Georgia State Rep. Tommy Benton is right and he is in good company because the great historian Shelby Foote believed the exact same thing he does, and me too, as to the cause of the War Between the States. It was certainly NOT SLAVERY. My book – Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War Between the States, The Irrefutable Argument. – has 86 sample pages on and it includes 218 footnotes and 207 sources in the bibliography. The article I wrote for Confederate Veteran, which appears to be the one that Rep. Benton distributed, is thoroughly documented with 22 bibliographical footnotes and makes a powerful, concise argument because it is the truth. The politically correct FRAUD that passes for history today is just that: a total fraud. There was NO historical consensus on the causes of the war prior to the rise of political correctness, and political correctness is not an intelligent historical debate. It is a BIGOTED leftist method of intimidation to shut down debate so liberals can rewrite and interpret history in ways that benefit them and the democrat party, and the rest of us be damned. The impending annihilation of the Northern economy, which was totally based on manufacturing for the South and shipping Southern cotton, is why Lincoln had to get the war started, as many Northern newspapers agreed. My Confederate Veteran article is entitled “The Absurdity of Slavery as the Cause of the War Between the States,” and as soon as I can scan a fresh copy, I will post it. We all witnessed the fake news and lies of most of the American news media (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, The NY Times, Washington Post, et al., ad nauseam) in the last election, and these are the same FRAUDS with their fake news and fake history who have been interpreting Southern history with such ignorance and bigotry since the 1960s with the rise of political correctness. It’s time to straighten their asses out. Good job Rep. Benton. YOU ARE RIGHT. Keep up the good fight.


Source: Gene Kizer Jr, Facebook Post, 6/22/2017