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“They Just Hauled Off Colonel Sanders”


Woman Claims Assault: Triggered by Confederate Flag Rug


If you remember a couple weeks ago we ran a story about a woman who filmed a scripted “viral” video to “trigger” a PLANNED protest. Anyone who saw the staged video could tell that she was looking for trouble. She even says it. I’ll get to that in a minute.


Talk about representing Portland, Oregon well – this woman should be their new poster child.


Heather Franklin noticed that the store had several rugs patterned after the Confederate flag, so she decided to make a special trip to the store in order to document this “atrocity.” According to Heather, she shops at the store regularly, but now things have changed.


Heather was offended that the store would have this “racist” flag. And the disregard for such, particularly by the Latino men who worked there really upset her.


As the Latino man tried to explain, it was black employees who hung the flags.


But Heather was having none of it. She was there to defend black people, and nobody would stop her. After all, how would black people defend themselves?


God forbid a black person walk in that establishment, and well…SEE THOSE FLAGS!


So Heather became Wonder Heather, Defender of Blacks in Portland.


And why not make a scene? No sense voicing ones idiotic concern to a manager or by writing a letter. OR how about just shopping elsewhere?


Great questions for those of us with LIVES!


Remember, Leftists are miserable, thus everybody around them must be miserable as well. If there are any black people in that area of Portland, Heather wants to find them, to share her misery. Why should black people bother with living life, when there is a battle to fight against the Confederate flag.


The Latino store employees tried to educate Heather, suggesting she learn the true history of the Flag. Psst. As if Heather wanted FACTS!


Another man chimed in, in defense of the store. In no uncertain terms he let Heather know how he felt about her, and told her to get out and shop elsewhere. He questioned Heather on her politics.


“You voted for Hillary or Bernie. Which one did you vote for that lost?”


Anyway, we are revisiting this story because Heather has now filed a police report and is seeking arrest and criminal charges against the employees and other non-staged actors in her video. She has literally claimed to have been assaulted by a Confederate rug.


We figured our readers could use a good laugh so why not start with this!




Last week Friday, contractors for the city of New Orleans removed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from public display in the city’s downtown area. The Lee statue was the last of four city monuments to the Confederacy to be taken down. The other three commemorated P.G.T. Beauregard, a prominent Confederate general from Louisiana, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and the Battle of Liberty Place that took place nearly a decade after the end of the War and effectively ended Reconstruction in Louisiana.




With Robert E. Lee’s statue plucked Friday from its pedestal in Lee Circle, details are emerging about what will replace it and the other three Confederate monuments that have come down in New Orleans during the past few weeks.


Especially since the 68-foot column that Lee has been standing atop for the past 133 years is going to remain, according to Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration. Plans also have been announced for the other sites that have lost monuments.


The statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis that was removed last week from its site at Canal Street and Jefferson Davis Parkway will be replaced by an American flag, Landrieu’s office said.


City Park officials will take the lead in determining what should replace the equestrian statue of Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard that was removed from a traffic circle at the main entrance to the park.


The most recent site of the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place will be left vacant. That site, on Iberville Street behind the parking garage at Canal Place, is largely out of public sight. The marker had stood on Canal Street until it was moved in the 1990s.


In the meantime, the Mayor’s Office hopes to find a nonprofit or government agency willing to house the four removed monuments in some type of exhibit that would place them in historical context. But whoever takes the monuments will have to agree that they will not be displayed outdoors in Orleans Parish.


The city said it expects to seek proposals from nonprofits or government agencies interested in taking the monuments to Lee, Davis and the Battle of Liberty Place.


The Beauregard statue is not included in that list at this point because the city will be talking with City Park officials about the ownership of that statue and the land on which it stood for 102 years. In a court case earlier this month, city officials were dismissive of the idea that City Park owns the land or the statue, but more recently they have acknowledged some uncertainly on that point.


Those interested in taking the statues will be able to submit proposals for each of them individually or for the whole group, according to a city news release. But the proposals must “state how they will place the statues in context, both in terms of why they were first erected and why the city chose in 2015 to remove them.”




