm Suber of Take ‘Em Down NOLA discussed his views with the Fox News host. Laura Ingraham.


“Our name is Take ‘Em Down NOLA, and we want to take them all down,” Suber said. “There are more than 20 statues that are dedicated to white supremacy in the city of New Orleans. We have hundreds of streets and parks named for Confederates and white supremacists, and so we want to wipe the slate clean. And we have challenged the mayor from the very beginning: Don’t do a half-job, let’s do the whole job.”


“Of course, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, all those racists,” Ingraham quipped.


When the Fox News host checked down a list of people, including James Madison, who would be erased from history for their “sins,” Suber said, “No, he’s not OK. If he was a slave owner he’s not OK.”


Jackson Square is an “abomination” that should be removed, he declared.


“So we need to rename Washington, D.C., correct?”Ingraham asked.


“Yes, I would do that,” Suber replied, while noting that the people of that city would need to approve the change.


Thomas Bruno, a board member of the Robert E. Lee Monumental Association, quickly pointed out that Suber acknowledged the people of Washington D.C. would need to approve, then used that fact to wonder aloud why the people of New Orleans didn’t get the same consideration.


This went on for an hour. At any rate, the leader of Take ‘Em Down NOLA made an absolute ASS of himself on national television. Even the hard core libs are saying so. And to draw attention away from that the mainstream media has gone after Laura Ingraham this week with a fever rarely seen.


They are not just going after Laura for her remarks on the TV show, but also her remarks at the luncheon she had spoken to earlier in the day. It seems that at the luncheon, Ingraham spoke of the integrity of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.


The New Orleans’ Times-Picayune reported this week a statement from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, a group that’s publicly endorsed multiple decisions made by President Donald Trump, distancing the group from Ingraham’s remarks.


The national media, both print and TV, have been running daily smear pieces on Ingraham since last week Friday. She is being painted a white-supremest, a Nazi, a racist, and all the typical. No doubt she’s in the process of being added to the Morris Dees list?


I have always liked Laura Ingraham. For years I was a regular listener to her talk radio show. Check her out at http://www.lauraingraham.com




In Austin, Texas the school board has decided to renew its previously failed effort to rename schools. On the same day a school board in Virginia voted to rename three elementary schools that are currently named after Confederate leaders.


Petersburg School Board officials will now change the names of A.P. Hill, J.E.B. Stuart and Robert E. Lee elementary schools, effective July 1, to Cool Springs, Pleasants Lane, and Lakemont, respectively.


Many parents questioned if the decision was already made, after a Henrico woman donated $20,000 to get rid of the Confederate names. That puts the district well over the $18,000 it says it will cost to change the names.




The school district apologized Thursday for posting the biography of a prominent Confederate general on its website during Black History Month.


An item highlighting Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, the highest-ranking officer killed in the WBTS, was posted to the site Friday and stayed online through the weekend, said Tony Brown, president of the Indian River County NAACP.


In their apology, school officials called the posting “inadvertent.”


“We do not believe the post was made with the intent to offend,” their statement said. “Nevertheless, it was wholly unacceptable.”


School officials Thursday told the NAACP that they were unable to provide a copy of the website post to TCPalm. Under state law, the website posting is a public record, “subject to (state) disclosure and retention requirements,” according to Barbara Petersen, president of the First Amendment Foundation. This information being included because we are uncertain if the NAACP is or is not in the process of suing the district. The NAACP may also be looking to sue the person who made the post.




Kings Dominion amusement park is quietly dropping the Confederate-themed name of its iconic roller coaster, Rebel Yell. The Park refuses to tell us if the decision is tied to the continuing debate over Confederate symbols.


All we can get is a statement from public relations manager Katelyn Sherwood who told us that, because of the park’s “revitalization,” the wooden roller coaster, which dates to the park’s opening in 1975, was being renamed Racer 75.


The change, she says, is part of a broader rebranding, that includes new names for four attractions – two rides, a gift shop and restaurant.


The roller coaster’s new name is an amalgam. It combines a reference to the year the ride began operating, the style of the coaster and the acronym of an organization of roller-coaster hobbyists, American Coaster Enthusiasts.


