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Sharing w/All bcc herein Chaplain Ed w/permission to forward:


You state Sir that : “SCV Commander Leland Summers said his group feels like it was Swindled twice” regarding the Battle Flag that once flew above the Capitol Dome in South Carolina that was moved to its former location ‘down below’ that Nicki Haley then removed to put in a BOX that now ‘resides’ in a CLOSET despite promises to the contrary.




I WOULD ASK THIS SIR: Has Mr. Leland and his group been living under a rock?


What did you expect would be the outcome? Understanding? Fairness? Justice?


This is why we are in the position we find ourselves today- because those who issued their Declaration of War against us in 1991 (naacp) were committed to the GENOCIDE they had always sought & wanted resulting from the distortion & lies they, along with their friends whose Fiefdom sits on the Potomac, have been SCREWING America and US with Impunity & regularity for decades.


NONE of what is going on is about FAIRNESS or ‘Humanitarianism’!
It’s ALL about a Heinous IDEOLOGY that will take from one, re-distribute to another under the guise of Equality while ELIMINATING any & all vestiges ever associated with our Original Identity, Culture & Purpose WHILE SIMULATANEOUSLY ADVANCING THEIR MARKIST IDEOLOGY.


Again I would ask: Is Mr. Leland and ANYONE ‘like him’ been living under a rock? Have they been wearing BLINDERS?


Where do you think that Flag was going to go?….. Somewhere where it could be seen that might raise questions as to the legitimacy of our former Confederacy?


Ø We LOST in 1991 when, had ‘Operation Baltimore’ been implemented as was suggested by Bill & Jimmy Ward, along with others within the SCV, been put into effect we would NOT be where we are today!


Ø The SCV ‘high command’ then, as NOW, turned the other cheek and has been running backwards ever since.


Ø As a result, the SCV has lost a large number of members and a large number of Camps are in literal REVOLT….as they should be.


Ø Respectfully, the SCV ‘high command’ is as Feckless as is the Washington Oligarchy.


In January of 2000 when we had the March on the Capitol in Columbia, SC regarding the PROTEST of the Flag coming down from atop the Dome wherein 10,000 were present,
ONLY TO LEARN AFTERWARDS that a back-room DEAL had already been cut wherein the Flag would be re-located alongside the capitol’s entrance.


That was ‘SOLD AFTERWARDS’ as a ‘victory’ by the same people who ‘NEGOTIATED’ & played patty-cake with the SC Legislature unbeknownst at the time to the 10,000 who attended.
Many of ‘those NEGOTIATORS’, as it turned out, had Personal Business Interests in SC particularly down ‘Charleston’ way AND ELSEWHERE.


The Folks bought this BS as if it were a ‘victory’ when in fact, it was a DEFEAT and just as our Confederate Society DECLARED IT THEN!


We told ANY who cared to listen to us that it (the FLAG & its ‘New’ location) would become a target once again.
It was just a question of time because its ‘New’ location was entirely too prominent.
We said the 1991 naacp ‘RESOLUTION’ would come a ‘call’en & it was just a question of time before an EXCUSE would be found in which to remove it altogether.
We told y’all that ole Brer Fox had pulled a FAST ONE!


But those who NEVER wanted to engage in either the Wards’ ‘Operation Baltimore’ proposal of ’91 nor our Confederate Alliance proposal in 1993 was because their personal Fiefdoms, like those in Washington, were at stake & would prove to be far more important to them rather than the BATTLE that was clearly upon us.


Thus the Alliance was covertly torpedoed by them and their friends…. and the Wards and anyone like them WITHIN the SCV were subsequently & summarily dismissed & ostracized.


Let me ask this SIMPLE question:
When was the Last Time any INVADER who has realized success at the expense of the subjugated, EVER GIVEN ANYTHING BACK THAT WOULD SERVE AS A REMINDER AS TO WHAT THE SUBJUGATED REPRESENTED?


So again I would ask this, has Mr. Summers AND the SCV high command been living under a rock?


Deo Vindice,
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America




From: Joan Hough [mailto:johough@swbell.net]
Sent: Saturday, June 24, 2017
To: Craig Maus
Subject: Re: SCV feels “SWINDLED’…. REALLY???