A recent student-driven petition calling for the Greenville County, South Carolina School Board to change the name of Wade Hampton High School has garnered widespread press attention and prompted debate on local social media.


Hampton, a Confederate Lieutenant General, is referred to ion the petition as a blatant “racist,” according to “historians.” Hundreds of students and their supporters say the name of Wade Hampton no longer deserves to be honored by a modern, respected and diverse Greenville high school. “Honoring a man who owned and fought to keep students’ ancestors enslaved and oppressed is not only inappropriate but immoral,” said 16-year-old student Asha Marie, who wrote the change.org petition, which now includes 1,800 signatures.


A counter-petition, opposing the name change, has garnered more than 2,400 signatures.




Alabama’s State Legislature on last week Friday approved sweeping protections for Confederate monuments, names and other historic memorials.


The measure “would prohibit the relocation, removal, alteration, renaming, or other disturbance of any architecturally significant building, memorial building, memorial street, or monument” that has stood on public property for 40 or more years,” it reads. Changes to names or memorials installed between 20 and 40 years ago would need permission from a new state commission.


Black politicians opposed the bill at every step of the legislative process with their typical whiny cries about “slavery.”


Supporters argued that the measure would protect all kinds of history – not just Confederate symbols.


Sen. Gerald Allen, the bill’s Republican sponsor, criticized what he called a “wave of political correctness” wiping out monuments to people he said were historically significant even if they had their personal flaws.


The legislation would also apply to schools named to memorialize people.


Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey added an amendment, which lawmakers approved, to clarify that schools could change locations and do renovations, but not change names. The amendment came after lawmakers raised concerns that schools, which are often named for people, could not do renovations or relocate under the bill’s directive.


Birmingham’s park board has approved a resolution to remove a 52-foot-tall Confederate monument in a downtown park in 2015, prompting a legal challenge from a Southern heritage organization. It is not yet certain if this legislation would protect the Birmingham monument.




Here are links to two Russian news sources:






Angry that the US Congress has mandated renaming the street in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington for Boris Nemtsov, something that our government specifically did to piss off Vladimir Putin, the Russians are responding.


Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has announced a plan to rename the street in front of the US Embassy in Moscow for Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy.


Is this a Heritage victory?






Another of our readers in Florida sends the following appeal to our friend, H. K. Edgerton:


Dear Mr. Edgerton,


A few years back you said Florida would be the next ALAMO and it most surely is. Mitch “Isis” Landrieu has emboldened the Haters in Florida and Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer has said he’s taking down the 1911 Downtown Orlando monument, paid for by ice cream festivals and other fundraisers of the Annie Coleman Chapter of the United Dauhters of the Confederacy, and it sits on land donated to Orlando by Confederate Veteran, and “King of the Crackers” Jacob Sumerlin.


We have started a petition for everyone to sign, but we need your boots on the ground evey day in a vigil in Orlando.


Can you please ask your supporters to help fund travel costs. I know it is a LONG LONG way from Ashville, NC to Orlando, FL and it will put a hurting on your vehicle, that has the “check engine” light on already..


Tell them, we must stand up and fight. We are the thin gray line. It is time to do it not just for us and our ancestors but for America…Donnie can’t do it by himself…we have to stand up against those seeing to destroy America.


I read this morning that a high school in Tallahassee, some of the students flew their battle flags in parking lot and people were wondering why. My first though…THEY REALIZED WAR had been declared on America when the destruction of Pres. Davis and Gen. Beauregard, and they were doing what they could.


Please tell our donors/supporters to send that they can to make your trip possible to keep the wolf from the door in the land of the mouse!


Miss Lunelle




Dear Sir,


Have you all tried to contact the president about this? The removal of the Lee statue and others is just pure insanity, and for what purpose? To satisfy some crazy politically correct people!


Please reach out to our president over this important issue.


If they can erase this history, what’s next? Those who forget history are bound to repeat it!


