12 Reasons to Fly the Confederate Battle Flag:


1) It is one of the oldest Christian Symbol on Earth ( The St. Andrews Cross) and silently, but eloquently lets the world know that a Christian family resides at the residence where it is flown.


2) It is a universal symbol of resistance to tyranny, having been sighted flying in nearly every modern day conflict where people were, or are, fighting an oppressive and despotic governance.


3) It lets the world know that you know where you came from, and are proud of your ancestors efforts to preserve their liberty and God-given freedom.


4) It is a sign of unity that is instantly understood by all who have Southern blood, and if enough folks would begin flying it, it would almost overnight put an end to the liberal clamor to have it, and all Confederate symbols removed from public view.


5) It is a constant and powerful reminder that we have not forgotten what the Yankees did to our Ancestors and to our civilization, and are still doing, and that we do not intend to forget, nor forgive, until they cease meddling in our Sovereign affairs.


6) It honors the thousands of Southern Men, and Boys, whose blood was spilled, and who lost their lives, homes and everything they had, trying to keep the “Free, Constitutional, Representative Republic” that was bequeathed us by the Founders. A Republic we have not had, since Lee laid down his sword!


7) It is a reminder that Liberty is a God-given right, not a commodity to be controlled by greedy politicians, left-wing liberal teachers, and power-crazed activist judges. And also a reminder that Liberty is worth fighting for.


8) The sight of it subtly stirs the embers of pride which still glow, ever so faintly, in every real Southerner’s heart, and which, now more than ever, need to be re-kindled into a bright and blazing fire!


9) It lets those who would oppress us, and steal our liberty know, that they have not yet succeeded, and will have not succeeded, until they have killed every last one of us, and destroyed every last Battle Flag. This has seldom happened in any oppressed country throughout history and will not happen here, unless we fail to educate our children about the real meaning of our flag.


10) Flying the Battle Flag reinforces the meaning of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which is supposed to guarantee that no despot can interfere with your God-given right to express Yourself, (Freedom of Speech).


11) It symbolizes the unique Southern States, where, we as a separate people, with a common background, have preserved, and continue to preserve, our honorable cultural heritage. In fact, the design of the Flag is Christian and Celtic in origin.


12) And finally….It is so brilliantly beautiful, one of the most beautiful, if not “the most beautiful” flag on the planet!!


William’s Pen 2005


Web Source: The Virginia Flaggers – Facebook Page
Post: December 2, 2014