Sherwood wrote, “Rebel Yell will become ‘Racer 75′ as a nod to its 1975 entry into the park as well as giving recognition to ACE, the American Coaster Enthusiasts, (rACEr 75 – get it?!).”


Asked specifically if Rebel Yell was being dropped because of sensitivities over Confederate symbols and fears of offending visitors, Sherwood said in an email:


“We’re constantly evaluating elements of the park and we plan updates in existing areas when we invest in new products in the vicinity. Our new multimillion-dollar hybrid coaster, Twisted Timbers, is the centerpiece investment in this section of the Candy Apple Grove area.”


The ride’s discarded name was inspired by the shrill battle cry of Confederate soldiers that was intended to intimidate Union troops.


The ride’s name was not unique, as there was a Rebel Yell roller coaster that operated in decades past at the former Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem.


The park, which reopens next month for the 2018 season, sits off Interstate 95 in Doswell, about 20 miles north of Richmond.




A bill sponsored by Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, and Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, would seize designated historic monuments sold to private individuals. The bill would also force a city that owned designated historic monuments to cover the state’s expenses from the seizure and threatens city officials who sell statues or do anything “negatively impacting the historic recognition of such property” with “ouster from office.”


On face value, the bill appears to be a punitive measure against the city of Memphis, since Memphis Greenspace Inc. secretly bought Health Sciences and Fourth Bluff parks – as well as statues of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Confederate Capt. J. Harvey Mathes – from the city of Memphis for $1,000 per park and removed the statues.


Another bill, sponsored by Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Jonesboro and Sen. Janice Bowling, R-Tullahoma, would withhold state funding to any city that sells or removes a statue after denial of a waiver from the Tennessee Historical Commission.


Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, said the bills were “red meat” thrown out by Republicans to ignite their base during an election year and questioned whether the legislators who proposed the bills even had intention for them to pass.


But Sen. Ken Yager, R-Kingston, chairman of the Senate state and local government committee, said Thursday he believed the bills reflect sentiments held statewide, and the lawmakers who have proposed them are sincere and that local governments operate at the pleasure of the state.


Rep. Larry J. Miller, D-Memphis, said he will seek an opinion from the state attorney general on some of the Republican bills’ constitutionality.


Miller and Sen. Sara Kyle, D-Memphis, also filed legislation that would allow removal of monuments with majority approval by a municipality’s governing body.




Believing that the City of Augusta is not moving quickly enough to remove Confederate monuments, the NAACP has appointed a committee to assume the task.


NAACP Vice-President Melvin Ivey, the “Committee” chairman, said the group is working to arrange a series of public forums in March. “We will be hosting the forums to get a feel of what (the public) thinks about the Confederate monument, and to help us come up with solutions,” he said Thursday.




A black Mississippi Capitol Police officer fired after a weekend confrontation with white activists waving Mississippi Flags outside the state’s new museum got his job back a day after the discipline was publicly reported.


A video posted Saturday on Facebook captured the encounter with Officer Wardell Jackson, 57, of Byram, Miss., and an unidentified white man.


The Delta Flaggers, a Greenwood, Miss.-based group, wave flags outside State institutions that don’t fly the State Flag. The flag was adopted in 1894, and in 2001, Mississippi voters chose to keep the controversial symbol by a 2-to-1 margin.


On Wednesday, Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration officials, who oversee the Capitol Police, confirmed that Jackson had been rehired. The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion Ledger had reported Tuesday on the dismissal.


Officer Jackson testified: “He (the protester) kept saying, ‘This is your flag. Why don’t you support your flag?’ I felt I kept my cool.”


Jackson, a former City of Jackson police officer, said the situation began with a man asking if he could stand on top of the brick sign for the civil rights and state history museums.


Jackson said he told the man that he couldn’t do that because the driveway needed to be kept open “for my museum people to come in.”


Then a second man came holding a Mississippi flag, he said.


“He kept saying, ‘This is your flag. Why don’t you support your flag?’ ”


“I did my job,” Jackson said. “I kept them off property. Now I’m being punished.”


That was the officer’s testimony. In the video that the Delta Flaggers posted, Jackson can be seen walking up to a man waving a Mississippi Flag while standing on the sidewalk outside the museum. Jackson said to him, “Sir, sir, stop acting the fool and get over there off the sidewalk.”


