Keep monument honoring Confederates


Nov 16, 2017


Anytime slavery is mentioned, many point fingers to the South. Also, to blame are:


1. Slave traders from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware and Rhode Island who made fortunes off the slave trade business for centuries.


2. Slavery has been around forever in African and Arab countries. African tribal leaders sold captured Africans to American slave traders.


3. In America, slavery has been gone for more 150 years. It would be more worthwhile and humane to abolish slavery still existing in Africa.


4. Many Africans brought to America were unable to make the long journey. If they became ill, they were thrown overboard. In tight galleys, they fought to breathe and occasionally killed each other while seeking air.


5. From the 16th to the 18th centuries white Europeans were captured by Barbary Coast pirates to become slaves. They will never receive even an apology.


6. Union Gen. William T. Sherman had many in his troops who were common criminals. They burned homes, churches, businesses and courthouses as well as destroyed civilians’ livestock and crops. They burned down a Roswell, Georiga, mill and shipped 400 women and children to Indiana and Kentucky where they were abandoned. Some starved and gave away their children as they could not care for them. Many were unable to return home to Georgia.


7. Servants were threatened if they failed to disclose the whereabouts of family heirlooms and silver. These items were pillaged by Union troops.


8. There were slaves in the North, too. West Virginia was accepted into the Union as a slave state proving that abolishing slavery was not a priority by President Abraham Lincoln.


Do not base your opinions on surface issues and “sound bites” by hate groups. Study history in depth. Confederate veterans are the same as U.S. vets, according to public law. Keep Munn Park’s monument honoring dead Confederates.


Mary Stevens
Marietta, Ga.
Lakeland native


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