With the Southern Cross in hand, on Monday morning, January 21, 2013, I would make my way to the grounds of St. James Church in Asheville, N.C. to await the commencement of the annual Martin Luther King Peace March. I would first be approached by a middle aged Black woman who would ask what I was doing there desecrating the holy grounds of the church with that unholy flag. And further more, you need to move on, without allowing me to answer her question. I would proceed to try and give her a lesson on the Christian Cross of St. Andrew, but was continuously interrupted. After a time and many insults issued, she finally came to realize as I told her that the only place I was going was to the head of the line when this parade began, and that I would be dragging the so called Table of Brotherhood with me.


The second to come was a middle aged Black man who would give me the best mean eye that I have seen in some time. It would have scared and intimidated a lesser man. First he asked me what was I doing, and like the lady never gave me the chance to respond to his question. You are a disgrace to Black people as well as your dumb a– self. Ignorant as well. When I get a chance to answer your question, I would ask. You don’t get to because you can’t, you dumb, ignorant old b–ta-d.


I would later find myself surrounded by several contingents of young babies, their parents, and teachers who had accompanied them asking many questions about my flag, and my presence at this event, and I certainly took many, many pictures as they posed with me.


The parade would end at the City County Plaza and the crowd would be made privy to several other speakers. To my other surprise and great disappointment, a Abraham Lincoln impersonator would take the stage and begin a dialogue about the great document, “the Emancipation Proclamation”, and named the Southern States that it was imposed to free and the protections guaranteed by the Federal government of enforcement.


I’ve never been one to heckle a public speaker, but I couldn’t stand still for this. Tell these people the truth about that document I would shout out, freed no slaves where you had the power to do so, you had no control over the States named that had succeeded. Tell them about your support of the Corwin Amendment I would continue, tell them about colonization. The supposed master of ceremony would take the mike and tell the people not to listen to folks from the audience, and that we have come too far to turn around now. I would retort that my assessment was that having Lincoln at this event and accepting what he had to say as truth only made me believe that backwards and no where was the word of the day.


I had had enough, and I as began to exit the venue, I would be stopped by two middle aged Black men who would embrace me, and ask about the Corwin Amendment, and the Emancipation Proclamation.


To be sure on this day, there would be no mention by the press corps of a handsome old Black man in the City of Asheville, N.C. leading the MLK Peace March with the Confederate Battle flag in hand, as they would of my dear friend and brother, the Honorable Al McCray who would don the uniform of the Southern soldier, and lead the MLK Peace March in Cross City, Florida alongside the Sons of Confederate Veterans. To be sure, in two locations in America, the Table of Brotherhood and the Dream of King would be a reality. God bless you.


Your brother,






Web Source: “Defending The Heritage” Facebook Page