We have told you and given you documented proof that the South had more free Black persons than the North did in 1860. As a matter of fact, we had 25,000 more than the North.


It is a big mistake to think every Black person or person of color, was in servitude. Our people, both Black and White, free and bond, rushed to defend their homes and firesides from illegal invasion. Observe:


“The (US) Government Schooner Minot was seized by our State authorities on Wednesday last in Pamlico River on
behalf of the State and will be devoted to its purposes. She left here next day for Fort Macon with about sixty free colored men who volunteered their services to repair thither as laborers.


Many more of that class could be obtained if needed. We highly commend their patriotic spirit, and hope that
their generous impulses so directed may fully convince the misguided Northerners…and prompt them to speedily
returning to reason. (Wilmington, NC Dispatch)”


Printed in:
Lancaster CH, South Carolina
Wednesday Morning
May 15, 1861


Photo-Confederate Seaman, Benjamin Gray was twelve years old youth when he enlisted in the C.S. Navy at Wilmington, NC. North Carolina. One of the several ships he served on was The Albermarle. In June of 1917, while a resident NC, Gray applied for a Confederate Pension. He was approved. After his death in 1924, his widow, Margaret was granted a pension based upon his service. Not on word is mentioned as to their race.


Web Source: Truths Of History – Facebook Page
November 22, 2017 Post