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Call to Action – Operation Protection Ordinance


June 6, 2017






Dear Supporter of Southern Heritage,


We are hearing rumors that our efforts are paying off… is time to pivot and push for protection.


Not only should the memorial NOT GO…Hillsborough County should have an ordinance to protect ALL Veterans memorials….so the insanity that ocurred in New Orleans won’t happen here.


We have 24 hours to get our message through before their 9 a.m. meeting Wednesday morning. And if you’re planning to attend the meeting, please prepare 3 sets of remarks: 1 min, 2 min and 3 min (as they may shorten remarks based on number in attendance).


Focus on protecting veterans observances! After all we are the home of MacDill Air Force Base. What a disgrace it is to even be discussing purging a Veteran’s memorial.




1. Call the County Commissioners – Tell them “It’s time to say Veterans Memorials are OFF LIMITS in Hillsborough County. Its time to pass a Veterans Memorial Protection Ordinance”.


If you live in Hillsborough County, make sure to mention it.


Comm. Al Higgenbotham (R) – 813-272-5735 (possibly influencable)
Comm. Sandy Murman (R) – 813-272-5470 (possibly influencable)
Comm. Victor Crist (R) – 813-272-5452 (hopefully with us)
Comm. Ken Hagan (R) – 813-272-5725 (hopefully with us)
Comm. Stacy White (R) – 813-272-5740 (hopefully with us)


Read about them here –


2. Email the County Commissioners – Tell them “Enough is Enough…Its time to protect our Veterans’ Memorials”.


Email them all here –


3. Make Plans Attend June 7th County Commission Meeting – Good speakers, who live in Hillsborough County, especially ones involved on county politics are needed to speak in opposition of any possible consideration of moving the War Memorial at 9 a.m. Email us at: for more info.


4. Make a Donation Any amount will help – $1 – $5 – $25 – $50 – $100. We are developing a plan to amplify these efforts, but it will depend in what funds can be raised.




In 1911, Hillsborough Co., FL acknowledged the memory of her fallen sons by dedicating the “Memoria in Aeterna” at the 1891 Courthouse. The monument cost $3,000, most raised from citizens of the County by the Tampa Chapter 113, United Daughters of the Confederacy, including a $500 contribution from the City of Tampa.


The dedication speech acknowledged “the heroism and courage of those who wore the gray”.


In 1952, a new courthouse was erected, and the County re-located the memorial to its current position there.


There have been efforts to ‘erase’ the Memorial from Tampa’s civil landscape before, but they were strongly rejected by the citizenry. In 1996, the Memorial was restored, and in 1999 when vandals damaged the statue, Hillsborough County repaired it.


Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller is a recognized #heritagehater. He used the tragic Charleston Church murders and faux tears to break the ‘agreement’ that Commissioner Jan Platt bartered regarding the County Seal, that erected a historical 3rd National CSA flag from an innocuous display in the County’s center.


He had the flags taken down and now he is demanding the 1911 War Memorial MUST GO!


In opinion polls across Florida, the overwhelming number of voters oppose removal of these historical veterans memorials – but Les Miller doesn’t care…he says the War Memorial is “divisive” and must go.


In an “ISIS” – like purge, New Orleans has ripped down its most prominent War Memorials, and they are falling like dominoes…Orlando, Gainesville and how here. “The opponents say they are ‘symbols of ‘White Supremacy'”. We say they are no more or no less “white supremacist symbols” than is the United States herself. Memorials to Confederate Veterans are just low hanging fruit in the current War on America.


Thanks to the efforts of members and friends like you, we have put the ‘skeer on’. Public opinion is with us and it is time to consolidate our progress. Let’s turn this threat into an opportunity to LOCK DOWN this memorial with the protections we tried to get from the legislature.


This is the time to MAKE HISTORY! Get on the phone, send emails and tell your friends!


Please participate in any and all ways you can. #rally

The time is NOW. Our heritage won’t last another generation if we don’t “just say “NO”‘! Together, we can…
Save Southern Heritage Florida



Are you ready to ‘get serious’ about Saving Southern Heritage?


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