SCV Pre-Event Article CSA Memorial Service


From: James King
Cc:; Henry Crain


TO: Carlton Fletcher & Jon Gosa —Albany Herald Newspaper


Pre-Event Article Requested Annual Southwest Georgia CSA Memorial Service Saturday April 8.


Carlton & Jon,


Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Albany Camp 141 Lt. Col. Thomas Nelson will host the Annual Southwest Georgia Confederate Memorial Service on Saturday April 8 at the CSA Memorial Park on Hwy.91 Philema Road. The event will begin at 9 AM. The band “Southern Sounds” will sing period Confederate and Southern Gospel music from 9 to 10 AM. The formal memorial service follows from 10 Am to 12 Noon beginning with an Invocation and the singing of the Southern National Anthem “DIXIE. A proclamation by the Albany SCV Camp proclaiming April as Confederate History and Heritage Month will be read followed by former CSA General Stephen Dill Lee’s 1906 charges to SCV, UDC, and the people of the South. The names of the Confederate States will be called in order of the date that they declared secession from the United States of America beginning with South Carolina and ending with Tennessee. Border states and western territories that supported the Confederate States of America will also be recognized as well as soldiers of Northern states that fought for the Confederacy. As the name of each state is called those attending the event who are descendants of soldiers from that state will stand to be recognized and a carnation flower will be placed at the base of the Confederate Monument to honor the CSA soldiers of that state. And a final flower and wreath will be placed to honor and remember the Unknown CSA soldiers–forgotten men who fought and died for the CSA flag that waved across our Southern land and who lie in a lonely soldiers grave. The primary speaker will be Henry Crain from Leesburg who is a Constitutional Historian and a proud Southerner and descendant of Confederate veterans. The topic of his speech will be “Usurpation of Federal power by the Federal Government from 1789 thru current 2017 and the destruction of States Rights and passage of evil post-war constitutional Amendments”.The Albany SCV camp extends an invitation to attend to all members of the public who are interested in Southern and Confederate history, heritage, and culture.


The speaker, Henry Crain, writes a weekly column in the Lee County Ledger newspaper explaining the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the problems now faced by Americans due to Federal usurpation of power and attacks on Christianity. He may be contacted at 601-238-3305.


The Confederate States of America fought for Southern INDEPENDENCE from the USA. After a 4 year struggle against overwhelming numbers and resources that valor and bravery could not win, the CSA armies were forced to yield and Independence was denied. Surrender was followed by unconstitutional, criminal, and immoral so called “Reconstruction” which was in reality the plunder, pillage, and economic rape of the Southern states.


James W. King
SCV Camp 141 Commander
LT. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia


The South and the Southern Confederacy have been harshly discriminated against and positive historical facts and figures have intentionally been suppressed. Dishonest Northern historians have unfairly caused Southern and Confederate history and its heroes, memorials, and flags to be regulated to a role of less importance than deserved and to be viewed in a negative perspective by the American public. U.S president Woodrow Wilson is quoted as saying ” the role of slavery became the proclaimed cause of the Civil War because it was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war for Independence into a war waged for the maintenance and extension of slavery”. If slavery was all the Southern states wanted they could have kept it without a war or firing a shot. The North offered the South the Corwin Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in March 1861 that would have made slavery permanently legal in America if they would rejoin the union. The South refused and the Constitution of the Confederate States of America banned the international slave trade. Most educated Southerners were in favor of gradual orderly emancipation which would have prevented segregation and Jim Crow laws which were based on Northern black codes.


The words of Confederate General Patrick R. Cleburne who was killed at the battle of Franklin Tennessee on November 30, 1864 are becoming true. “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late. It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision”. Political correctness and Socialist Marxist Revisionism are attacking everything Southern and Confederate on national, state, and local levels all across America.


The Confederate flag represents honor, faith, courage, dignity, integrity, chivalry, Christian values, respect for womanhood, strong family ties, patriotism, self- reliance, limited constitutional federal government, states rights and belief in the free enterprise system. It symbolizes the noble spirit of the Southern people, the rich heritage, the traditions of the South and the dynamic and vigorous southern culture. No other symbol so proudly says “Dixie” as the Cross of St. Andrew (Confederate Battle Flag) waving in the breeze. Liberals have falsely indoctrinated many black Americans to believe it represents racism, bigotry, and a painful reminder of slavery.


