Anyone who knows me knows that I am a “constitutionalist” and that I do not give anyone my vote just because they wear an “R” on their sleeve. My friends also know that I have spent the last two decades warning fellow Southerners that neither major party will ever do what is necessary to restore the Republic bequeathed to us by our forefathers. So… some friends have been surprised by the fact that I not only voted for Mr. Trump but also publicly said so. For the record, here’s why.


But first of all, these are NOT the reasons that I voted for Mr. Trump:


1. The belief that he is a constitutionalist. He is not.


2. The belief that he is a fundamental, Bible-believing Christian. To the best of my knowledge, he is not.


3. The belief that he understands and supports States Rights. He does not.


4. The belief that he will restore our Republic to what it was before Lincoln, FDR, the Bushes, and Obama destroyed it. He will not.


5. The belief that he will eliminate the influence of the globalist cabal in America. He will not.


Hopefully by this point you can tell that I am not so naive as to believe that Mr. Trump is the solution to America’s woes. What I do believe is that he has the potential, even if he only does part of what he promised on the campaign trail, to provide a temporary reprieve for America — to buy a little more time for our children to enjoy freedom and for us to muster the numbers and will to prevent our utter destruction. In 2006, when I was first asked to run for governor of Georgia as a Republican, we began the “Georgia First” movement. In that election, we garnered 50,000 votes. While Mr. Trump’s “America First” isn’t exactly the same thing, it’s at least a step closer towards “Georgia First” than the globalism of the Bush or Clinton families. I remain an American, a Southerner, a Georgian. While I wish no ill will toward anyone, I care most for my own people and country… which is Georgia, Dixie, America — in that order. My greater interest is seeing liberty and prosperity restored to Georgia, then to Dixie, then, if possible, to those parts beyond which are coming to realize that “the South was right.”


So here are some of the reasons that I DID vote for Mr. Trump:


1. He is a pragmatist who purports a desire to put “America First.” It’s about time that a president was elected who put America’s interests before the interests of globalists, communists, Jews, Muslims, aliens, and anyone else who isn’t a native born American. Just a common sense decision-making policy of doing what is best for America — the rest of the world be damned — should be a given; it’s also, by the way, what the leader of every other country in the world should do for his own people.


2. He purports to be pro-business. As a successful businessman who has not been living off the public dole like career politicians, he understands the importance of creating an environment where businesses can thrive… low taxes, fewer regulations, ending “free trade” agreements with countries which do not play by the same rules.


3. He purports to support the right of the majority to maintain it’s culture as the basis for America. While any group has a right to preserve its valuable way of life, so, too, does the majority; yet for more than 50 years, the culture of majority America (upon which America was built) has been under constant attack. Today, that culture is in tatters and the children of the majority have been brainwashed into believing that their great heritage is evil, even to the point that they are abandoning it in favour of cultures which are a step backward in every way including art, science, morality, and the love of liberty. This majority culture upon which America has been built is the white, Christian, western European tradition. It is this culture which has raised the standard of living of every other group which has been attracted to America since 1776 even though they seek to destroy it today out of ignorance.


4. He purports to oppose globalism. It is the reason that the globalist Bush family hates him as much as the globalist Clinton family… along with many others in the GOP and Democratic establishment. He promotes “nationalism” in place of “globalism.” Whether he is completely sincere we do not know; whether he can actually disentangle America from the throes of globalism or not, we do not know; whether he can escape the wrath of the globalists and fare better than JFK or not if he does take a stand, we do not know. But at least he has given Americans a chance to wholly reject globalism as anti-American. With the help of the white American majority, he decimated the globalists in the Republican primary; then with the help of that same white American majority, he proceeded to repudiate the grip of Democrat globalists in the general election.




In a nutshell, I am not so naive as to believe that Mr. Trump is going to restore our Republic. I am not even naive enough to believe that he means everything he has said that he believes and wants to do. What I do believe is that he articulated what majority America feels; and his election has given that majority its first taste of victory in decades. This reunification of majority America, and the reinvigorating of it as a bloc, is the single most important fact of Mr. Trump’s candidacy and, ultimately, his victory. The squeamish Republican talking heads and media types are quick to try to make sure that no one thinks that this was a “cultural” revolt… but it was… and in a HUGE way. So, no, I do not think that we will see the restoration of our Republic even under Mr. Trump, though I wish it were so. But it is important because it has awakened majority America, unified it, and reinvigorated it in preparation for the coming attempt by the cultural Marxists to topple our constitutional Republic completely. Whether it is by flooding our borders with aliens, creating violence in the streets through racist black mobs who riot out of ignorance, or invading America with foreign, blue-clad “peacekeeping” troops, majority America is now much more likely to stand together to restore republican forms of government. Majority America is quickly coming to the realization that the South was, indeed, right all along. The day is coming when Georgia may yet see liberty again. Even secession doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to most people anymore. When the empire finally collapses, we will still say, “Georgia First.”


Ray McBerry is a Christian, father, businessman, television host, and former Republican candidate for governor of Georgia. In 2010, he organized and hosted the first-ever national Tenth Amendment Summit and has been a frequent guest on FOX News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and other media outlets as one of America’s foremost spokesmen on issues related to States’ Rights and the Constitution.


Web Source: Ray McBerry – Facebook post