A woman shouted back, “It’s a public sidewalk.”


Jackson continued to confront the protesters. “People, people, let me tell you something if you set foot on this grass, I’m going to have to throw you back out of here,” he said.


Then Jackson grabbed the flagpole and the man waving the Flag said, “That’s assault.”


“Did I put my hands on you?” Jackson asked. “Thank you.”


Another man yelled out, “You hit him with the stick.”


Jackson told the man with the Flag to get off the sidewalk. “You need to get your a– off the sidewalk,” Jackson told him.


After ordering the man with the flag off the sidewalk, Jackson and the Delta Flagger exchanged words. The man with the flag finally left the sidewalk, and Jackson raised his fist.


Jackson said he was fired Monday and rehired Wednesday. He said he is suspended until Feb. 19 and will start again but on the midnight shift.




Supreme Court precedents that have stood for generations may start falling like dominoes in the next few months.


First is the 1977 ruling that allowed public employee unions to collect fees from non-members for collective bargaining. The court’s conservative justices have been itching to overrule that unanimous decision for decades.


Next up is a 1992 case in which the court refused to require that mail-order retailers collect sales taxes from buyers in other states. For years, that has given online retailers a competitive advantage over brick-and-mortar stores.


The court also will consider second-guessing a 20-year-old ruling, based on one from 1945, that gives federal agencies broad discretion to interpret their own regulations.


Since Chief Justice John Roberts took the center seat on the court in 2005, the justices have been reticent to second-guess the decisions of their predecessors. They have done so at a pace just above once a year, considerably less often than in the past.


The court usually adheres to the principle of stare decisis, or adhering to its earlier decisions. But many of those earlier rulings cry out for change and this year the court has allowed a lot onto its docket that will give it opportunity to overturn a score of prior rulings.


Gator McClusky
by Dr. Brian McClanahan


Dr. Brion McClanahan is the author of six books and a regularly featured columnist. He has appeared on dozens of radio talk shows.


Everyone wanted to be Southern in the 1970s. The rejuvenated interest in Southern music from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, and the Allman Brothers (and the unknown Southern influence in the “Motown” sound) was just one component of a larger pro-Southern, working class, populist movement.


Southerners had been made consciously Southern again after over a decade of national attention, and the reaction was a positive affirmation of Southern culture and heritage. Hank Williams, Jr. didn’t want “little old danish rolls” he wanted “ham and grits,” but he also understood that “if you fly in from Boston, you won’t have to wait,” but “if you fly in from Birmingham, you’ll get the last gate.” The South could still be the “specimen,” the insignificant curiosity in the “American War.”


This cultural revival reached its zenith with Jimmy Carter’s election in 1976 and his brother Billy’s “Redneck Power” brand of comedy. And in film, Burt Reynolds was quickly becoming the leading actor of the South with the 1977 release of Smokey and the Bandit staring Reynolds, Jerry Reed as “Snowman,” and Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Critics never understood why that film was so popular, but Reynolds, who will be celebrating his 82nd birthday on Sunday (Feb 11), knew that films like Smokey were part of “a whole series of films made in the South, about the South and for the South.”


One historian has disparagingly called these films “hick flicks,” and Reynolds stared in several in the decade before Smokey became a cult hit. He often teamed with Reed in these good-natured, though sometimes dark, romps through the South.


Reynolds also starred in Deliverance, which along with Easy Rider ranks among the worst portrayals of Southern culture in mid-twentieth century cinema. He corrected that mistake in little known works like White Lightning, Gator, and W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings, along with the aforementioned Smokey trilogy.


Reynolds lived most of his early life in Florida and was a star running back for Florida State University. Reynolds admired Southern culture and the names of the characters in his films (some of which he either produced or directed) reflected an appreciation for all things Southern, particularly the working class South: Gator McKlusky, Bama McCall, Dixie, Leroy, Butterball, Bo, and Cledus. Even his character in The Longest Yard is distinctively Southern.