It is the last flag to represent the concept of local control of ones’ life in America. In a larger sense it represents the same values and principles as the original U.S. Betsy Ross Flag: Limited Constitutional Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance to Tyranny, and Christian Principles and Values. Thus it represents “government of the people, by the people, and for the people with the consent of the governed”.


The Confederate flag is an internationally recognized symbol of resistance to tyranny. That is why it was flying over the Berlin Wall when it was being torn down in 1989 and has been flown by numerous countries or provinces seeking independence.


It reminds knowledgeable Americans that government is to be held accountable for its actions, and if those actions are viewed as not being in the best interest of the people, there is a price to be paid for it. This fact has not been lost upon the Socialist, Communist liberal left and that is why they have spent inordinate amounts of money and energy trying to suppress this powerful symbol of freedom. The Confederate battle flag is a Christian symbol and that is why proponents of Secular Humanism oppose it.


The flag also represents the valor and sacrifice of our Southern ancestors in their quest to gain independence and recognition as a sovereign nation. Confederate soldiers displayed tremendous bravery in the face of overwhelming odds and blatant tyranny on behalf of the Yankee government that invaded the Southern homeland. It was, is, and will continue to be the flag of the region Southerners call home, the Southland. We are Americans, true, but we are also proud Southerners.


Article by James W. King—Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141 Commander Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson Albany Georgia


April is officially designated as Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia. All across the South and to some extent in Northern and Western states, governors, city and county commissions, and mayors signed proclamations recognizing the historical significance, events, and individuals of the Confederate era 1860-1865. This widespread recognition includes the mayor of Long Beach California where several Confederate veterans are interred.


The Old South and the Confederate States of America was a classical civilization with colleges and universities, art and literature, architecture, world class statesmen, and a fine military. Like all classical civilizations including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome the C.S.A. was driven by slave labor. However, slavery was a dying institution prior to the Civil War. Like the aforementioned civilizations, the C.S.A. deserves to be studied, honored, and respected.


It is the institution of slavery that is primarily responsible for the criticism, misunderstanding, and opposition to Confederate history and heritage. The winner of a war writes the history and biased Northern historians have presented selected facts and intentionally omitted other important facts. Therefore American history is an extremely biased New England perspective of the Old South, Confederacy, and Reconstruction. These dishonest Northern historians write history in such a manner as to cause students to assume that only the South was responsible for slavery. The truth is becoming known. New York City had the second highest slave population in America second only to Charleston SC.


The North was not only complicit, it was largely responsible for the development of slavery in America. The Pilgrims landed in 1620 in Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts) and immediately began enslaving Indians. They were the first colony to legalize slavery by statute in 1641. It was the New England colonies of MA., CT., NH., RI., and New York that imported slaves to America along with England, Spain, Portugal, and the Dutch. The economic infrastructure of the port cities of colonial New England depended on the nefarious trade. In contrast, in Virginia, a 7 year indentured servitude existed until 1655 when Anthony Johnson became the “Father of Southern Slavery”. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction-THE FATHER OF SOUTHERN SLAVERY WAS A BLACK MAN.


It was Queen Elizabeth of England who put that country in the slave trade business. Colonial Virginia tried over 30 times to prohibit the trade but England and the New England slave traders declined. These Northern colonies had both state owned and privately owned fleets of slave ships. Today, Jewish Americans are some of the most outspoken critics of the Confederacy, but ironically, this ethnic group was very involved in the highly profitable slave trade.


Liberal critics of the Confederate States of America have indoctrinated many Americans, especially African-Americans, to believe that slaves on Southern plantations and farms were constantly abused. Certainly some were, but most were treated fairly and some so well that they considered their status superior to poor whites. It was in Africa during the capture by fellow Africans that the slaves were horribly abused and weaker individuals murdered. Then during the “middle passage” on the ships of European and Yankee Northern captains, they were packed into cramped and unsanitary quarters where many died on the voyages to America, West Indies, and South America. Once they arrived in the South, they were often treated as family.


In 1934-1936, during the Franklin Roosevelt administration’s WPA program, about 2200 old former slaves in 11 Southern states were interviewed and their stories recorded. They are known as the “Slave Narratives” and have been published in books. The vast majority spoke with great affection for their former masters and talked of the good times and kind treatment. In contrast poor white workers in Northern factories were treated harshly. Most did not have single family housing until after 1900 (see the movie “Gangs of New York”). Southern slaves had better food from the plantations and farms than most poor Northern workers. In the South, a slave was cared for from birth to death but in the North workers were fired when they became old and infirm. Thousands were homeless on the streets of the Northern industrial cities.


