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Murman Flip-Flops – But Confederate Memorial Saved


Press Release – July 19, 2017
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Tampa – The Hillsborough County Commission today reversed itself from last month’s meeting and voted in a divided 4-2 vote to move the historic war memorial honoring Confederate veterans from Hillsborough County to a private cemetery outside Tampa city limits.


The motion to move the statue to the Brandon cemetery was made by County Commission Chairman Stacy White, an advocate for maintaining and protecting the memorial from destruction, like those in New Orleans.


White has also proposed the establishment of a War Veterans Protection ordinance that will be considered at the next commission meeting in August.


Both preventing the memorial’s destruction and enacting a protection ordinance were the two major priorities of the coalition of Veteran and Heritage groups led by the Save Southern Heritage Florida and Save Their Honor.


“We are pleased that we were able to save the memorial from destruction like what happened New Orleans and that it will be located in a cemetery owned by a family with strong personal connections to the war veterans who served from Hillsborough County” said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage – FL spokesman.


“We are disappointed that it was not maintained in its current location, but this was a better alternative than the original goal of destroying the monument, an effort led by Democrat Commissioner Les Miller, who has stated previously it was his goal since the 1970’s to take it down” said McCallister.


“We are also pleased that the war memorial protection ordinance has enough votes to pass at the next months meeting” McCallister added.


The Commissioner who changed her vote under immense pressure from the local newspaper paper and the handful of Black Lives Matter and #Take Em Down activists was Commissioner Sandy Murman. Murman flip flopped despite overwhelming volume of calls from voters in her District asking her to keep the memorial in place, and two voter opinion polls overwhelming showing keeping the monument is what her constituents wanted.


The speakers a the meeting included imported #take em downers, still reveling in their victory in Hollywood, FL where the City Council succomed to overwhelming pressure from the Democratic Party lead by Democratic leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to change the names of three streets with similar names to Confederate veterans, and waived their rules, eliminating the resident’s right to vote on renaming. “Sandy Murman has violated the public trust and hopped in bed with the radical ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd who is not happy with America and is seeking to take it down bit by bit, starting with the low hanging fruit of Confederate history” McCallister added.


“We commend Commissioner White for maintaining control of the chamber, despite verbal threats made those there to bully the Commissioners into taking down the monument and jeers and heckles from pro-memorial speakers” said McCallister. “We also commend Commissioner Murman for considering the possibility of letting the voters decide” McCallister concluded.


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