Sonja Thompson
Franklin, NC




A few weeks ago we published a copy of the letter that the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana had sent to President Trump. The Lieutenant Governor also called the White House and made multiple appeals to President Trump and to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So yes, the President was contacted. Obviously he elected not to intervene.




Two Types Northern People


There are 2 types of people who live North of the Mason-Dixon Line.


Decent honorable Northern people and Yankees.


Some of the best Southern supporters are people raised in the North who have learned the truth and facts about the radical, fanatical, zealot criminal element in the North and the hideous atrocities they committed against the South. Yes I have a suspicion of all Northerners until I figure out which group they are in.


Lincoln and his radicals, fanatics, and criminals imprisoned about 200,000 Northern citizens simply for expressing opposition to his criminal unconstitutional war–38,000 for the duration of the war with no trial or legal rights. He imprisoned Francis Key Howard ( grandson of Francis Scott Key who wrote the song Star Spangled Banner) for 14 months just because he wrote a newspaper editorial in opposition to Lincoln’s war. He was a newspaper editor. Lincoln had federal troops to burn and shut down about 300 Northern newspapers because they wrote pro-Southern editorials. Howard wrote a book about his imprisonment–The American Bastille.


Perhaps you do not truly understand just how many evil atrocities were committed against Southerners during the war and during reconstruction which was harder on Southerners than the war itself. Reconstruction was the plunder pillage, and economic rape of the Southern States.


Lincoln, Sherman, Sheridan, and a host of other Yankees are War Criminals. Burning, pillaging, theft, plunder, arson, rape, and murder. During Reconstruction the Yankee carpetbaggers operated Uncle Sam’s terrorist organization the Union League. They had 300000 members-former black slaves. They gave out matches and had them burn Southerner’s houses barns, poison wells, shoot livestock rape, murder. This caused the rise of the KKK. If there had not been a Union League there would have never been a KKK–a police and resistance organization.


It took 1/2 of the Union army to prevent several Northern states from joining the Southern war effort. Lincoln declared martial law and shelled NY City.


Many Northerners are learning the truth and coming over to the Southern side. I have many Northern friends.


It is probably more true that the North has never got over winning the war. In order to justify their atrocities they paint the South as an evil slave empire that got what we deserved. But it was the New England colonies/states that were responsible for the development of slavery in America. The shipping industry in New England and the port cities rose to prosperity on the profits from the slave trade. All the ongoing efforts to ban CSA flags and our history heritage, and culture and we resist and then get blamed for keeping the war still going.


James W. King, Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Camp 141
Albany, Georgia




Southerners know their summer weather report:


Southerners know their vacation spots:
The beach
The rivuh
The crick


Southerners know everybody’s first name:


Southerners know the movies that speak to their hearts:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Driving Miss Daisy
Steel Magnolias
Gone With The Wind


Southerners know their religions:


Southerners know their cities dripping with Southern charm:
Foat Wuth


Southerners know their elegant gentlemen:
Men in uniform
Men in tuxedos
Rhett Butler


Southern girls know their prime real estate:
The Mall
The Country Club
The Beauty Salon


Southern girls know the 3 deadly sins:
Having bad hair and nails
Having bad manners
Cooking bad food


Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don’t “HAVE” them, you “PITCH” them


Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc., make up “a mess.”


Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of “yonder.”


Only a Southerner knows exactly how long “directly” is, as in: “Going to town, be back directly.”


Even Southern babies know that “Gimme some sugar” is not a request for the white, granular, sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl in the middle of the table.


All Southerners know exactly when “by and by” is. They might not use the term, but they know the concept well.


Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who’s got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad.


If the neighbor’s trouble is a real crisis, they also know to add a large banana puddin’!


Only Southerners grow up knowing the differencebetween “right near” and “a right far piece.” They also know that”just down the road” can be 1 mile or 20.


Only a Southerner both knows and understands the difference between a redneck, a good ol’ boy, and Po white trash.

No true Southerner would ever assume that the car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.


A Southerner knows that “fixin” can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adverb.


