America Warned Of “Race War” If Whites “Fight With Anger”


Kevin Whiteley
August 28, 2017


Freedomain Radio podcast-host Stefan Molyneux recently interviewed Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who’s also a radio host and author. Peterson advised white people of a crucial thought when concerning themselves with anti-white racism being a nationwide issue after Charlottesville—they’re absolutely right.


“I’ve been telling white people for the last 27 years that you’d better start speaking up,” Peterson said to Stefan Molyneux recently. “You’ve got to speak up; because if you don’t speak up, eventually you’re going to become angry. And then when you become angry, you’re going to come out fighting in the wrong way. And then they’re going to accuse you. … They’re going to pass laws. They’re going to say, ‘Look, I told you the white man was racist.’ They’re going to blame you even more so.”


Peterson’s position is white racism’s independent of issues within the black community—he actually pushes for whites to speak out on that crucial detail. Unfortunately, Peterson explained, whites have been hesitant to call attention to it—they fear being labeled a bigot. Peterson added that due to whites being persecuted for issues unrelated to them, anger has grown within their community. Said emotion leads them to entrapment—even the white racists in Charlottesville (VA).


“Because they’re becoming angry, they are starting to fight this situation in the wrong way—not realizing that this is going to be used against them,” Peterson stressed.


More, mainstream media weaponized the Charlottesville instance. Notice how these news entities exploited the protesting white supremacists and neo-Nazis while basically protecting Antifa and left extremists from the spotlight—even though they showed up (without a permit) and instigated violence.


WND Columnist Reverend Peterson encouraged white Americans to call attention on this face but through peaceful non-violent strategies.


“If they fight with anger, and a lot of white folks are becoming angry, especially young whites. It’s going to be bad for the country,” Peterson heeded. “I predict that there will either be a race war or something—something bad will happen if white folks start to fight in anger. I understand why they’re mad; but it’s not right to get angry, because anger backfires on you.”


Because Peterson struggled with anger during his youth, he dedicates a lot of time to helping black men resolve their anger issues. This is a core effort at his nonprofit BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny). He also writes about it in his book, The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.


Peterson elaborated on anger being a life deterrent. He said it holds folks back from happiness and expressing love. Anger ultimately blocks a person’s spiritual growth, which leads to fear and dishonesty. He continued to say anger will destroy people if they don’t rise above it. “All angry people feel like victims, and they blame someone else for the way that they feel,” he said.


According to Peterson, inner anger is actually a reflection of the person we’re angry with—we’ve embodied that which we hate. Forgiveness and sympathy are what alleviates the soul of negative emotion. “If you really want to have control over your life, you must forgive; because in forgiveness, you have perfect love,” he suggested.


“Perfect love makes you free. It gives you authority over the enemy. And if you want to be strong, perfect love is the way to go—forgiveness is the way to go. … Everyone who has anger is weak; they have no power, they have no authority, and they end up in the same situation one way or another over and over again. But once you forgive … you start to overcome situations rather than overreacting to situations, because every time you overreact, it destroys you. You are being controlled.”


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