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Save Southern Heritage – FL


Press Release: Save Southern Heritage Demands Arrest and Prosecution for Flag Misuse
July 5, 2017


For Immediate Release
Media Contact:
David McCallister 813-778-1202




Gainesville – Save Southern Heritage – FL (“SSH FL”) condemns the recent misuse of the Southern Cross through its placement on the ground of NAACP Gainesville Chapter President’s yard.


“This is a violation of Florida law and we demand the criminal be found and prosecuted,” said SSH FL spokesman David McCallister.


Many individuals misuse and have misused the flag of the Confederate soldier. It began during the Korean War when US Soldiers could not fly the USA Flag, but were serving under the flag of the United Nations. “The American soldiers used the Southern Cross to say to others “we’re the Americans,” said McCallister. Up until then, the flag had been furled, and held in the loving hands of the old veterans and their families, and used during commemorations and occasions and reunions.


After that, during the early 1960’s Civil Rights movement, which co-incided with the Centennial of the war between north and south, flags were conspicuously and patriotically displayed during the 100 year observance.


However, since that time, the “Southern Cross” has been misused not only politically but also by groups who do not understand and misuse it. One group are the white supremacists, who seem to believe the Southern Cross represents only ‘white America”, such as Dylann Roof, the Charleston Church mass murderer.


“This couldn’t be farther from the truth” said HK Edgerton, past President of the Ashville, NC branch of the NAACP. “Calling it the flag of ‘white America’ is ‘poppycock'” Edgerton said. “The Confederate flag was a flag of Southern Americans…black and white, free and indentured, like the Stars and Stripes” he added.


SSH FL also condemns misuse of the Southern Cross by the American history ‘erase-ists’ who view the Southern Cross as low hanging fruit in its war on America.


“We view the NAACP’s 1991 ‘Odious Blight on the Universe’ Resolution as a direct attack on the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution” McCallister said.


Florida state law prohibits improper use or mutilation of Confederate flag including defacing, defiling. “We call on the Gainesville Police Chief Jones to locate and arrest the culprit and State Attorney Cervone to prosecute them” said McCallister.


“Southerners are sick and tired of their flag being misused by people who don’t respect it and don’t understand it” he added. “The flag has been hijacked by all hate groups and we demand its return” he concluded.


PO Box 291053
Tampa, FL 33617