NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) – Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser wants to make sure confederate era monuments aren’t removed and said he’s contacted President Trump for help.


The state’s second in command said he’s received numerous requests to block the removal from Louisiana voters and beyond.


“People are outraged. We’re getting calls from all over the country,” Nungesser said.


Nungesser said he’s currently looking into ways his office might be able to block the removal and is asking for help from lawyers with the Attorney General’s office.


He said, while legislation is making its way to the Capitol, he’s concerned the two bills and an amendment may not survive the session.


“Some of the lawyers for the state are looking at it to see if the Lieutenant Governor’s office has any grounds. I know a lot of people are hanging their hat on the legislation in Baton Rouge. My concerns are the committees that those bills are being put in are not favorable committees for those bills to get out of committee and we need to be honest about that,” Nungesser said.


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