Factually incorrect.


No Confederate fired on a 50-star flag. And in fact, the flag on the right includes the 13 stars of the flag on the left, as the modern US flag represents a reunification of the two Americas, much like how modern Germany was once split in two, but was reunified.


So actually, when you salute Old Glory, you are also saluting the Confederate flag. Our reunified county’s heritage is inclusive: it includes the history of Colonial Massachusetts, of the Texas Republic, of the Kingdom of Hawaii, of the Sioux and the Cherokee, of French Louisiana and Russian Alaska, and yes, the Confederate States of America.


We are a reunited country. The ones who don’t get that are the statue-topplers, the history-deniers, the race-baiters, the hyphenated-Americans, the kneeling protestors, and the bigots who hate Southerners, whites, Christians, and those who hold traditional values.


We are the real Americans and patriots – we of every ethnicity and region who love our reunified country, warts and all. Those who hate America hate all aspects of American history: including our period of Southern independence.


Why do these people hate America? Why can’t they learn tolerance and respect?


Maybe they don’t even respect themselves.




Web Source: Pater Larry Beane, Facebook Page
Post: January 28, 2018