Black Man Runs For His Life As ANTIFA Places Bounty On His Head For Openly-Conservative Views




Things are backward in America today, this we know. People who don’t take care of themselves are called fashion role models (ie they are fat), most of our “food” has no real food in it anymore, and now even anti-fascist groups are putting bounties on black people heads just like the KKK did/does.


The “Black Rebel,” Andrew Duncomb, is both a black man and an “outspoken advocate of southern history and specifically of the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments,” according to a recent article. Now a group that claims to be for respecting minorities (Antifa) have put a bounty on his head and forced him into hiding.


Duncomb says that police and local authorities refuse to give him any help or protection at all, yet he refuses to stop standing for what he knows is right.


This is even after another black man who has not been identified was threatened on Facebook for his support of the Confederate monuments by Antifa’s Gene Black. He even threatened the man’s family!


So what we have are blacks who stand not for Africans were treated in days of slaves, but who know the value of history. They also know that, though some were vile in terms of their racist views, many historical southern leaders created everything from infrastructure to science. Sandblasting them from history is a terrible travesty. It would be like removing Elvis Presley from the Rock Hall because he used drugs.


It would be like removing Elvis Presley from the Rock Hall because he used drugs or removing Hulk Hogan as a wrestling icon all because he….oh wait…


Beyond ANY of that, however: what right does Antifa or anyone else have to tell a black many – OR ANY man – what he can believe or is allowed to say?


Are we going to threaten black women now, like Mr. Black did on his Facebook wall to the black Confederate historian, too?


If so, that is rather ironic since NAZI’s who were infamous fascists did the same things to those who did not conform.


Antifa has leeched onto the punk rock/rebel crowd, but don’t let their spiked hair and tattoos fool the masses, for they are only tools of the system. They are divisive, uninformed, and it seems, against minorities having the right to speak.


(Duncomb was reached out to by Teddy Stick for a comment but he was unavailable)


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