Regarding the message sent by our leader of the Confederate Society:
Those Confederate gentlemen that were swindled twice aren’t prepared to “dance with the big girls!” or “fight with the big boys!” —They, in fact, should remind themselves of that old adage-
“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! “


Who can be so innocent/oblivious/ignorant that they are unaware that a Battle of the races—so to speak—is ongoing–inspired by the Creative Theorists and believers in or sellers of the Yankee Lincoln myth/ the Marxist followers/ the Critical Theorists/ The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, etc., etc. infinitum, ad nauseam —a war waged against the True American History truth knowers?


Why does this remind me of all of my own ancestors who actually thought Lincoln and his Republicans could be “reasoned” with—so we should wait to secede.


Evidently they had not read the New York Tribune, edited by Lincoln’s masterful puppet master. The plan of the enemies of truth today is just what it was in Lincoln’s time—to commit successful cultural genoicde— to destroy all truthful memories of our nation’s past—especially the legally seceded Confederate nation and replace all with the fabricated ones of the Communist 1848ers.


This was deemed by THOSE PEOPLE as the only way they could achieve the New World Order they desired—even before 1848.


Their minions, arriving in America in 1849, began their achievement efforts in America. It is ongoing today. They are successfully replacing historical truths with lies created originally by the first Republican party member creators who came here to continue the Socialist/Commie/Illuminati Inspired European Revolution.
Those Red Republicans worked hard toward their world wide goal and achieved much of it in 1861—their failed European war, continued in America was a major success when they destroyed the Southern nation. It took the bloodiest war in America’s history—the MOST UNNECESSARY WAR in order to kill not only the Confederate Nation, but that Republican form of U.S. government (Jefferson) which was established by the Founding Fathers and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.


Racial Unrest—disturbances—hatred—had to be developed.
The Republican Party’s Reconstruction of the South went a bit of the way toward that, but not enough—so in the 1960s this need experienced a renewed kick start.


This was when the nation wide anti-Battle flag—anti Confederate major assault was dreamed up and put into motion. Various organizations claiming super patriotism enlarged their staffs to such expensive levels that more and more and more money was required from contributors who only contributed when their passions were stirred by injustices fantasized by their ethnic leaders—thus we even had lovely black girls accusing entire college football teams or fraternity boys of rape—the public spending massive amounts of money on trials that later are learned to be built on a foundation of black lies. But the organizations made big bucks from that “scam.”


Then we had hang knot ropes or Hakenkreuz (swastikas) appearing over doors of girls whose parent had made them go away to a college the girl/girls did not like. The appearance of this emblem was always accompanied by wonderfully well-rehearsed exhibitions of girly terror. This game of “do unto myself and blame it on the folks I or my parents hate” was eagerly adopted by young folks with nothing to lose and lots to gain. They had learned more of life than had the girls of their age who once slept with wedding cake under their pillows, convinced that the cake’s very presence would send them a dream of the face of their eventually-to-appear- fiancé.


Of course we have Muslims burning their own mosques because they hope this will evoke the governmental sponsored hatred for Christians. Please know that I am too aware that in some instances real horrors against helpless women are committed by young males—and males of all ages. Our society no longer thinks women need protection because women have decided they can do everything as well as any man can. So, it stands- females must be able to protect themselves as well as a strong man can defend himself. Silly women! No matter all the exciting women heroine television series, even a girl with ranger training needs somebody to watch her back and to beware of folks in high places . A woman in hand to hand combat- may out-psych her opponent but she cannot out hit him unless he’s knee walking drunk. Most males will be physically superior. And, sorry girls, high on Women’s Lib tales, man’s physical superiority has been recognized down through the phylum and down through the ages. The Average man is certainly stronger than the average female.


God simply put muscles on men & put strength in their wrist bones for a reason. And I, a little female, say, “Viva La Difference!” Men are here to provide what we lack, as we provide for them what they lack. They are, in addition, to become as civilized as we can force or entice them to be. Without our guidance most of them would be little more than wild animals! The hand that rocks the cradle does indeed, rule the world–if the mama brings up her sons as they should be.