It might be easy to deride these rolls as caricatures of Southerners, but Reynolds never lost the art of faithful comedy and the ability for Southerners to poke fun at themselves with a hint of dark seriousness and pride. Good Southern comedy had always contained a bit of human failing as an essential component of the Southern experience. Southern heroes aren’t marble or cast iron men, and the imperfect, working class hero who sometimes lives on the fringes of (Yankee) law-or even outright rejects it-is part of Southern folklore and tradition. A moonshiner like Gator McKlusky could become a working class hero like Fireball Roberts or Junior Johnson. Even Lee and Jackson had a humanism that all Americans found moving. This is why Davidson wrote Lee in the Mountains and why O’Connor could pen A Good Man is Hard to Find.


Film is an important part of Southern culture, and for about twenty years, no one was more recognized as the face of the South in Hollywood than Burt Reynolds. Here’s to Gator McKlusky.


In his article above, Dr. McCLanahan made reference to a 1975 movie starring Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed called W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings. It was actually the first movie that Jerry Reed made.


My curiosity being peaked, I did some research, and the movie is in PUBLIC DOMAIN. Maybe thats the reason that it is not promoted or produced on DVD. Because being in the public domain, there is not a lot of money to be made off it.


Good, clean “southern” entertainment is hard to find.


Are Today’s Democrats (and many Republicans) Really Just Socialists?
by Al Benson, Jr.


Al Benson, Jr., is the editor and publisher of the Copperhead Chronicle, a newsletter that presents history from a pro-Southern and Christian perspective. In addition to writing for Southern Patriot and other publications, he is a member of the Confederate Society of America and the League of the South.


I just read an article on https://patriotpost.us by columnist David Limbaugh, for February 2nd entitled Democratic Leaders, Why Do You Find Patriotism Divisive?


Although he made some insightful comments, I think Mr. Limbaugh really missed where the Democratic Party, at leadership levels, is at today. Limbaugh said:


“Obviously today’s Democratic Party (at least its leadership) has a problem with raw expressions of patriotism because Democrats don’t seem to look at America through anything but their distorted prism of Balkanized identity politics.” I can’t disagree with his assessment here. In their racist world view Democratic leaders view any expression of patriotism as “white supremacy” or “homophobia” or something else dreamed up by some Ivy League Leftist professor. Professor Artemas X. Goflunk at Goofus University has stated that all whites are racist (except him, naturally) so it must be so. After all, the good professor would never lie to us, would he? Well, yes, as a matter of fact he would-and it wouldn’t bother him in the least. After all, “the ends justify the means.”


Limbaugh stated in his article, of Democrats, that “They have no alternative agenda; everything they tried under Obama failed. Yet they are still promoting the same destructive ideas.” Of course everything tried under Obama failed. It was intended to! Obama was a socialist and his policies were intended to drag this country into some form of third world socialism and they figured if he wasn’t able to get that thorny job done then Hillary would come along and complete the mopping-up process. Hillary was really ticked when that didn’t work out for her. She’s still ticked that all of us “deplorables” were not willing to accept her brand of beneficent socialism-and her and all her friends (and accomplices) in the FBI, the DOJ, and other government agencies are still trying to unseat that usurper, Trump, so Hillary and her minions can once again begin to force feed us what they know is really best for us. And for some reason what’s “best” for us is always something that is best financially for them. But we are beginning to figure that out, to her chagrin.


As I look at the Democratic Party today I have to conclude that, at its leadership levels, it is completely socialist, if not Marxist. The agenda they promote and claim is so good for the country should make any thinking American absolutely cringe. Had Hillary been able to steal the election, where do you think your Second Amendment rights would be today? Where do you think your private property rights would be (regulated out of existence)?


In fact, if you want to discern the end results of a Clinton victory all you have to do is check out the ten points Karl Marx promoted in The Communist Manifesto, at the behest of his Illuminist masters.


Although they would stoutly deny it, today’s Democratic leadership is headed in that direction as fast as they dare go. They have been working to turn this country into a socialist paradise as grand as that of Cuba or Venezuela and they are tired of waiting. They want their socialism here, right now. The fact that Trump and a handful or reactionary Congressmen resist them irks them to no end.


