Evidence of this is being squelched by false rumors circulating about every slave owner fought in battle to keep his slaves. There’s voices out there that claim Black slaves who did not fight in Confederate military, also did nothing to contribute to the Confederate military. These are LIES! 1st of all, when Confederate States started drafting white men to fight, there was a Confederate Law that exempted slave owners from “serving” in Confederate military if they have at least 20 “black” slaves. Plus the slave owner had to hand over to the Confederate military, a sizable amount of what his plantation produced. Black slaves were THE ones who were literally doing the “producing” that was provided to the Confederate military.


Now FIND those Conscription Exemption papers of every Southern Slave owner who was exempted from Confederate military service. And trace this to the CSA military unit that received the yield of what the black slaves produced. Never undervalue the contribution of any Southern black slave ancestor – be they man, woman, or child, young and old —> Black slaves pulled far more than there weight to keep the Confederate military & the CSA going as a nation.


Now where is that STATUE to reflect this?


TO: Every Southern born black person who is blood descendant of able-bodied black slaves of the SOUTH from 1861-1865. You need to claim what is your slave ancestors —> The CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG. Take this flag. Claim it! It’s YOUR flag.

Web Source: ArleneArmy Barnum Facebook Page
Post – January 9, 2018