Only Southerners make friends while standing in lines, … and when we’re “in line,”… we talk to everybody!


Put 100 Southerners in a room and half of them will discover they’re related, even if only by marriage.


In the South, “y’all” issingular, “all y’all” is plural.


Southerners know grits come from corn and how to eat them.


Every Southerner knows that tomatoes with eggs, bacon, grits, and coffee are perfectly wonderful; that red eye gravy is also a breakfast food; that scrambled eggs just ain’t right without Tabasco , and that fried green tomatoes are not a breakfast food.


When you hear someone say, “Well, I caught myself lookin’,” you know you are in the presence of a genuine Southerner!


Only true Southerners say “sweet tea” and “sweet milk.” Sweet tea indicates the need for sugar and lots of it — we do not like our tea unsweetened. “Sweet milk” means you don’t want buttermilk.


And a true Southerner knows you don’t scream obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 MPH on the freeway. You just say,”Bless her sweet little heart”… and go your own way.


To those of you who are still a little embarrassed by your Southernness: Take two tent revivals and a dose of sausage gravy and call me in the morning. Bless your little heart!


And to those of you who are still having a hard time understanding all this Southern stuff…bless your hearts, I hear they’re fixin’ to have classes on Southernness as a second language!


Southern girls know men may come and go, but friends are fah-evah!


There ain’t no magazine named “Northern Living” for good reason. There ain’t nobody interested in livin’ up north, nobody would buy the magazine!


Now Shugah, send this to someone who was raised in the South or wish they had a’been! If you’re a Northern transplant, bless your little heart, fake it. We know you got here as fast as you could.


Jefferson Davis Today – Thomas Jefferson Tomorrow!
by Dr. Chuck Baldwin


All over the United States, memorials and statues of the great men of the Confederacy, along with the flags of the Confederacy, have either already been taken down or efforts are underway to take them down. I’m talking about places such as Biloxi, Mississippi; Charlottesville, Virginia; Austin, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Charleston, South Carolina; St. Louis, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Orlando, Florida; and Memphis, Tennessee. The city of New Orleans, Louisiana, has taken down the statues of President Jefferson Davis and General P.G.T. Beauregard. The Jefferson Davis statue had stood since 1911. General Beauregard’s statue had stood since 1915.


In 1864, Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned his fellow southerners of the historical consequences should the South lose their war for independence. He said if the South lost, “It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision.” No truer words were ever spoken.


History revisionists flooded America’s public schools with Northern propaganda about the people who attempted to secede from the United States, characterizing them as racists, extremists, radicals, hatemongers, and traitors.


Folks, please understand that the ONLY people in 1861 who believed that states did NOT have the right to secede were Abraham Lincoln and his radical Republicans. To say that southern states did not have the right to secede from the United States is to say that the thirteen colonies did not have the right to secede from Great Britain. One cannot be right and the other wrong. If one is right, both are right. If one is wrong, both are wrong. How can we celebrate the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies in 1776 and then turn around and condemn the Declaration of Independence of the Confederacy in 1861?


In fact, southern states were not the only states that talked about secession. After the southern states seceded, the State of Maryland fully intended to join them. In September of 1861, Lincoln sent federal troops to the State capital and seized the legislature by force in order to prevent them from voting. Federal provost marshals stood guard at the polls and arrested Democrats and anyone else who believed in secession. A special furlough was granted to Maryland troops so they could go home and vote against secession. Judges who tried to inquire into the phony elections were arrested and thrown into military prisons. There is your great “emancipator,” folks.


In fact, before the South seceded, several northern states had threatened secession. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island had threatened secession as far back as James Madison’s administration. In addition, the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware were threatening secession during the first half of the nineteenth century–long before the southern states even considered such a thing.


People say constantly that Lincoln “saved” the Union. Lincoln didn’t save the Union; he subjugated the Union. There is a huge difference. A union that is not voluntary is not a union. Does a man have a right to force a woman to marry him or to force a woman to stay married to him? In the eyes of God, a union of husband and wife is far more sacred than a union of states. If God recognizes the right of husbands and wives to separate (and He does), to try and suggest that states do not have the right to lawfully separate (under Natural and divine right) is the most preposterous proposition possible.


