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Lord willing, as you read this, I am helping islanders in the Caribbean to discover their Confederate heritage.


When the War was over many, rather than to remain in a subjugated and occupied nation, many veterans chose to migrate to Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, and other islands in the Caribbean. Last May we took a missionary trip to Cuba where several pastors expressed an interest in helping themselves and their church members to connect with their Confederate heritage. A second more detailed trip was scheduled for November.


Because internet connectivity will be limited, I am posting this edition on Nov. 15th with a distribution timer set for the issue date of the 24th.


This is why we are not starting with the usual news of the week – because I am completely out of touch with the news until my return.


So instead we will start with a breaking report from everyone’s favorite anchorman, Ron Burgundy:


When you scroll down to this week’s syndicated column by Christine Barr you will see that the whole Confederate Flag and monument agenda is just an excuse for our politicians to avoid answering the hard questions. Of course we know that our Flag and our monuments have nothing to do with race. Though some are insistent on always framing the discussion in those terms.




Judge Roy Moore, the GOP nominee for the United States Senate, announced Sunday evening at an event that he plans to sue the Washington Post for its series of hit pieces against him, his wife, his foundation, and his campaign.


Breitbart News was granted exclusive access to the event, which was closed to the press. After the Judge’s speech, his wife Kayla spoke out in a forthcoming exclusive Breitbart News interview – her first-ever interview with the press during this campaign and the first time she has spoken out publicly in response to the salacious allegations from the Post.


“Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post published an article attacking me, my wife, my Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, Alabama, on my salary,” Moore announced to a crowd of about 100 supporters at the Huntsville Christian Academy:


They said I took over a million dollars. There were not a million dollars. I wish I had a million dollars. In fact, I didn’t take the money they awarded me for a salary because I had my own recognition and opted to embrace that salary myself and not take anything from the foundation. So my salary collection wasn’t so much. Over eight years it would have been about $87,000 a year-so I had to take a note and a mortgage for the rest of it. But I never got the money. So, the Washington Post finally realized this after they published an article saying my wife and I got a million dollars, saying, “you didn’t pay taxes for what you didn’t get.”


The audience laughed before Moore continued.


“So I was wondering where they got that idea-they talked about control of the money, we didn’t have control of the money,” Moore said. “Anyway, to make a long story short, they kind of failed. So about 30 days before the general election, just the other day, the Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue-and for which they will be sued.”


The crowd jumped to their feet for a standing ovation for Moore, breaking into applause in the Christian high school gymnasium.


A comment request sent from Breitbart News to Washington Post editor Steven Ginsberg, who, per a Post reporter, edited the story on Moore, was not returned on Sunday evening.


“These attacks are over things that supposedly happened 40 years ago,” Moore said. “Some of you aren’t old enough to remember 40 years ago because you weren’t born, but if you were born it’s difficult to go back 40 years ago. I’ve been married for 33 years, nearly-it will be Dec. 14. Got to remember that.”


The crowd laughed again.


“I’ve been married 32 years so far, it will be 33 in a few weeks,” Moore continued:


We have four children. I have a daughter. I have five granddaughters. I have the highest regard for the protection of young ladies.


When I returned to Gadsen 40 years ago after military service, I went to work at the office of the District Attorney. I have been a student of the law for over 40 years in and out of public office, served as a judge, a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, then Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. To be attacked for sexual impropriety contradicts my entire career in law.


I want to make this clear: I have not provided alcoholic beverages to a minor. I have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. These allegations come only four weeks-30 days, about-before the general election. Why now? For 40 years I’ve been so scrutinized in the press, investigated by the attorney general at one time years ago, investigated by the Judicial Inquiry Commission of the Court of the Judiciary. I’ve run five statewide campaigns, every one of them hotly contested. Three county elections, every one of them hotly contested. And you know I’ve been at the center of two national controversies over religious liberty, one over the Ten Commandments-the other over same-sex marriage.


To think that these charges come just 30 days prior to the general election is incomprehensible.


The crowd broke into another standing ovation for the Judge.


“I’ll tell you why now: Because there are groups that don’t want me in the United States Senate,” Moore said. “There’s the Democratic Party, they don’t want to see me in the United States Senate. There’s the Republican establishment, which has spent over $30 million to keep me out of the United States Senate. You put them together, and they realize my opponent is 11 points behind. They’re desperate.”


