On this day 154 years ago, November 20th 1863, 21 year old Sam Davis was captured by Union soldiers in Minor Hill Tennessee. He was a Confederate soldier and a member of the Coleman Scouts. He was tried and charged with being a spy, seven days later he was hanged on a hill side just outside of town so the citizens would have to witness his death. At this young age, he was offered his freedom if he would only give the name of the leader of the Coleman Scouts. Sam refused to do so and his reply “If I had a thousand lives to live I would give them all rather than betray a friend” placed him in the history books as the Confederate Hero. His legacy still lives today with a monument in Pulaski and one on the ground of the Tennessee state capitol. The Sam Davis home in Smyrna is perpetual memorial to Sam. Honor, Duty and Courage are just a few words that come to mind when you think of Sam Davis. God bless the memory of Sam Davis. Deo Vindice.


Web Source: Sons Of Confederate Veterans Camp #33
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Post: November 20, 2017