The flags of England, Spain, Portugal, and other European nations as well as the U.S. flag-the Stars and Stripes flew over slavery at various times from 1492-1865 (373 years) as compared to only 4 years for the Confederate flag. So if you want to hate a flag perhaps you should choose one of the aforementioned as opposed to the Confederate flag. It was the U.S. flag-the Stars and Stripes that flew over the genocide of the Native American Indians who were herded onto reservations and subjected to starvation, disease and murder by U.S. Cavalry troops (including black “Buffalo Soldiers”) and corrupt Indian Agents.


Article by James W. King


In 2009 the Georgia Legislature passed Senate Bill 27 which officially and permanently designates April each year as Confederate History and Heritage Month. In 1874 the legislature designated April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day. Not to be outdone in the political correctness insanity that is sweeping America, Georgia governor Nathan Deal removed the name Confederate Memorial Day and that date now remains a state holiday without an official name. In all Southern states CSA history and heritage are celebrated each April and proclamations are signed by governors, county commissioners, and other officials.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization is leading and in the forefront of ceremonies, memorial services, and reenactments to honor and remember the fallen nation and the veterans who fought for independence. SCV has 3 primary purposes 1. Preservation of the memory of CSA veterans and civilians, 2. Preservation of CSA monuments, memorials, mementos, flags, and graves. 3. Presentation of true, accurate, and correct Southern Confederate history.


The War for Southern Independence (Civil War) was a noble effort to form a new Southern nation free from Northern tyranny, despotism, dictatorship, and aggression. The industrial North was treating the Agricultural South as an agricultural colony. The South was being forced to pay 75 to 85% of the money to operate the federal government via an unfair sectional tariff and the upcoming Morrill tariff raised the tariff tax rate to 50%. Eighty to 90% of that tax money was being kept and spent in the North. Under this system of financial extortion, the South had, in effect, been reduced to a dependent colonial condition, almost as abject as that of the Roman provinces under their proconsuls 2000 years ago.


All wars are fought over money, resources, land, and power. In the entire history of the world there has never been a war fought to free slaves.Slavery was already a dying institution and most educated Southerners supported gradual orderly emancipation. The great English author Charles Dickens summed up the situation: “The Northern onslaught against Southern slavery is a specious piece of humbug designed to mask their desire for the economic control of the Southern states”.


After a long series of abuses by England the American colonies seceded and was successful in achieving independence. Likewise after a long series of abuses the Southern states seceded from the USA but failed to achieve independence. There are many parallels of the causes of both secession movements. In both cases the secessionists were promptly invaded. The American Revolution could be considered a war to keep slavery because England offered freedom to slaves who fought against the American colonies. In 1776 slavery existed in all colonies except perhaps Vermont. Claims that the CSA wanted to destroy the USA are absurd. Jefferson Davis had no more desire to conquer and control Washington DC and the Northern states than George Washington had to conquer and control London and all of England. The goal was peaceful separation and the formation of new nations controlled by citizens of those nations.


Abraham Lincoln was both a Socialist and Atheist and was coached and encouraged by his pen pal, the infamous European Socialist Karl Marx who sent about 2000 Socialists to America after the failed 1848 Socialist revolution in Europe. They joined with American Socialists and formed the Republican Party in 1854. Marx sent many thousands of mercenaries to fight for the Union under Lincoln. The goal was to overthrow the Republic,established by America’s founding fathers who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia, and convert America to a Socialist Democracy. Fort Sumter was a setup to provoke the South into firing the 1st shot so it could be blamed for starting the war. Lincoln was a tyrant, despot and dictator. He imprisoned about 200,000 Northern citizens,38,000 for the duration of the war,without warrant or trial simply because they expressed opposition to his criminal, immoral, and unconstitutional war. Those incarcerated included newspaper editor Francis Key Howard the grandson of Francis Scott Key who wrote the song “Star Spangled Banner”. Lincoln had federal troops burn and shut down about 300 Northern newspapers.


Socialism in America has occurred in 3 stages. Political- 1865 the Republic was converted to a Socialist Democracy, Economic-1913-1917 Federal Income Tax, Federal Reserve, and Direct Election of State Senators. Cultural-1960 to current-Welfare and Nanny State. All the dots connect back to the election of Lincoln in 1860. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights do not include the word “Democracy”.


James W. King
Albany Georgia