Then Moore explained why the GOP establishment is so terrified of him.


“You saw, why would the Republicans want to back the Democrat?” Moore asked. “Doesn’t that seem strange? Odd? Well, not so, because they’d rather have him for two years and then elect a Republican from the establishment then elect me and have me there for two years. They are all in it together.” He continued:


This article is a prime example of fake news and an attempt to divert attention from the true issues facing our country like health care, immigration, tax reform, military readiness, and the national debt. We do not intend to let the Democrats, we do not intend to let the establishment Republicans, we do not intend to let anybody prevent us from finishing this race. We expect the people of Alabama to see through this charade, and we will continue our efforts.


In a question-and-answer session lasting more than 25 minutes with dozens of those in attendance asking Moore questions, many of them – including several women – expressed support for Moore.


“Dating does not hurt women,” one woman began a question of Moore. “Abortion, rape, physical violence do. The question is: can you please tell us your views on abortion and the Second Amendment for the protection of women as opposed to Doug Jones’ positions?”


Moore replied by detailing how he is pro-life, and his Democratic opponent Jones supports abortion up until a baby is born. He also detailed how Jones supports gun control, while Moore supports the Second Amendment.


“As far as the right to keep and bear arms, I strongly support the Second Amendment,” Moore said. “I believe that the problem is our moral problem. On abortion, I believe that abortion should be illegal. Roe versus Wade needs to be looked at again. His view on abortion is he believes in right to life after birth. I believe in right to life at conception. In other words, he believes in abortion-I don’t.”


The audience applauded.


One man a few questions later asked him: “Judge Moore, how soon can you initiate your lawsuit on the Washington Post?”


“We have to investigate the charges, which is what we’re doing,” Moore replied. “They only published this last week. And now we’re finding a lot of things that need to be brought into the public light that haven’t been yet. As soon as we get ready, we will give them notice before that time.”


Another woman, who noted that Moore has previously faced tons of investigation into his life during various campaigns and in his legal career – after having a little bit of difficulty getting her question out – was so satisfied with Moore’s reply that she came back to the microphone to say: “Forgive me for not being clear with my question, I’m just not used to speaking to a future U.S. Senator.”




Following The Gateway Pundit’s viral story on Judge Roy Moore’s alleged signature inside accuser Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook, more evidence suggests it may be a forgery.


On Monday, CNN published photos of the signature showing two different inks.
The signature says “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House.”
Strangely, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Love, Roy,” is written in black ink, while “Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House,” is in blue ink.


Judge Roy Moore’s signature in Gloria Allred accuser Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook is a forgery.


The sevens in 1977 to the right of “Christmas,” are very different from the sevens in the date (12-22-77) above “Old Hickory House.”


Look at the two versions of the number “7,” “12-22-77” and “Olde Hickory House” were written by a different person.


Also the “R” and “y” in “Roy,” are not written the same way as they are in any of several easily obtained samples of the Judge’s signature:


The inflection of the “Y” is more pronounced in Moore’ signature as Chief Justice. The “R” is noticeably longer in the signature of the Chief Justice, as well.


Also, yearbooks are published and signed at the END of the school year – not at Christmastime.


James King submits the following:


The Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans PR Committee has created a Monument Protection newspaper/ magazine Ad that we currently have scheduled to run three (3) months in the Georgia Outdoor News magazine starting in December.


We request all the Georgia Division Camps run this Monument Protection Ad in their local newspapers.


Be sure to include below the Ad the names of your local Representatives and Senators to make it easier for the folks to contact. Also include where your Camp meets locally for any potential recruits.


Steve Bannon Stands Up for America Against the Zionist Dragon
by Eric Striker
November 13, 2017


Goldfarb, Kristol, Singer – Steve Bannon is starting to name the names behind the GOP’s war on the American people. Voters have shown the GOP what they want (Trump and Roy Moore), and all the establishment does is undermine them.


Why is the GOP establishment so disconnected from its voters? The answer is money.


Paul Singer is a top GOP donor and anti-Trump Wall Street parasite in charge of $30 billion dollars in assets. Just to get an idea what this kleptocrat is all about, Singer is Paul Ryan’s top financer, was the point man behind the controversial “Gang of 8” amnesty bill (where he and his buddy George Soros even tried to create a fake pro-immigration Evangelical group to try and reduce white resistance), bribed the GOP into throwing the fight against “gay marriage,” and even got together with others (Kristol, Goldfarb, et al) to procure the “Russia dossier” forgery accusing Trump of being blackmailed by a Kremlin pee tape!


