Dishonest Abe Lincoln hung 38 innocent Santee Daktoa “Sioux” men in 1862. Remove his face from Mount Rushmore NOW!
On December 26, 1862, president Abraham Lincoln – long thought to be “honest Abe” and a “hero” to most Americans – ordered the largest mass hanging in world history (see “Guinness Book of World Records”) in which 38 innocent Santee Dakota Sioux men at Mankato, Minnesota, were immorally hung from wooden gallows on that ungodly winter’s day.


The Santee Dakota “Sioux” had been forced to agree with the u.s. government’s terms of living on a “reservation” and not hunting off the reservation in their old traditional hunting grounds. The Santee were illegally forced to “relinquish” millions of acres of prime real estate (such as the site of the current “Mall of America”) at the end of the white man’s guns – so long as basic needs were met on the reservation through agreements with the congress and the president.


The Santee maintained their honoring of this forced agreement until a corrupt American agent denounced his duty to distribute obligations by refusing the Santee Dakota their “rations”. The agent was selling the Indian’s food to his own white friends. He told the starving Indians that ‘as far as he was concerned “they could eat grass.”’


So the Santee men began hunting deer for their people’s immediate survival needs – and were then immediately and unjustly declared by the government and press as “hostiles.” The term was used in similarity to how the current buzzword “terrorists” is manipulated by today’s government and press to frighten Americans and force them into making wrong decisions, which benefit only a few government officials. The innocent Santee people were all ruthlessly hunted down by a crazed u.s. military and Minnesota citizenry.


The Indians who remained in the vicinity were all rounded up and held as “detainees”. Rapes and torture were implemented with blessings from the god-fearing president and secretary of war (now called secretary of “defense”). The starved Indians were ignored while great emphasis was placed upon the few dead Americans who had become so while shooting indiscriminately at any Indians they could find hunting.


The government and media called it a battle, an “uprising” blamed on the “savages”. Yet the Santee’s only crime was hunting the deer their ancestors had hunted for millions of years upon open lands, free to all; a land without fences and barriers, or control of the freedom of the individual.


Abe Lincoln ordered the hanging of the men – all without trial – that cold day after xmas, in the year of the Jewish lord Jesus, 1,862 years after he was hanged (with trial). It was said that 38 were hung because “there wasn’t enough rope to hang a hundred.


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