The Confederate Response
To Last Night State of The Union from our President Donald J. Trump


What a moving Address !!
A soul-stirring speech that made us proud to be Americans.


Yet you have failed to address one very pressing issue
Southern Culture and the preservation of Southern Heritage is under attack
No Veteran, no matter the war or their age, should have to fight from their graves for honor already received by a Nation
This is the war front common faith-based Americans with values see every day


From the early years of this Country,
Noah Webster said As soon as child opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country


How can we rehearse the rich story of America without two flags?


Once we did care for history
Generations of Presidents spoke in high regrads our Southern Heroes, and honored them when alive


Now today since 2015
Correctness are the directly responsible for the deaths of 5 Americans regarding Confederate Monument removals


Costs directly from taxpayers pockets to appease the Confederate Monument removal agenda:
$15,000,000.00 +/- $25,000,000.00


Since the Mississippi State Flag public vote, not a single average unelected non-office holding person has ever voted in any public referendum or ballot initiative to keep or remove any Confederate symbol.
We are thankful, at least one state, Alabama passing laws to protecting their History this year
Monument preservation Act bill SB60


Not a single word from the President of these blatant disregard of our history, America veterans, and priceless reminders of our past


Now today
We see our Generals in Charlottesville Virginia covered in a oversized plastic bag, mourning the death of one
Yet Anthony Hervey vehicular manslaughter in 2015 goes unanswered
And largely unspoken


We have seen how a church shooting in Charleston South Carolina will get the spot light for years. With millions given even by the NFL
While others go quite without a mention months later, without outcry or a greater public support


Just last week in Morganton North Carolina, their newspaper would speak lies and hate on a Family event honoring our Heroes
Refusing to change it despite numerous request and video of the event itself


We have seen First the Confederate flag spewed with falsehoods, then monuments of heroes disregarded , now bombings at the Cedar Creek reenactment last year
How far will the anti-history extremists go? Why do you think there is so much anti-history activism happening in the last 2 years?


It is important to understand the bigger picture
The feeding into bitterness, historical ignorance, and political Correctness has gotten far out of hand


Only Chopping hard upon the roots of this Nation
We, Common Southern Americans, understand a tree is only as strong as the roots we stand.


We value this Nations Rich History
Dixieland has given her finest Sons to this country.
Has Given Founding fathers what is now the great America we know and love
Has given the finest leaders known to the world
Has given Mighty Men of God touching lives across the globe
Has given the best patriots, defenders of this Nations freedom


Despite all that we given to make American what it is today
The voice of Southern People largely gone unheard
When in fact the love of our Dixieland extends on every corner of the Earth


It is great saddness of the silence of the President of United States Voice
As Innocent Americans are left as targets from the the Follies of those who choose to continue to Pander to political correctness
They have no care of the effects of their actions


Now is the time to make a historical decision We too are asking for accountability and respect to protect all Americans, their way of life and their traditions


Every Creed and every color Americans are dreamers
Yes mr. President
Confederates and Their Southern Kin are Americans too




Web Source: “Confederate” Facebook Page
Post – 1/31/2018