What is the point of an elected government if it only does the bidding of a few globalist billionaires?


Bannon recently announced his intent to help Trump defeat the influence Singer’s money has in Washington, and appears to be winning a number of battles.


Roy Moore in Alabama was a big one. Various GOP establishment groups receiving large amounts of money from Singer spent millions of dollars trying to prop up Moore’s opponent Luther Strange – including with vicious anti-Moore ads – but still failed.


After emerging victorious in his primary, Moore was accused by Leigh Corfman of sexual misconduct. But this character is clearly being put up to it, and it’s not the first time either. Corfman, thrice divorced, thrice bankrupt, and convicted of several crimes, Moore’s facebook page shows that she has accused several area pastors of sexual misconduct towards her.


Despite the accuser’s lack of credibility, the National Republican Senatorial Committee rushed to sabotage Moore’s fundraising abilities at an inopportune time. The NRSC’s top contributor is – you guessed it – Singer’s Elliot Management!


It just so happens that the top recipients of NRSC cash in 2016 are all vocal anti-Trump critics: Roy Blunt (MO), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), Joe Heck (NV), et al. These individuals only make their voters angry by attacking Trump, which leads us to conclude they’re just doing it to please their Jewish money connections.


Most of the pond scum that floats around in our Congress gets into office to meet $$$ that can hook them up with lobbying and finance jobs. Trump’s ban on lobbying and the fact that figures like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer are reducing their financial support for the GOP means a lot of our politicians are confused as to what they’re even supposed to do in Washington now.


The wave of GOP retirements is fueled by this new reality. Twenty-Nine Republican congressmen have announced that they won’t be running for re-election in 2018, most of them useless asses from the Paul Ryan/Singer wing. They are leaving thanks to Bannon’s insurrectionist campaign to primary cuckservatives out. This is forcing them to pick between serving their donors or serving the people now that TV ads and fake news from the Washington Post are no longer enough to win.


The latest is Virginia’s Bob Goodlatte, who after 13 terms is calling it quits. His parting smooch is leading an Anti-Defamation League campaign to make criticism of Israel illegal on college campuses. Imagine a world where there are congressional hearings about Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev openly advocating for the genocide of European descended people!


Now that Bannon has openly declared war on the globalist elite paying the GOP not to represent the people, they are doing what they do best: threats and intimidation.


Bannon has somehow managed to bring billionaire Robert Mercer over to his vision, and Wall Street has noticed. They managed to push Mercer out of his own hedge fund.


Mercer doesn’t appear to be totally giving up on Bannon. Bannon’s battles have gone from victory to victory, but time will tell if his benefactors will be able to weather establishment assaults.


The cold war between Bannon and Paul Singer is only getting started. 2018 will decide whether the GOP is the party of its voters, or the party of Elliot Management.


Whatever happens, we must put aside our ideological differences with Bannon and support his noble struggle.


The Danger of Taking Down Confederate Monuments
By Christine Barr


Christine Barr is a Texan from Tennessee writing for the Paris Post- Intelligencer.


She is the mother of four children.


It becomes tiresome pointing out the same old historical half-truths when talking about the War Between the States. So in the interest of not getting distracted from my main point, let’s ignore the many reasons other than slavery behind the formation of the Conferate States of America (CSA).


Why not? Most do already.


Instead, let’s talk about why current politicians’ taking down monuments to CSA soldiers and politicians is far more dangerous than allowing them to remain.


First, a word about symbols. It is entirely possible, and in fact most often the case, that symbols can contain a multitude of meanings. That meaning is determined by the context in the which the symbol is seen, and by the person the viewer of the symbol is.


You may see the U.S. flag, and feel inspired as it reminds you of patriotism and love of country; citizens of other countries often have a far different interpretation.


I see the cross, and am reminded of the inestimable love of Jesus, while non-Christians may have a negative reaction.


And who is to say that one side is wrong?


Symbols do not have meaning separate from the context in which they exist. The meaning is an artificial construct – a red rose is simply a flower until someone from a culture which view both the flower and its color as significant sees it.


That means that it is entirely possible that the person who tells you a Confederate monument or flag represents pride in regional heritage is not in fact racist.


