From: Lunelle Siegel []
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Subject: Praise the Lord – VICTORY in Tampa!




I wanted to report that we all pulled together in Tampa and today the Hillsborough County Commission not only voted 4-3 to keep the UDC 1911 Memorial in Aeterna, but they also voted to move ahead on a protection ordinance (similar to VA, TN, SC, NC have and AL just passed) to protect Veterans memorials.


It was a hard fought victory, but would particularly like to commend Gail Crosby (Tampa #113) for speaking this morning, Gail Jessee (Confederate Cantinieres) who spoke at the last meeting and the multiple members of Augusta Jane Evans Wilson who showed up to fill the room.


We were joined by both local SCV camps in the effort (Early and JP Benjamin).


This of course, on the heels of the Orlando memorial going down, against the will of the people (based on polls) I might add.


I hope this will be an example for all of us to recognize the threat early, organize and not just accept a fait accompli.


Again, congratulations and thank you to all involved.


Lunelle McCallister
Florida Division
Monuments & Memorial Markers Chairman