People also say that Lincoln freed the slaves. Lincoln did not free a single slave. But what he did do was enslave free men. His so-called Emancipation Proclamation had no authority in the southern states, as they had separated into another country. Lincoln had no more authority to issue a proclamation in the CSA than the British Crown has authority to issue a proclamation to the states of the USA today.


Do you not find it interesting that Lincoln’s proclamation didn’t free a single slave in the United States, the country in which he DID have authority? That’s right. The Emancipation Proclamation deliberately ignored slavery in the North. Do you not realize that when Lincoln signed his proclamation, there were over 300,000 slaveholders who were fighting in the Union army? (Source: Mildred Lewis Rutherford, “Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States, and Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States,” 1861-1865, p. 35)


The institution of slavery did not end until the 13th Amendment was ratified on December 6, 1865.


Speaking of the 13th Amendment, did you know that, in his first inaugural address, Lincoln actually SUPPORTED an amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which would have been the 13th Amendment) proposed by Ohio Congressman Thomas Corwin that said: “No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by laws of said State.”


You read it right. Lincoln supported an amendment to the U.S. Constitution PRESERVING the institution of slavery. This proposed amendment was written in March of 1861, a month BEFORE the shots were fired at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.


The State of South Carolina was particularly incensed at the tariffs enacted in 1828 and 1832. The Tariff of 1828 was disdainfully called “The Tariff of Abominations” by the State of South Carolina. Accordingly, the South Carolina legislature declared that the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were “unauthorized by the constitution of the United States.”


Think, folks: Why would the southern states secede from the Union over slavery when President Abraham Lincoln had offered an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the PRESERVATION of slavery? That makes no sense. If the issue was predominantly slavery, all the South needed to do was to go along with Lincoln, and his proposed 13th Amendment would have permanently preserved slavery among the southern (and northern) states. Does that sound like a body of people who were willing to lose hundreds of thousands of men on the battlefield over saving slavery–especially considering that the VAST MAJORITY of southerners did NOT own a single slave? What nonsense!


The problem was, Lincoln wanted the southern states to pay the Union a 40% tariff on their exports. The South considered this outrageous and refused to pay. By the time hostilities broke out in 1861, the South was paying up to, and perhaps exceeding, 70% of the nation’s taxes. Before the war, the South was very prosperous and productive. And Washington, D.C., kept raising the taxes and tariffs on them. You know, the way Washington, D.C., keeps raising the taxes on prosperous American citizens today.


This is much the same story of the way the colonies refused to pay the demanded tariffs of the British Crown–albeit the tariffs of the Crown were much LOWER than those demanded by Lincoln. Lincoln’s proposed 13th Amendment was an attempt to entice the South into paying the tariffs by being willing to permanently ensconce the institution of slavery into the Constitution. AND THE SOUTH SAID NO!


In addition, the Congressional Record of the United States forever obliterates the notion that the North fought the War Between The States over slavery. Read it for yourself. This resolution was passed unanimously in the U.S. Congress on July 23, 1861: “The War is waged by the government of the United States, not in the spirit of conquest or subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or institutions of the states, but to defend and protect the Union.”


What could be clearer? The U.S. Congress declared that the war against the South was NOT an attempt to overthrow or interfere with the “institutions” of the states, but to keep the Union intact–BY FORCE. The “institutions” implied most certainly included the institution of slavery.


Hear it loudly and clearly: Lincoln’s war against the South had NOTHING to do with ending slavery–so said the U.S. Congress by unanimous resolution in 1861.


Abraham Lincoln himself said it was NEVER his intention to end the institution of slavery. In a letter to Alexander Stevens who later became the Vice President of the Confederacy, Lincoln wrote this, “Do the people of the South really entertain fears that a Republican administration would, directly, or indirectly, interfere with their slaves, or with them, about their slaves? If they do, I wish to assure you, as once a friend, and still, I hope, not an enemy, that there is no cause for such fears. The South would be in no more danger in this respect than it was in the days of Washington.”


