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Mon, Jul 10, 2017


Call to Action – Colin Kaepernick of Tampa Bay? Make A Call to Say NO WAY!




Last year NFL Player Colin Kaepernick said “No” to our National Anthem.


Not to be outdone, last week, the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball team said “No” to the War Memorial to Hillsborough County Veterans.


Guess it doesn’t matter that the overwhelming majority of voters in Hillsborough County don’t agree with them!


Or that the County Commission already voted not only to keep it but to protect it and ALL memorials to ALL veterans of ALL wars!!


Who would have thought that Baseball would be in bed with the radical left that hates America and wants to denigrate American Veterans? But they sure do seem to be!


What do YOU think about this?


If you don’t like it, CALL THEM NOW and tell them so:




Press ‘3’ for Executive Office and tell you don’t appreciate them attacking Hillsborough County Veterans (politely) and ask them to RETRACT their statement NOW!


And if you’re really mad, a good way to let the Rays know so is to share your feelings with one of their Sponsors!


Suncoast Credit Union


After pressing “3” some people you could ask for include:
Mary MacDonald, Community Relations Director and
Kevin Johnson, CEO
Whether you’re a customer or not, maybe they should know how you feel about them sponsoring a group that is disrespecting dead American Veterans.




In the aftermath of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s shocking destruction of 3 memorials to American veterans and to some, heroes and role models, Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller decided to follow suit in Tampa, Florida. 4 level-headed, patriotic Commissioners opposed him and rejected his plan, and instead voted to adopt a protection ordinance for All Veterans of All wars.


They knew it would be a ‘slippery slope’ parsing what Americans are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or what war is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and what group does or does not deserve a memorial for their sacrifice.


But the radical left doesn’t understand the word ‘no’ and has been throwing a tantrum ever since, with rallies, threats of boycotts, and basically telling the Commissioners to change their vote because bad things will happen if they don’t. They’re really pulling out the stops, even soliciting help from professional athletes.


It seems the baseball team in the next county over, the Tampa Bay Rays, has decided to get on the destruction bandwagon with Mayor Landrieu, and stepped outside of baseball and into the same territory Colin Kaepernick did when he figuratively stood against America by “taking the knee” during the singing of our National Anthem. Its sure is sad that “America’s Game” is being so corrupted by Anti-American, Anti-Veteran sentiment.


Hopefully, with your help, they can be made an example of, and neither they, nor any other professional teams, will take their eye off the ball and stick their noses where they don’t belong!


Together, we can…


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