Recently I have had a disagreement with a few individuals in our Southern heritage defense movement over the victory against the forces of hate and regressive politics by the SC Division SCV when that group (myself included) held our annual State convention in the city of Rock Hill, SC on March 17th and 18th.


According to these individuals — who I won’t name and still hold in high regard — the SC SCV was “hiding” in the convention hall from anti-Confederate heritage reactionary protesters brought to the site by the local chapters of the NAA(L)CP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People). That the SCV refused to display the battle flag outside of the convention site out of “cowardice”. Also that the SC SCV took the opportunity to….um, what is the phrase again….ah yes, “meet, eat, and retreat.”


Well allow me, the Man Deniers Fear The Most, to set the record straight, since I was in attendance myself and witnessed first-hand the reality of the situation.


To start with the drama began back in October when a local SJW regressive newspaper writer took York Technical College to task for allowing the SC SCV to rent a hall on the college campus because of our continued display of the battle flag and promotion of the honored, cherished, and enduring Southern banner. This writer implied that it would have been inappropriate for a “divisive organization” that promoted the flag to be on the campus of a “taxpayer funded school” (I guess implying that the members of the SCV are no taxpayers themselves….I don’t know that part is a bit confusing, as is all Leftist demagoguery when it comes to this subject) and that the presence of the flag and group in Rock Hill would “damage the reputation” of the city.


Despite being largely rebuked by the majority of the city of Rock Hill, the article did prompt an attempt by the college to attempt revoking the contract for the SC SCV to hold their convention. They even hired a legal expert to see if they could get out of it. This legal advice which ended up costing the “taxpayer funded” college upwards of around $30,000 came to the conclusion that the SC SCV could have sued the school had they gone back on their word.


The school then ordered that the SCV could not display the battle flag or anything with a battle flag on the school property – either inside or outside – nor could the participants bear anything with a battle flag including the reunion ribbons, SCV medals, or the award certificates themselves. The president of the college, a virtue-signaling and tedious little man, claimed he would personally come to the hall and pull down every single Confederate battle flag he could find and chunk them in the garbage. This earned him the praise of the local parasites….oops, I mean the local SJWs and Liberal “civil rights” groups.


Obviously based on the photos I provided on this site, that part did not happen. The SC SCV, particularly the host camp the BG Micah Jenkins Camp #1459, stood their ground and when the first day of the convention arrived, the flag was very much on display. And yes, those in attendance DID proudly wear their medals and pins with harassment from anyone….and nobody showed up to try and take them down.


Finally as the day of the convention itself drew closer, the local chapters of the NAA(L)CP declared they would protest the event with up to 1,000 people. The city police were called to provide security – more cost to the local taxpayers. Threats were made against the SC SCV – both implied ones and at least one literal on – to intimidate members from attending.


Well folks, the protesters did come….all 35 of them (I know because they were counted) and 30% of them the children of the virtue-signaling Leftist regresives. The full force of the local NAACP and their allies in the city of Rock Hill apparently. Also because the police expected more and the local media implied more would attend, the protesters were placed so far away from the site of the convention hall they could not be seen at all.
Compare that to the 200+ SCV members and their families who attended, including a REAL grandson honored and made a new member of the division in a ceremony.


So in spite of all the money spent (nearly $40,000) by the Opposition, the threats, and all the chest pounding and virtue-signaling garbage; the SC SCV held its convention at the site it choose without any compromise and without any fear. A glorious victory for the defense of our ancestors and our heritage.


As to the charges made by certain individuals concerning the tiresome “meet, eat and retreat” argument….well, there certainly were meeting, yes; there was a good deal of eating some fine catered quizine, yes; but retreating? Like hell!


During the business meetings many important heritage defense projects were discussed, not the least of which included the upcoming Sam Davis Youth Camp in May, the raising of the new Signers of the Ordinance monument, the upcoming raising of large battle flags along SC highways and the progress on those projects, the unanimous approval of and full endorsement of a flagging in late April at the York County Courthouse to protest the removal of a Confederate banner from historic display.


Yeah, not exactly “retreating” is it?


I mean sure it isn’t as exciting as flying a large flag outside of the NCAA tournament the same day (my congrats to the SC Secession Party for their efforts there) or flying flags in protest of NASCAR, or standing on street corners with flags to protest other attacks on our heritage. Trust me, I don’t in any way diminish the efforts of those activities. Far from it having done plenty of them myself over the years….and plan to do at least one more next month in York, SC.


The SC SCV stood firm, held the thin gray line, stood by its principles in the face of the Opposition, and ultimately prevailed when they acted as they would have regardless if there had been no controversy started to begin with.


I am proud of the SC SCV, and proud to be counted as one of them! I am also proud of all others who stand against the forces of hate and evil that seek to vilify our ancestors and turn their symbol into one of fear. Be they flaggers, politicians, people who clean graves, raise large banners, build monuments, lay grave markers, or just some high school kid who proudly wears their t-shirt to school, I am proud to be among those who choose to fight this fight with honor and dignity.


Deo Vindice.


Carl W. Roden
Southern Heritage Preservation Group/Facebook Post