Again, what could be clearer? Lincoln himself said the southern states had nothing to fear from him in regard to abolishing slavery.


Hear Lincoln again: “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.” He also said, “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so and I have no inclination to do so.”


The idea that the Confederate flag (actually there were five of them) stood for racism, bigotry, hatred, and slavery is just so much hogwash. In fact, if one truly wants to discover who the racist was in 1861, just read the words of Mr. Lincoln.


On August 14, 1862, Abraham Lincoln invited a group of black people to the White House. In his address to them, he told them of his plans to colonize them all back to Africa. Listen to what he told these folks: “Why should the people of your race be colonized and where? Why should they leave this country? This is, perhaps, the first question for proper consideration. You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss; but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think. Your race suffer very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason, at least, why we should be separated. You here are freemen, I suppose? Perhaps you have been long free, or all your lives. Your race is suffering, in my judgment, the greatest wrong inflicted on any people. But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. . . . The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.”


Did you hear what Lincoln said? He said that black people would NEVER be equal with white people–even if they all obtained their freedom from slavery. If that isn’t a racist statement, I’ve never heard one.


Lincoln’s statement above is not isolated. In Charleston, Illinois, in 1858, Lincoln said in a speech, “I am not, nor have ever been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”


Ladies and gentlemen, in his own words, Abraham Lincoln declared himself to be a white supremacist. Why don’t our history books and news media tell the American people the truth about Lincoln and about The War Between The States?


It’s simple: if people would study the meanings and history of the flag, symbols, and statues of the Confederacy and Confederate leaders, they might begin to awaken to the tyrannical policies of Washington, D.C., that triggered Southern independence–policies that have only escalated since the defeat of the Confederacy–and they might have a notion to again resist.


By the time Lincoln penned his Emancipation Proclamation, the war had been going on for two years without resolution. In fact, the North was losing the war. Even though the South was outmanned and out-equipped, the genius of the southern generals and fighting acumen of the southern men had put the northern armies on their heels. Many people in the North never saw the legitimacy of Lincoln’s war in the first place, and many of them actively campaigned against it. These people were affectionately called “Copperheads” by people in the South.


Here’s another thing: the war fought from 1861 to 1865 was NOT a “Civil War.” Civil war suggests two sides fighting for control of the same capital and country. The South didn’t want to take over Washington, D.C., any more than their forebears wanted to take over London. They wanted to separate from Washington, D.C., just as America’s Founding Fathers wanted to separate from Great Britain. The proper name for that war is either “The War Between The States” or “The War Of Southern Independence ” or, more fittingly, “The War Of Northern Aggression.”


Had the South wanted to take over Washington, D.C., they could have done so with the very first battle of the “Civil War.” When Lincoln ordered federal troops to invade Virginia in the First Battle of Manassas (called the “First Battle of Bull Run” by the North), Confederate troops sent the Yankees running for their lives all the way back to Washington. Had the Confederates pursued them, they could have easily taken the city of Washington, D.C., seized Abraham Lincoln, and in all likelihood ended the war before it really began. But General Beauregard and the other leaders of the Confederacy had no intention of fighting an aggressive war against the North. They merely wanted to defend the South against Lincoln’s aggression.


In order to rally people in the North, Lincoln needed a moral crusade. That’s what his Emancipation Proclamation was all about. This explains why his proclamation was not penned until 1863, after two years of fruitless fighting. He was counting on people in the North to stop resisting his war against the South if they thought it was some kind of “holy” war. Plus, Lincoln was hoping that his proclamation would incite blacks in the South to insurrect against southern whites. If thousands of blacks would begin to wage war against their white neighbors, the fighting men of the southern armies would have to leave the battlefields and go home to defend their families. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.


