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Press Release: Fundraiser Flops: Time to Let the People Decide!


August 7, 2017
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Tampa- A study shows that of those persons calling for the Hillsborough County Commission to remove the Confederate War Memorial on July 19 – few have donated to make it a reality.


Save Southern Heritage – FL has conducted an analysis of donors to the GoFundMe site versus those demanding the memorial be removed at the July 19, 2017 Commission meeting and discovered that of the approximately $4,000 raised, less than $25 has been raised by those calling for the removal of the Confederate War Memorial. The comparison between the list of donors to the site and those speaking for removal at the July 19th meeting shows only one name in common, Jamie Delgado, who made a $20 donation, and even that is uncertain – as the donor’s profile picture is female, and the Jamie Delgado speaking for removal was a male.


On July 19, 2017, Commissioner Sandra Murman, changed her mind about removing the Confederate War Memorial because of the offer of a private citizen to raise the necessary funds. Tom Scarrett, local attorney, set up a GoFundMe site which has raised approximately $4,000 of the anticipated $100,000 anticipated cost in the month since the vote.


“It appears those demanding want it gone are willing to let the taxpayer pay” said David McCallister Save Southern Heritage – FL spokesman.


Commissioner Miller’s approved motion required the memorial to be removed from County property within 60 days of the July 19th vote. “It looks like with less than 30 days to go, only a small fraction (about 4%) of the funds have come in. That’s a long way to go.” said McCallister.


Two voter opinion polls showed that a wide majority of Hillsborough County voters did not want the County to remove the war memorial. One of the polls also showed that an overwhelming majority of voters didn’t want tax dollars going to fund any possible removal.


“This seems to pus Commissioner Murman in awkward position. If she is truly a fiscal conservative, then she will hold fast to the requirement that the private funds are raised – and she should be concerned about the slow pace of donations – I’d bet after its moved few will care about covering the shortfall” McCallister said.


Tom Skarritt according to local news reports had personally pledged $100,000 in a private meeting with commissioner Sandra Murman to convince her to move the monument. At the commission meeting held to confirm Mr. Skarritt’s offer he deferred and announced that he would instead sponsor a go fund it campaign that so far has been a total flop


“The fix? Commissioner Murman should either reverse her vote at the next meting or call again for a referendum to let the people decide if they want to move it at all” McCallister added.


The next commission meeting, on August 16th will leave the Commissioners only 15 days before the deadline for the Memorial to be removed to consider what to do.


“It is unfortunate that none of the commissioners brought this up at the last meeting – perhaps one of them will at the next meeting” McCallister concluded.


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