Alas! Modern girls have lost sight of these truths— and our culture is much the worse because of this loss. I truly believe that the Women libbers have fooled around and made me equal— and thus., I’ve lost my superiority, thanks to the stupid. I hope their rainbow colors swirl up and choke them one and all.


The War of Northern Aggression/ The War for Southern Liberty was not a war of states against states— let us be real.


It was a war between two American nations— one nation was invading—attacking- the other nation, defending itself.
All of the Red Flag incidents in the world cannot top Mr. Lincoln’s clever method of forcing South Carolina to fire the first shot because it had to defend itself against Mr. Lincoln’s invasion on two sides with a fleet of ships carrying hundreds of hidden soldiers.


Making Lincoln’s war only a war between states supports Lincoln’s lie that treason was committed—that the South did not secede because it could not secede. It could not secede, according to Those People, because each state was created by the Union, by the “all powerful” central government and could not separate from it without permission.


So, We naughty Southerners had to be spanked. We had to be killed or maimed – three out of every four of our finest men. We had to have our very brightest of men erased as citizens- their mouths shut for the rest of their lives- their influence less than that of a Yankee garbage man.


“The War Against the States” title justifies Lincoln and his Radical Republicans’ conclusions that that secessionist committed Treason. Of course the possibility exists that Southern Women chose that specific title during Reconstruction or close to its end because it would not anger the Victors. While the title “ The War for Southern Liberty” or “ The War of Northern Aggression” were much more honest titles— it would have taken bravery to choose one of those. The later women’s organizations have not been known for such. The first ones—not any in existence today— were quite brave, but their organizations and names are long forgotten.


The War Against the States term justifies President Jeff Davis’ being held and tortured for two years without a trial— no matter how much he desired one. Lincoln and his Republicans and sycophants erased from the history books that the states, each in existence in 1776, had written their state constitutions before the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution were written.


In their state constitutions each state declared itself independent. By choosing to term themselves states, they, in accordance with the vocabulary of the time, declared themselves independent nations.


Even the King of England recognized them as such. Lincoln knew this. Lincoln lied.


To connect this to the insults and assaults to our Southern flag and our gorgeous monuments— if a single state would declare that the flag is free speech— and of historical value and cannot be suppressed—and declare the same regarding our gorgeous monuments— then constitutionally state rights prevail.


The erasure of historical truth must be countered.


Mayors and Governors who support such—must be opposed—must have their lies publicly countered.


The blackening of state rights is precisely what the Communists hoped for and achieved by associating them with slavery.


It is time for those of us who know the truth to insist it be told. We need to bombard our land with truth. We need to learn to combat Communist propaganda with the truth.


And yes, there is such! Ask the Catholic church about the word propaganda. Who among us is willing to do what the blacks found so effective— pray, sing, lie down in the streets—or sit down somewhere highly visible. We need the young activated. But where are they? They are worshipping in the temple of the Critical Theorists— they are joining in on Rainbow parades—and letting their little kindergarten kids receive United Nations’ lessons in kindergarten about the joys of masturbation and how homosexuality is so right—such fun—so legal that everybody should try it—and that homosexual males make good mommy’s and daddies.


We should raise the bucks- fly balloons with signs- buy billboards— drop leaflets— print and pass out brochures. We need to take back our schools- Make our President get rid of the U.S. Department of Education. Fire school superintendents who encourage viewing meant illness as normal like opening potty room doors to males who claim they are “ females for the day.”


We need to bombard the public with Thousands of Confederate Truths and in addition, howsabout a few banners declaring: HETEROSEXUALISM IS Our BATTLE CRY! GOD MADE BOYS AND GIRLS DIFFERENT and they are supposed to be different! Equality does not exist- has never existed, except, before the law. The law is supposed to be the same for all people—The law is to be equally applied. it is the only thing that is supposed to be equal.
People are not equal — except under the law. All singers cannot sing opera, no matter how hard they try. All runners cannot win the Olympic Gold medal— no matter how hard they try. Homosexuals are not equal to heterosexuals—the Holy Bible does not say so.


The Houston Queers are doing their happy thing today on downtown Houston streets. Where are the MUSLIMS ON THIS DAY? They do speak forcefully against the homosexual—all, while ignoring the habitsOF THEIR OWN MUSLIM MEN— HABITS INVOLVING screaming little boys . With these filth ridden rainbow parades going on— American brains are dissolving in slime.


