From: Valerie Protopapas
Date: Mon, Jul 17, 2017
Subject: A matter of great concern.


Attached (see link below) is a matter of grave concern to me, and I must assume as lovers of Southern heritage, to you as well.
To some of you, this information is already known. Others may be shocked and horrified at the scope and magnitude of the assault upon the South and her people. Certainly, this catalogue of ever increasing attacks on Southern heritage should forever silence claims that a compromise between the sides can be attained. It is obvious that we are dealing with an enemy who will settle for nothing less than our extinction.


It is hoped that you will pass this information on to those to whom it will be of interest. Of course, there will be some who choose to ignore the situation but sadly, deliberate ignorance is not “bliss”—it is suicide.


Deo Vindice,




Chronology-Of-Southern-Cultural-Genocide (NOTE: File opens in a new window)