However, as I note the Far Left socialistic bent of the Democratic Party, that should not be construed to mean that the Republican Party is pure as the driven snow by any means. There are almost as many socialists in the ranks of the Republican Establishment as there are amongst the Democrats-and they’ve been there lots longer.
If you want to begin to grasp how the early Republican Party (around the time of Fremont and Lincoln) embraced the Illuminist designs written about by Marx in The Communist Manifesto, then drag your copy of Lincoln’s Marxists, if you have one, off that dusty bookshelf and reread pages 240-251.


Unfortunately, what we now have in Washington is a Deep State Swamp, composed of both Democrats and Republicans who have a vested interest in continuing to make sure that the American suckers finish last! What we must begin to do is to grasp the truth of Deep State socialism in both parties! That’s not to say that everyone in both parties is a socialist, but, if you study the situation, you begin to notice that the proclivity toward Deep State socialism gets progressively stronger the higher into the leadership of both parties you go. This is something the public at large needs to start grasping so they might know how to defend themselves from it accordingly.


John Merlin writes:


He says he is now going to boycott the opening ceremony he hoped to lead. Is he a child? He has embarrassed the team, his team-mates, and indirectly, the USA, by perpetuating a myth that this is a racist nation. Perhaps it is not a myth when we have racists like Shani Davis around.


Were I the US Winter Olympic Team coach, I would send him
home and not let him participate – just so other knuckleheads in the future think they can do something THAT ridiculous and get away with it.


This week, the US Olympic Committee chose two-time world champion and four-time Olympian Erin Hamlin, a luger, to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies. That came after she and decorated speed skater Shani Davis tied 4-4 in a vote among eight U.S. winter sport federations, and a coin was flipped. Davis, however, thinks the coin flip was racist.


What, exactly, does losing a coin flip have to do with Black History Month? Nothing. But the presumption is that somehow Davis was the victim of racial bias thanks to the use of the ultimate example of randomness: a coin toss.


If we’re truly all on the same team – Team USA – and if the Olympics is supposed to represent unity, then so far some members of the Olympic team are doing a terrible job representing that team. Whether it’s Davis or Adam Rippon falsely claiming that Vice President Mike Pence supported gay conversion therapy, this nonsense has to stop.


Subscriber sends letter to Attorney General:


To: Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Dear Mr. Attorney General,


This is in response to your speech on Lincoln’s birthday.


Really, Mr. Sessions? Really?


Do you actually believe the lies you told? That the War was “all about slavery”, as the Marxists have been proclaiming for 150 years?


You have proven yourself a traitor to the Southern people, their history, and their culture, and to be a “useful idiot” in support of those who are perpetrating cultural genocide on all things Southern and Confederate.


With your words you have slapped every dead Confederate right in the face, as well as the tens of thousands of Southern civilians murdered by Lincoln’s beasts of war. If the War was “all about slavery”, as you and millions of historically ignorant people proclaim, why did Lincoln not free the more than 420,000 slaves who were still in the union AFTER the Southern states seceded (1860 census)?


So, the North was waging a war to “free the slaves”, but that excluded theirs? Only those bad, mean old Southerners had to free their slaves. The “righteous” and “moral” Northerners were allowed to keep theirs. Right?


What about the Corwin Amendment, which Lincoln supported, which would have FOREVER protected slavery in the Constitution if the seceded states would only return to the union and ratify it? Why did the South refuse this offer? I mean, if it was “all about slavery”, you would think the South would have jumped all over this. They refused the offer because the War was NOT about slavery, but the continued collection of excessive and unconstitutional tariffs from the South for the benefit of the North, (the South was paying about 85% of the federal revenues but only had 1/3 of the population), subjugation of the South, looting the natural resources of the South, and to establish a strong centralized government, just like the one our Founders did NOT want, but the very one that is still choking us this very day.


There is ample proof that the War was not about slavery. Even Lincoln himself said it was not about slavery.


The Crittenden-Johnson Resolution states that the War was not about slavery.


Only about 3% of Confederate soldiers owned slaves. Tell me, Mr. Attorney General, what were the other 97% fighting for? So a few rich people could keep their slaves?


Logic, common sense, and historical proof reveal that the War of Northern Aggression was not fought to free slaves. It was waged to stamp out the individualism and defiant spirit, the independent spirit, of a segment of the population who were trying to hold on to the Constitution and the principles established by our Founding Fathers.


