Going on 7 years ago a Daughter of Confederate soldiers stepped onto the “heritage defense stage”. This Daughter got sick and tired of interloping outsiders pushing our Fathers and Confederate descendants around as they trash our people, our way of life and our institutions, particularly in her own home state of Virginia. She is a Daughter.


With the blood of both her Revolutionary War fathers and her Confederate fathers coursing through her veins, she stood up to the outsiders who took over the VMFA as it broke a generational promise it made to the Confederate veterans. Starting and standing alone, this woman formed what has come to be known as The Virginia Flaggers.


The woman is Mrs. Susan Hathaway.


Mrs. Hathaway and her fine organization have raised over 26 St. Andrews Cross Battle Flags in the Commonwealth of Virginia since the formation of her organization, with more on the way. Mrs. Hathaway is invited to speak all over the South at SCV, UDC and OCR meetings and events, and has become our champion of pointing the way back to the path our fathers and mothers put us on. We are grateful ma’am.


The Sons are specifically charged to defend the honor, reputation and truth of why the Confederate soldier fought.
The Daughters are specifically formed to defend and present truthful history to the world.


Make no mistake, that calling is ours. It belongs to Sons and Daughters of Confederate soldiers and to no other.
To no other.


While we appreciate help from Copperheads and those who know the truth, it needs to be understood, and clearly understood, that a “leadership” position will only be filled by a Son or Daughter.


We accept no other.


We recognize no other.


It also needs to be understood that we will not allow our own to be slandered, maligned or trashed by any outsider. We will not allow it. We recognize no outsider. You do not have the right, nor the authority to speak for our people. Only a Confederate has that right. While anyone can defend the truth, no one may speak “for” our fathers or our people. That authority and that right is reserved only for Confederate descendants.


The Administrators of Southern Historical Society salute Mrs. Susan Hathaway and recognize her as our “queen” of heritage defense. Thank you Mrs. Hathaway. You are not alone.


We have your back.


Web Source: Southern Historical Society Facebook Page
Post – December 7, 2017