That does not mean that to someone else, the flag or monument does embody racism – usually the argument against the flags of the CSA are predicated on the fact that slavery was an economic issue behind the South’s dissatisfaction with remaining in the Union.


This completely ignores the objective fact that the Union did not disavow slavery upon commencing actions against the CSA, and continued to have slavery be legal in the slave states of the Union even AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation freed some slaves in very specific areas.


It is usually also brought up that racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan have used the flags, again ignoring the role of the U.S. flag in the racist groups’ rallies, etc.


Minus any evidence to the contrary, the fact is that it is the willful ignorance, or conscious ignoring, of these facts that allow politicians and various organizations to manipulate the public through craven appeal to a simplistic understanding.


Hundreds of thousands of dollars – from some unknown source – were used to remove statues and memorials in New Orleans. Now the mayor can gleefully claim to have fought the nasty racists, and undoubtedly those who have rewarded him with accolades and their applause will continue to congratulate him and his cronies on this grand stand against racism.


It’s an easy – if tawdry – way to get a bump in approval. But at the end of the day, how has it made the life of even one New Orleans minority citizen better?


The supposedly private funds used to destroy part of the history of a city with a large amount of historical tourism might have been used to help rectify the housing shortage which continues to burden the largely minority workforce that enables the tourism industry to succeed.


It could have been used to help transform the lackluster public education system, enabling even the poorest citizens to have confidence that their children were receiving the kind of education which would equip them to take their place in society and be the kind of leaders so desperately needed in New Orleans.


Instead, it went to the wanton destruction of items that had no impact on the day-to-day lives of the very population most in need of having the real legacy of racism erased.


The greatest danger in this kind of empty political stunt is the fact it enables smug, self-satisfied Yankees and “progressive” Southerners to once again make the CSA and the South their racial scapegoat.


Northerners won’t have to grapple with the embedded racism that informed their region in the 1860s, and which continues to this day. Those self-hating Southerners can pretend that they have risen above it.


How glorious to be amongst the non-racists of the United States! How grand to know that there is nothing other than removing those statues that need be done!
The hard work of ensuring equality for all requires all hands on deck.


By seeking to alienate a large portion of citizens who rightly wish to preserve their historical heritage and NOT support racism, those who take advantage of the ignorance and easily swayed opinions of otherwise well-meaning liberals do the cause of freedom, justice and equality an extreme disservice.


It also doesn’t serve our nation in the long run to ignore large chunks of our history and pretend that the complexities of our past just didn’t exist.


It doesn’t advance us; it puts us on the level of ISIS and all those who delight in bombing statues, destroying museums and trying to erase that which doesn’t support their agenda.


Recently we reported that with millions voting in Catalonia, the outcome was 90% in favor of secession from Spain.


It seems that, struggling to come to terms with such an overwhelming loss, the government of Spain has ripped a page from the liberal US playbook. Yeah, the Spanish are blaming Russia for election interference.


The Nov 15th Christian Science Monitor is reporting that Madrid believes Russian-based groups used online social media to heavily promote Catalonia’s independence referendum last month in an attempt to destabilize Spain, Spanish ministers said on Monday. Spain’s defense and foreign ministers said they had evidence that state and private-sector Russian groups, as well as groups in Venezuela, used Twitter, Facebook, and other internet sites to massively publicize the separatist cause and swing public opinion behind it in the run-up to the Oct. 1 referendum.


Catalonia’s separatist leaders have denied that Russian interference helped them in the vote.


“What we know today is that much of this came from Russian territory,” Spanish Defence Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal said of Russian-based internet support. “These are groups that, public and private, are trying to influence the situation and create instability in Europe,” she told reporters at a meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers in Brussels.


Asked if Madrid was certain of the accusations, Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis, also at the meeting, said: “Yes, we have proof.”


Mr. Dastis said Spain had detected false accounts on social media, half of which were traced back to Russia and another 30 percent to Venezuela, created to amplify the benefits of the separatist cause by re-publishing messages and posts.


Ramon Tremosa, the EU lawmaker for the PDeCat party of Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, repeated on Monday that Russian interference had played no part in the referendum.


Moscow has repeatedly denied any such interference and accuses the West of a campaign to discredit Russia.


Of course we all know that Russia did not collude with Trump to rig the US election and I highly doubt that they were involved in Catalonia.


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