Not only did blacks not riot against the whites of the South, but many black men volunteered to fight alongside their white friends and neighbors in the Confederate army. Unlike the blacks in the North, who were conscripted by Lincoln and forced to fight in segregated units, thousands of blacks in the South fought of their own free will in a fully integrated southern army. I bet your history book never told you THAT.


If one wants to ban a racist flag, one would have to ban the British flag. Ships bearing the Union Jack shipped over 5 million African slaves to countries all over the world, including the British colonies in North America. Other slave ships flew the Dutch flag, the Portuguese flag, the Spanish flag, and, yes, the U.S. flag. But not one single slave ship flew the Confederate flag. NOT ONE!


By the time Lincoln launched his war against the southern states, slavery was already a dying institution. The entire country, including the South, recognized the moral evil of slavery and wanted it to end. Only a very small fraction of southerners even owned slaves, and the vast majority of southern leaders, including Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson, openly supported abolishing slavery.


The slave trade had ended in 1808, per the U.S. Constitution, and the practice of slavery was quickly dying too. In another few years, with the advent of agricultural machinery, slavery would have ended peacefully–just like it already had in England. It didn’t take a national war and the deaths of over a half million men to end slavery in Great Britain. America’s so-called Civil War was absolutely unnecessary. The greed of Lincoln’s radical Republicans in the North combined with the cold, calloused heart of Lincoln himself are responsible for the tragedy of the “Civil War.”


And all of the hysteria over the Confederate Battle Flag is just so much propaganda. The Confederate Battle Flag flies the Saint Andrew’s Cross. Of course, Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus Christ, brother of Simon Peter, and Christian martyr who was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Andrew is the patron saint of both Russia and Scotland.


In the 1800s, up to 75% of people in the South were either Scotch or Scotch-Irish. The Confederate Battle Flag is predicated on the national flag of Scotland. It is a symbol of the Christian faith and heritage of the Celtic race.


Pastor John Weaver rightly observed, “Even the Confederate States motto, ‘Deovendickia,’ (The Lord is our Vindicator), illustrates the sovereignty and the righteousness of God. The Saint Andrew’s cross is also known as the Greek letter CHIA (KEE) and has historically been used to represent Jesus Christ. Why do you think people write Merry X-mas, just to give you an illustration? The ‘X’ is the Greek letter CHIA and it has been historically used for Christ. Moreover, its importance was understood by educated and uneducated people alike. When an uneducated man, one that could not write, needed to sign his name please tell me what letter he made? An ‘X,’ why? Because he was saying I am taking an oath under God. I am recognizing the sovereignty of God, the providence of God and I am pledging my faith. May I tell you the Confederate Flag is indeed a Christian flag because it has the cross of Saint Andrew, who was a Christian martyr, and the letter ‘X’ has always been used to represent Christ, and to attack the flag is to deny the sovereignty, the majesty, and the might of the Lord Jesus Christ and his divine role in our history, culture, and life.”


Many of the facts–including the quotation above–that I reference in this column were included in a message delivered by Pastor Weaver several years ago. I want to thank John for preaching such a powerful and needed message. Read or watch Pastor John Weaver’s sermon “The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag” here:


The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag


Virtually every act of federal usurpation of liberty that we are witnessing today–and have been witnessing for much of the twentieth (and now twenty-first) century–is the result of Lincoln’s war against the South. Truly, we are living in Lincoln’s America, not Washington and Jefferson’s America. Washington and Jefferson’s America died at Appomattox Court House in 1865.


And speaking of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, you can mark my words: after the Lincoln-worshipping socialists have finished removing the statues and memorials that honor the brave men of the American Confederacy, they will turn their attention to removing the statues and memorials of the brave men of the American colonies. That’s what tyrants do: they try to remove all semblances of resistance from any city or country that they conquer. That is exactly what socialist-sponsored terror groups, such as ISIS, are attempting to do among the communities they control in the Middle East; and that is exactly what the socialists in America (Republican and Democrat) are doing in our country right now.


Today it is Jefferson Davis; tomorrow it will be Thomas Jefferson.


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