This is what it looked like when SOUTHERNERS attended Southern schools and did not allow OUTSIDERS to dictate to us what went on at OUR schools in OUR states in OUR South. WHAT business is it of theirs? The schools in the South were formed to educate the children of the South. Sooo…


WHY have we allowed interloping OUTSIDERS to dictate to us that we forget our flesh and blood, and dishonor our fathers and our people? Why?


WHY do we allow their lies in our states much less our schools? WHY?


WHY have we allowed their lies to define US? Why?


WHY are the opinions of college kids in New Orleans who are not even American, much less Southern, even factored into the conversation there?


WHY? What business is it of theirs?


Why don’t we tell them to PUT YOUR HEART IN DIXIE OR GET OUT? Why?


WHY don’t we FIRE THEM? This is OUR home! NOT THEIRS!


If you don’t like what you see in OUR South, GET OUT!




Photo-East Carolina Univ Kappa Alpha Order members holding a Confederate flag at a fraternity rally. courtesy ECU archives.


Source: Southern Historical Society, Facebook Post
April 28, 2017