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Wed, Jun 7, 2017
Press Release: Confederates Declare Victory in Today’s Battle of Tampa


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Tampa – Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller who is in league with the Anti-American “Erase-ists” had planned a on introducing a New Orleas style history purge at today’s Commission meeting – but pulled it after he didn’t find public support of the plan.


“This is the home of SUNCOM and SOCOM. It would be political suicide to disrespect soldiers and tradition this way here in HIllsborough County” said Save Southern Heritage Florida (“SSH FL”) spokesman, David McCallister.

After press reports of his plans surfaced, SSH members and supporters were notified and the intense push back pre-empted his plans. County insiders reported there were “a few calls” to take down the historical war memorial dedicated to Hillsborough fallen soliders, but the vast majority were to keep and protect it.


Then last week, nationally known pollster, Gravis, polled likely voters in the county and released the results showing an overwhelming majority opposed removing the Memoria in Aeterna to soldiers who died in the war between north and south.


HK Edgerton, southern civil rights activist and past president of the Ashville, NC branch of the NAACP appeared on the morning radio talk show, AM Tampa Bay, Tuesday morning to discuss the issue. He said “Les Miller rdoesn’t represent all black people…they are the weapon of choice to divide America.” “I watched it happen when the war began waged on the South” he added, referencing the NAACCP’s Resolution declaring the Southern Cross an “odious blight on the universe.”


Nearly two dozen supporters of the memorial attended thtis morning’s County Commision meetingto show support for the memorial and to demand protetction for memorials to all veterans of all wars in Hillsborough County. They heldsigns saying “Americans Build Monuments – They Don’t Destrory Them.” “No one showed up demanding it be taken down” said McCallister.


McCallister called on the Commission to vote up or down to keep the memorial in place, and if not to pass a protection ordinance. If they wouldn’t or couldn’t do that, let the voters decide…which drew applause from around the Commission chamger.


The next Commission meeting will be June 21st and SSH FL members and suppporters will be in attendance to continue demands for protection for memorials to all veterans of all wars in Hillsborough County.


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