One must wonder, wonder, and wonder about the Christian churches— especially those proudly waving in our Christian faces those lesbian ladies in the pulpit. We must wonder about those Christian churches proudly exhibiting their out of the closet homosexual preachers. What Biblical support of this can they give us? And who among their congregations are still able to tell right from wrong?


We scoff at the reports hitting our controlled Radical elites newspapers—we are told that Witches are demanding political recognition as a religion.
Why do we not realize what is obvious, they already have it—under the guise of being Christian churches.


I would remiss were I not to add here— that being Southern does not require that one lives in the South.


One need not be born in the South or born of a Southern parent.
It requires something of greater value- of more importance- that a person love truth and love it so much that he seeks and finds the South’s truth— its long, swept under the Yankee carpet, truth.
It demands that a person is willing enough and brave enough to do his best to share that Southern truth with unbelievers.
To meet the truth seekers in The Confederate Society has gladdened my existence and my Southern DNA.


It thrills my ‘born in the South’ to be part of a dedicated Confederate family.
It inspires my every endeavor to awaken to Southern truth.
The Confederate Society has taken up in my life where the Georgia Heritage Council left off when it was dissolved after years of service in truth telling.


Crag Maus and all the dedicated truth seekers and truth tellers of the Confederate Society… I found them to be among our land’s most noble humans. I know them as warriors for truth— no matter the place of their birth or that of their parents, no matter their ethnicity, no matter their race—no matter their religion.
I see them as— born with the blood of Southerners, born with an innate love of truth, blessedly addicted to truth, and possessing a level of allegiance to our South so high that it is reached by only a limited number of Confederate descendants.


Some of these Maus truth lovers are genetic Copperheads- meaning that their Un-Civil War northern ancestors knew that the South had the legal and moral right to secede from the Union and also knew the content of the U.S. Constitution and the reasons for that content.


Some of the Confederate Society truth seekers are honest historians whose research convinced them of the validity of the claims made by maverick, professional historians, or by persons in organized Confederate groups. Some are truth seekers because, during their genealogical research, they developed a curiosity about the origin of the war as presented by the victors. All of them, through their concerted and individual efforts are doing their utmost to return truth to America that has for too long been gone.


I am very honored that although I did not look for them & I did not ask them to publish my words, like the Georgia Council bunch—they sought me.


They found me and they have elected to present my thoughts to others. It is highly gratifying to realize that Southern truths are at long last being disseminated throughout America in books and very much via the Internet!
And readers are learning about the crimes committed by the U.S. government against innocent Southerners. Initially, when I first began writing for online publication there was only a hand full of Americans writing anything good about our South—or writing the truth about the sins committed against our South—the evils which even today are paraded as northern virtues- the villains’ birthdays are still being celebrated in the north—men’s whose actions were so repugnant that decent ladies refused to relate to them. But now there is much sharing of these harsh truths and this is good.


Now people are, as Craig Maus so well points out, connecting the dots from the past to the present. Americans have learned the hard way that Communism/Marxism is alive and has prospered via the actions of both the Republican Party and the Democratic one in America.


Maybe there is hope that the Constitutional Amendment which took away States Rights by taking away the individual state’s control over its two U.S. Senators (17th Amendment) will be repealed one day when we finally have replaced most of the members of Congress with people less convoluted with greed for money and power… people with ability to stand against threats and bribery—people who are easily held accountable by their own state’s legislature and thus by the people in their state.


In short, we will get back our Republican form of government and kick the Democracy gong out of our land! The Republican party may split into two separate parties, just as it once did right before Lincoln ran for his second term in office. He split the party, but then glued it back together again — at least until the Radical Marxists decided to begin with him their habitual practice of knocking off the leaders on orders from the Controllers. mericans educated in truth—who value the Constitution and understand it.
It may be that this can only occur in a newly seceded portion of the old United States of America.


We live in interesting times.


The truth sharing of Craig Maus’ gang of Confederate Society members is partially responsible for the interest!


My thanks to each one of them for accepting me as a member of a wonderful gang!
I’m so very proud to know you and to be with you in the BATTLE![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]