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Press Release: To Hell With Cost – TAKE IT DOWN – Says School Board Member Shamburger


July 18, 2017


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Tampa – “Dire” is state of the finances for the Hillsborough County School Board. Hiring freeze, spend down of reserves, a projected $2 billion in projected spending, $1 billion in debt and nearly a billion in maintenance backlog.


But that doesn’t concern School Board Member, Tamara Shamburger.


She admitted Sunday that Robert E. Lee Elementary School re-naming is just the first of the “re-balancing” of the names of schools in Hillsborough County and that Thomas Jefferson High School will be on the removal list.


Ms. Shamburger joined a debate on the Hillsborough County Confederate Veteran War Memorial with Commissioner Les Miller and Save Southern Heritage – FL spokesman David McCallister and Judah P. Benjamin Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans Public Affairs Officer, Alvin McCray on “Sunday Forum” on WMNF FM Radio.


McCray challenged the cost of the proposed name change for Robert E. Lee Elementary, and Ms. ShamburgER felt the cost was irrelevant even though the school district is on a hiring freeze, and teachers are warned of “dire” finances in the district.


McCray also challenged Ms. Shamburger on her premise that the name should be changed, asking ‘how will it improve education”? She could not explain.


The school is currently graded “C” by the Florida Department of Education and has been graded between “A” and “C” over the past decade.


“There are many reasons not to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary” said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage – FL spokesman. “Cost is one, but another is the voters in Hillsborough County don’t want it changed”. A June survey of 500 registered voters in Hillsborough County showed overwhelming support for keeping “Robert E. Lee Elementary School” – 89% of survey participants opposed the name change. Only 11% support it. “If this had been an issue referendum – this would be considered a ‘voter mandate” said McCallister.


Ms. Shamburger, in an earlier program said “its about killing the spirit of Robert E. Lee”.


In response, HK Edgerton, Past President of the NAACP in Asheville, NC, said “there is no man that ever walked the earth more honorable than Lee except Jesus Christ himself. This is sacrilege to the south land of America”.


The school name change debate is part of an Anti-American Anti-Veteran movement sweeping America lead by the Socialist Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter and other radical groups that included destroying three historic landmark monuments in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has included vandalism and desecration of various veterans memorials around the nation including the Andrew Jackson memorial in Jacksonville, Florida and the purple heart monument in Citrus County, FL.


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