For the past 3 months I’ve worked my butt off, literally 7 days a week to bring positive light & historical awareness for recognition of Southern Black slave ancestors & Black Confederates …. Only to learn that Memphis, TN messed it all up. To the ones that participated in removal of these monuments in Memphis last night, they have DESTROYED MY DREAM & my hard fought efforts to have Black Confederate statues to stand erected on the public grounds along with their comrades.


MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE —> you have caused BITTERNESS just like what was done during Reconstruction, and the black community suffered as a result after 1877.


History is not mocked. And because of what you did, the story of the black men who road & fought with General Forrest may never be told. You have set back the opportunity for the world to know about the amicable racial unity between Forrest & the black community. The contribution to the Confederacy that was made by my race of people may not be told, because of what you did. My maternal greats/ancestors were born & raised & lived in Tennessee during the time Forrest was alive, but I don’t know much more than that due to lost historical records. I will continue to fight to help preserve what there is left of MY SOUTH, your South, THE South, my Southern ancestors. It’s my duty, my obligation & my charge as a Southerner.


Grandfather: I’m still on the job. I will fight! I’m not gonna let you & your Grandaddy down.


Web Source: ArleneArmy Barnum Facebook Page
Post: December 22, 2017