Slavery was a dying institution. No other country on the planet fought a war to end slavery, but you would have us believe, as other Marxists would, that we had to have this war for that very purpose. Had Lincoln not invaded the South, there would have been no war. He refused to meet with numerous peace delegations who wanted to avoid war. Lincoln wanted war. His devils in blue burned homes and crops, killed and stole animals, murdered numerous civilians, and raped white and black women all over the South. His great Emancipation Proclamation freed not one solitary slave. Read it if you have never done so. The proof lies therein. It was a war measure, as stated by Lincoln himself, with the intent of causing a slave uprising, which did not happen, and to wave the false banner of waging a moral campaign to “free the slaves” so that Europe would see this and not render aid to the South, which it was considering.


Mr. Attorney General, your words have fueled the fires of hatred and cultural genocide against our history, culture, and heritage. You have hurt the purpose of the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) and other groups who exist only to preserve the true accounts of our history and pass these truths on to our posterity. Your words carry much more weight than mine, or any other average “Joe Citizen”, not just because of your prominent position, but where you are from. I am truly ashamed that you are an Alabamian. The traitorous and cowardly blood which flows through your veins is not worthy to be called Southern. You have dishonored the many dead who wore the gray; black, white, Jew, Mexican, Indian, and others who fought for the right of self government.


Your words are the same lies which have been told since Reconstruction in order to brainwash the youth into believing their ancestors were evil traitors. What you have done is inexcusable and is pure blasphemy against our ancestors and the truth.


You have proven yourself to be a spineless person who will “go along to get along”, which is the trait of typical politicians. I had to respond to your blasphemy because I cannot sit idly by while my heritage, history, and ancestors are being disparaged.




Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK – (born in Alabama and proud of my heritage)




Dr. Ed is a pastor, author, public speaker, radio personality, lobbyist, re-enactor, and the Director of Dixie Heritage.


Another anti-heritage law might have gotten by us in Florida. But it didn’t.


HB 277 removing Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis holidays from the list of State recognized holidays and a companion Senate Bill are hopefully dead and near dead – for now anyway. You know some lib will just redraft and repurpose them again next year.


The House Bill died in committee. But the Senate amended the House bill, also removing Confederate Memorial Day from the list of holidays currently contained in State law. So the Senate Bill is not technically dead, but thanks to your efforts, it is on life support and is dying. It too should have been killed in Committee but Sen. Lauren Book, a South Florida Democrat, is out to make a name for herself by opposing anything “Confederate” that she can find.


Fortunately, thanks to the faithful support of a few of our readers, we had boots on the ground. And very clear opposition was recorded against the Bill. The record shows that there was public testimony against the bill and that there was none in favor. This is important because when it goes to the House committee, or at any other point when this matter is debated, or even before the Senate leadership decides whether or not to schedule the matter for vote, there is a record of opposition.


This is why, while phone calls and eMails are important, lobbying is extremely important. And lobbying requires people to be on-site at the Capitol. We just happened to be in the right place on the right day for this one, having actually gone to speak to another issue.


We also appear to have lost a battle this week. In January we were able to talk to officials in the Carroll County school board who were ready to drop the proposed ban on the Confederate Flag. Well, at this months School Board meeting the Superintendent brought it back up and he even brought his lawyer with him. The school board decided that if he wanted a ban that badly he could have it, but he’d have to implement it himself, the Board would not pass it, they would just stay out of his way on it. We expect the ban to go into effect any day now. To have continued fighting that battle would have required that we had been there – boots on the ground.




Last week I wrote an article that appeared in the American Free Press. The subject of the article was how the Director of the Museum and the State Legislature were going to let an approved $350,000 plan to display the Battle Flag in Columbia, South Carolina quietly go unfunded in the upcoming budget. I did not publish the story here at Dixie Heritage because I was waiting for it to first appear in the American Free Press. Anywhoo, that article generated a “flurry” of phone calls and emails and shined the light into a dark corner. Now the $350,000 will be voted on in the proposed State budget.


All ya’ll in South Carolina continue to call your State Senator and ask them to fund the flag display in the upcoming budget.


Until Next Week,
Deo Vindice!
Chaplain Ed


Dixie Heritage
P.O. Box 618
Lowell, FL 32663